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Don’t Get Carried Away

June 26, 2014 6 comments

In the serenity or bustle of life the leaves may be blown away by the slightest of a gentle breeze or the tempest of the strong winds. Many doctrines, news reports, beliefs and doubts will seek to promote themselves as masters of one’s life such that your trajectory in life is not determined by you but by the fears planted within one’s life course. In time the strongest of the leaves which is not fed wilts and the gentlest of the breeze will carry it away.

In life decide what you believe in and stand strong by your standards. Life is not always poetic and romantic in most cases it will prove to be filled with storms and obstacles not meant to urge you on but to wilt your attempt to greatness. Greatness is not the achievement of the impossible but the fulfillment of one’s potential. The fulfillment of one’s potential is not in the strength of one’s stance but in the connection to the roots that nourish your beliefs. Within each passing moment the world will change, new concoctions will be stirred and fed to the world but do not be swayed by the latest hint of wisdom that drowns a nation but be convinced by the truth that empowers the roots.

In you stay in life, the sun will increase its heat, the winter will bring a chill to occasions but stay strong, connected to your roots that nourish who you are. In the tempest of the moment do not be convinced by the argument but be convinced by the truth that has no doubt. If you do not stand or stay connected to your roots you will be carried away from that which was yours. Life will sway you into a breeze like a wilted leaf and your destiny will be decided by the will of the winds. Every gossip has its merit buts its standard may not be for your standing. Test all things never be indoctrinated by a small stream of water, it may have no eternal source but may just be a stream created from a bucket of water poured on the ground. Test the source of the water before you believe in its power to nourish you. True nourishment is not in the temporary but in the everlasting.

Don’t get carried away with every word that passes your way. Any journey must prove itself before it is taken. The wise know that the victory of the journey is not in arrival but in the map. Do not be swayed by that which has no plotting that you can see, or else you may be dumped in the ditches of life and never have a fighting chance. Find the map and see the alternative routes, you might one day in your journey need to change course. Know where you come from before you know where you are going, not every destiny is ripe with riches but where you come from sets the standard of what you must achieve in equality or beyond.

In time the word does change but let your roots be strong. Do not be carried away.

As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming;

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Look Beyond the Mirror

October 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Life tends to be a reflection of what we see or what we perceive. Depending on different aspects discussed in this article, then one can see the world or just one part of it. Our achievements then tend to be related to what we do with what we see in the mirror of life.

Any mirror that is before us has its properties and different aspects, however its view is limited to its position, cleanliness, shape, substance, size and the person looking into it. When one stands before the mirror your view of the world is through your eyes but also through what the mirror is able to show. A simple analogue is the review mirrors in a car, they will only show you as much as they can, depending on the same things noted (position, cleanliness, shape, substance, size, viewer) but does not mean they are showing you everything. So your decision in your driving might be correct or wrong, as they may be a blind side you don’t see, or the angle being used makes you think that the cars behind you are either slow or fast, or the mirrors can be so dirty you cannot make out how far any car is or even if it is there depending on the positioning of the mirror. This is the same in life.

In one way we see the world through people’s experiences or their presence. There is nothing wrong in that but then what we forget that these people are also just mirrors for which their reflection of the world is limited to their position in society, cleanliness of heart, shape in dealing with life, substance of things achieved, size of their ambitions and values. As much as their opinions are important, remember, beyond the mirror is a world full of many possibilities and even greater mirrors which can see even more.

In another way we tend to see the world through education, learning and programming. We are taught mathematics, history, languages, economics, sciences and arts of which these are mirrors which we then use to see the world. However we also must not forget that each of these subjects is but a limited mirror limited by the level of knowledge in discovery. In some cases the science is wrong, the history is biased, the languages are limited, the economics is not empowering, the mathematics is limiting and the arts is misleading. Education is good but it also is just a limited mirror. You must look beyond the mirror; some have gone beyond education to achieve great things.

Another mirror which we use is the mirror of headlines. Daily there is one headline or another which force us to rethink what we see in life. We hear rumors of wars and see evidence of it but this is not the full world this is but a part of it. When we are exposed to one set of news we tend to forget that they are other possible news that can exist or which can be made to exist. History makers are not people that live by headlines they are people that make the headlines. If you look through the headline mirror then be sure to be the one who is making the headlines.

The last mirror in this article but surely not the last mirror in existence is the emotions that we feel. Your emotions can be deceiving; the heart can be the greatest deceit of all, who knows what is in the heart? The thing is, sometimes your heart tells you to be angry in situations where you should not be, or to react in a situation where you should simply be responding. Some have quit their jobs, killed their spouses, robbed people, quit their dreams, married the wrong people, laughed when they should have kept quiet, spoke when they should have shouted, loved when they should have hated and the list goes on. Look beyond your emotions and you will achieve greater things.

