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Look Beyond the Mirror

October 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Life tends to be a reflection of what we see or what we perceive. Depending on different aspects discussed in this article, then one can see the world or just one part of it. Our achievements then tend to be related to what we do with what we see in the mirror of life.

Any mirror that is before us has its properties and different aspects, however its view is limited to its position, cleanliness, shape, substance, size and the person looking into it. When one stands before the mirror your view of the world is through your eyes but also through what the mirror is able to show. A simple analogue is the review mirrors in a car, they will only show you as much as they can, depending on the same things noted (position, cleanliness, shape, substance, size, viewer) but does not mean they are showing you everything. So your decision in your driving might be correct or wrong, as they may be a blind side you don’t see, or the angle being used makes you think that the cars behind you are either slow or fast, or the mirrors can be so dirty you cannot make out how far any car is or even if it is there depending on the positioning of the mirror. This is the same in life.

In one way we see the world through people’s experiences or their presence. There is nothing wrong in that but then what we forget that these people are also just mirrors for which their reflection of the world is limited to their position in society, cleanliness of heart, shape in dealing with life, substance of things achieved, size of their ambitions and values. As much as their opinions are important, remember, beyond the mirror is a world full of many possibilities and even greater mirrors which can see even more.

In another way we tend to see the world through education, learning and programming. We are taught mathematics, history, languages, economics, sciences and arts of which these are mirrors which we then use to see the world. However we also must not forget that each of these subjects is but a limited mirror limited by the level of knowledge in discovery. In some cases the science is wrong, the history is biased, the languages are limited, the economics is not empowering, the mathematics is limiting and the arts is misleading. Education is good but it also is just a limited mirror. You must look beyond the mirror; some have gone beyond education to achieve great things.

Another mirror which we use is the mirror of headlines. Daily there is one headline or another which force us to rethink what we see in life. We hear rumors of wars and see evidence of it but this is not the full world this is but a part of it. When we are exposed to one set of news we tend to forget that they are other possible news that can exist or which can be made to exist. History makers are not people that live by headlines they are people that make the headlines. If you look through the headline mirror then be sure to be the one who is making the headlines.

The last mirror in this article but surely not the last mirror in existence is the emotions that we feel. Your emotions can be deceiving; the heart can be the greatest deceit of all, who knows what is in the heart? The thing is, sometimes your heart tells you to be angry in situations where you should not be, or to react in a situation where you should simply be responding. Some have quit their jobs, killed their spouses, robbed people, quit their dreams, married the wrong people, laughed when they should have kept quiet, spoke when they should have shouted, loved when they should have hated and the list goes on. Look beyond your emotions and you will achieve greater things.

Learn to look beyond the mirrors around you, you might just have more time than you thought you had or less time. Act quickly but there is an even greater mirror in life which is a secret to many. Which mirror is that you ask?
1Co 13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall fully know even as I also am fully known.

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The Battle with Self

October 22, 2013 1 comment

The Battle of Self
The man or woman in the mirror is normally a stubborn person. The resolve to stay true to one’s self preservation is a driver that can prove to be the standing boulder between achievement and failure. The battle with self is a battle many will fight but few will win.

In the midst of opportunity like Moses, self will normally look for an excuse not to attempt that which has never been attempted. In some circumstance the first excuse could be who am I or on whose name shall I go. Such an excuse is only but self refusing to be buried in new things not wanting to stretch one’s self to levels not yet attempted. Opportunity knocks on the doors of every continent but only those who are willing to go beyond the self preservation battle will open the door. It should not be a question of who am I but rather it should be a function of what needs to be done. Self is only but an existence to enable the achievement of all things concerned. In achievement is not only the preservation of self but the discovery of the deeper things of life.

As Moses stood arguing with God within his excuses, self simply attacked his very personality. Are we born with the instruments to achieve great accomplishments in life? The very truth that that you breathe means you are the possible conduit of God’s power which makes you able to achieve anything and everything that is set before you. Your context of function should not be based on what your experiences have been with yourself but rather should be based on your standing in the presence of God. Opportunity will knock on your door but do not let the battle with self stand in your way.

In the midst of all possibilities the battle with self should become a historical event. A decision in the past in which self preservation became a non-event but rather glory became a pivotal event. We are meant for glory after all being fearfully and wonderfully made means we are creation for the glory of God. Life still wonders on our make on how we were made, it then only is fitting that the conclusion of the battle of self should be defeat to self and victory to the glory of God.
Be blessed.
From the author of the books “You have all been fooled” and “The One Percent that plants”

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