Learn to look beyond the mirrors around you, you might just have more time than you thought you had or less time. Act quickly but there is an even greater mirror in life which is a secret to many. Which mirror is that you ask?
1Co 13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall fully know even as I also am fully known.

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Of this World Not out a Mad Mad Writes

June 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Not of this world but Mad Man
The Strategist observes that of this world and not of this world is a quagmire which seems to be bordered by a thin line of thread yet the difference in where one belongs to is as vast as parallel universes are defined, perhaps a mad man could answer this question. Worlds are defined by the inhabitants, what they do and what they accept is the construct of the world. Its mechanisms of progress or the lack of it is purely a comic sense of insane choices. When one then looks at the current world which has been defined over many stumbling and purposes driven journeys one then is only left but to chuckle, a mad man must be at work.

Who else constructs time and fails to keep it but a mad man? How can one construct a beautiful house designed to perfection and adorned in the latest tapestry of decorations but in the completion of the house one decides to sleep outside the house? This is the same with a man who understand time but fails to keep it. In time you will see standards of thoughts in which selling fish is normal but without questioning the art of selling fish, people are selfish. A selfish person is akin to a fisherman who goes and catches a lot of fish then prepares the fish for the market, when he arrives at the market he then sells the fish to himself. This is true of a continent that mines all its minerals and then at the end sells itself the same minerals at triple the price which have been processed. It’s just the tale of a rich man sitting on gold begging for money. A mad man must be at work in this world.

Of this world is the concept of love, a mystical concept which is unexplained but given in choice and blamed for stupidity. A tale is told of a woman who leaves all her senses and indulges in criminal activity for the person she claims to love yet the same person has never sacrificed a seat for her or spoiled her with a gracious chewing gum. Yet in all this she has never seen love but blames love, yet not of this world the strategist understands that love is a choice and there is nothing mysterious about it. If a dog can bite its own tail so does a world that cries foul when kids shoot kids yet they are the ones that sell guns to kids. Who is the mad man who makes laws to allow everyone to carry guns yet refuses everyone to shoot the same guns? Elect the strategist your president but don’t cry madness when your new president forgets your name and where you live even after he did visit you during the campaign.

Of this world is a mad man who buys a newspaper then complains that the same paper is very negative. Is this not the same person who knows they have an allergy but still indulges in the behavior that causes the same allergy or is it not the same doctor who preaches about the dangers of sleeping around but is himself a prostitute? The strategist has seen the people cry for food whilst on the television near them is a nation whose games including throwing food at each other. The strategist has seen the world stop to watch a football game but never stop to care for a person involved in an accident. The strategist has seen people denying the existence of God but believing that evil exists. It’s a strange world I tell you but of this world and not of this world, only a light will shine.
Don’t be worried I have said all I can say but of this world is a mad man but not of this world is a standard. Of this world is insanity out of this world is perfect organization. Of this world is chaos not of this world is peace. The violent take it by force but the mad man is violent to himself. Don’t be scared, it is time.

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How Assumption Killed the Rabbit

October 3, 2012 2 comments

If you never realize your stupidity your intelligence might never increase, don’t think you are intelligent until you measure your foolishness. Be smart don’t be like the rabbit that was killed by assumption.

Don’t assume the people you save will always come to your aid, they might be the first ones to accuse you or kill you, look at Jesus and how he died. Always ask for the salt when you sit to eat but make sure you are sitting with people whose company you enjoy, otherwise the salt will not make any difference. I love you will not always mean the same, but at least make sure you understand what “I hate you” means because you might mistake the two. I was once insulted by a man who assumed I was poor, so I traded the insult for inspiration to help the man realize his ignorance, some insults are opportunities to educate others. When you look at the moon don’t be naïve enough to think that the sun is not shining, always take situations for what they are not what they seem otherwise you might get killed by assumption.

The wisest person knows that all people are ignorant of something only the true idiots believe they can win every argument in life. Be clever enough to have God on your side, but don’t be stupid enough to think God will not punish you for wrong doing. If you want to live longer than anyone else then stretch your imagination but don’t cross the road whilst day dreaming, the drivers on the road might also be day dreaming. If mathematics is difficult then don’t bother being rich because you will soon lose all your money, at least understand multiplication and addition. A fool thinks having capital means owning business but does not realize that turnover and profit are the definition of what business is.

A certain person once invested a million dollars in house, but forgot to remove the termites under the house. A strong woman is not one who can do everything it is a woman who is strong enough to hold her tongue. A real man is usually not made of steel but of vision that leads others to safety. When you find a wise man bring him over to me and I will show you a fool who brought a wise man. We may ask why did the chicken cross the road and forget why did the road allowed the chicken to cross, if people are going to step on you make sure you are made of tar at least you can survive for generations. A rabbit once made friends with a human assuming he was too cute for the human to kill, but by the end of the day when there was a drought, the rabbit found himself in the pot as meat for the human’s kids. People will tell you they are loyal to you but be careful you might become food for their ambitions.

Secrets are not meant to be spread but if a secret becomes open, look people straight in the eye and say profess ignorance, that’s the only hope you have. Sometimes fortune will knock on your day, when you answer the door make sure you have a rope to tie fortune for as long as possible in the house. Some dogs will bark but some will not but respect them all for they are all dogs. Here is eh thing about assumption your mother will never tell you; assumption I the mother of laziness. Only lazy people will live their life assuming everything never asking, or looking for the truth. How do you notice a lazy and ignorant person, just look at the size of their assumptions but don’t forget, we are all ignorant of a lot of things.

Winston is the author of several books.

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Wisdom is a Strange Thing

July 24, 2012 Leave a comment

They gang up to murder someone, but they are the victims yet they might never know it until wisdom comes knocking at the door. The wealth you get from crime will enrich you for a time but when wisdom arrives it will become obvious that the wealth robs you of your life. Wisdom shouts in the streets wherever crowds gather but the crowds are so busy they don’t notice it. It’s a strange thing this wisdom

For a while the foolish will seem wise and the wise look foolish but in time, wisdom will uphold the wise and the foolish will meet their end. We will all die but not all will carry on with life, it is a strange thing this wisdom. Many people will work hard in life and earn a salary for a month but few will ever know where money comes from, only when wisdom comes do people realize that money comes from trees. People will look for treasure all their life, silver and gold but when wisdom comes then only then do they realize that all along they needed to find wisdom first because then the treasure will not make sense. A guy will earn ten professional qualifications but never earn enough knowledge to be wise, whilst the guy who is still working on his first degree can become a billionaire without any other professional qualification needed simply because he met wisdom.

Most roads are wide but few realize that wisdom likes the narrow road yet people still build wide roads in their lives. There are many books on wisdom but people will prefer fantasies hence wisdom will remain rare in any society, if you doubt just look at the top ten selling books of any country. It is better to tell a fool a parable than wisdom because pearls in front of a pig have no value. When the fool finally meets wisdom only then will the fool recognize the meaning of the parable. A cup of tea can calm any person who panics but a cup of wisdom can solve an situation, when wisdom comes its not the calmness you will seek, it’s the solution that you will find that will matter more.

Imagine there are billions of people that have lived and more will follow but realize that only a handful ever saw wisdom in its pure form, the rest have met routines and are going in circles of life. Here is where life is simple, everything which exists is connected but everything must exist in pairs. For anything that you see there is perfect twin, partner and rib. Many will ask where can one find wisdom, yet the answer is simple, where can wisdom find you. Wisdom is in all things, times, moments and life; the problem is where we are. When God looked for Adam the fool will think that God had lost Adam but the wise will know that Adam was lost yet God was there. You are only as stupid as you wise and everyone wisdom before God is stupidity. Don’t aim to be as wise as God else you will be as high as the devil, rather aim to be as one with God and he can call you his child.

Wisdom is a strange thing, it will inspire the fool to war and encourage the wise to violence but the result of the two will never be the same. Two men can walk together but they can be worlds apart. Your friend is your friend but when wisdom comes you will realize that they are there for a purpose not for a lifetime. Whatever you will look for you will find this is the law of life, but whatever you find does not mean you looked for it neither does it mean you should keep it, this is wisdom. Don’t be quick to speak unless if you have to shout to save someone’s life otherwise be quiet and let the storm have its fill.

I love you does not mean the same thing between two people, for one it might mean you will take care of my needs for the other it might mean you will make me smile but in reality they will both use the same words and think they mean the same thing. Some people will think you know what they are thinking and will suppose you are moron for not understanding them, yet when wisdom comes they will discover that they are fools. Be quick to judge if you are God but be slow to anger if you are just a creation. Believe in wisdom; find it if you can but above all the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

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Born Again. Beyond the Obvious Rhetoric

July 18, 2012 1 comment

Truly, truly, I say to you, Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Truly, truly, I say to you, Unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

In most cases some words and phrases become statements of fashion without incorporating the real meaning and power beyond them. To begin with our very nature once born again is not a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Though this being the case that one should not fear we find that we can resemble nothing close to courageous and bold people. It is then no wonder that in the business, markets, societal standings amongst other things the people is found not to be associated with fearlessness but with other feeble traits. It is naturally important to balance love and fear but it is important to realize that love has no fear. If the light does not turn on then the people will follow a different type of angel of light. We should then not be surprised that certain practices are becoming accepted law.

Customs and traditions may seem like decent things to do but they normally are neither wise nor foolish. But now, after that you have known God, or rather are known of God, we tend to turn again to the weak and beggarly elements, where we desire again to be in bondage to certain customs and traditions? We observe days, and months, and times, and years but understand nothing of their significance. In some cases we spend more money celebrating death more than life events, and we make ourselves slaves to practices that make us poor and more ignorant. We respect meats and drinks as if they are holy or cursed yet we should eat whatever is sold in the meat market, asking no question for conscience’ sake; for the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness of it. Have we forgotten Jesus said that do you not yet understand that whatever enters in at the mouth goes into the belly, and is cast out into the waste-bowl? If you are born again why continue to live in the rhetoric?

It is true that there are many philosophies and many prophets but why be fooled by any of them are we not commanded to test every spirit? There is much vanity but though we walk in the flesh there is power to cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. Is it not obvious by now that darkness cannot marry the light, the two cannot co-exist? Perhaps we are living in the rhetoric of the being born again we do not notice. For how long can we be children requiring milk, is it not time to move to meat?

We must try to become mature and start thinking about more than just the basic things we were taught about Christ. We shouldn’t need to keep talking about why we ought to turn from deeds that bring death and why we ought to have faith in God. Heb 6:2 And we shouldn’t need to keep teaching about baptisms or about the laying on of hands or about people being raised from death and the future judgment. There is much cliché and rhetoric in the world but there should be no rhetoric in being born again. You are either born again or you are not, there is no lukewarm in the kingdom of God, for Jesus himself said that he will spit us out if we are lukewarm.

Winston is the author of several books. His breakthrough book was “You Have All Been Fooled”, a book about power, ability, and sheer determination in life. Available on the following
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Winston’s other books include the following
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Six things for you to do every year before you die

June 13, 2012 2 comments

You are going to die that is obvious, today, tomorrow or right now, that is how life is. Before you die there are things you should do as a must not as an option.

Dream as much as you can and as much as you want. As a person don’t be afraid to dream. Think of what you really want in life, it may be success beyond anything ever achieved in your family, there is nothing wrong in dreaming about it. Remember soon you will die and what good would have been your life if you never dared to dream to achieve. Go beyond the dream; search for what you need and in time you will find it. There is nothing wrong in believing in being happy, if something is right and you believe in it then chase your dream. We tend to want to conform to society or to certain social convictions yet life is very creative and free. We have the power within us to achieve what we really want not what we are told we want.

Travel as much as you can. Think of all the places you would want to go to, there is nothing wrong in you going to Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, Australia and wherever you believe you can. The more you travel the more exposed to different things in life. At least once in a year be courageous enough to want to travel. Don’t be held back by people’s opinions, just because they don’t travel does not mean you should not. Find time in your diary to at least travel. Think of that place that you think would satisfy your curiosity, go there for a weekend, take a walk in sunshine, find the forests freshness, and dare to step on a desert, think of the ice caps that you would like to feel. There is nothing to be afraid of, travel whenever you can.

Make it a point that you donate. Donate your time, money, clothes, love, and thoughts to something worthy. The human race depends on people who give of their time to do something special for others. Don’t be afraid if you think you have too little, whatever you have that you can give is good enough. Sometimes just visit an orphanage, play games with the kids, spending time with the elders, give of your time and love and you will die happy. Life is a big and great place; if enough people gave, the earth would be greener than what it is today. So before you die give something of your after all you are going to leave everything else behind, you cannot take anything to the grave.

Rest once in a while in your life. You work very hard every day, but take the time to rest. Have your time when you find your absolute peace of mind, where there are no phones, no news, no demands, just you and your total peace. Make sure you rest every seven days, if you cannot you will die bitter and sad. People will say you worked hard but your spirit will tell you that you worked too hard. Take a leave, rest your body and spirit after all, you need it. Practice resting because soon you will rest forever.

Look after your body it’s a gift. No matter what your body is like, big, skinny, short, or whatever size you may have don’t insult your body. It is the vehicle by which you are alive on this earth without your body there would be no you. Treat your body like a sacred temple; only let those who are worthy touch you. Don’t be common to everyone’s touch. Don’t feed your body toxic material otherwise it will soon fail and you will die earlier before you enjoy life. Careful what you eat and measure what you drink. Everything is good for us but too much of anything is bad for us. Don’t hate your body because your body knows and might hate you. Be healthy and love what you do.

Pray every morning and every evening. You are intelligent its true, but you have no control over life. You may think that you have control but the truth is that you don’t have any control. Pray for children, for you spouse, your work, your parents, your siblings, pray for your president, pray for your neighbors, pray for your car, pray for your environment, pray for the stars, pray for the moon, whenever you find the time just pray. You might fail to do everything else in life but never forget to pray.

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