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Don’t Get Carried Away

June 26, 2014 6 comments

In the serenity or bustle of life the leaves may be blown away by the slightest of a gentle breeze or the tempest of the strong winds. Many doctrines, news reports, beliefs and doubts will seek to promote themselves as masters of one’s life such that your trajectory in life is not determined by you but by the fears planted within one’s life course. In time the strongest of the leaves which is not fed wilts and the gentlest of the breeze will carry it away.

In life decide what you believe in and stand strong by your standards. Life is not always poetic and romantic in most cases it will prove to be filled with storms and obstacles not meant to urge you on but to wilt your attempt to greatness. Greatness is not the achievement of the impossible but the fulfillment of one’s potential. The fulfillment of one’s potential is not in the strength of one’s stance but in the connection to the roots that nourish your beliefs. Within each passing moment the world will change, new concoctions will be stirred and fed to the world but do not be swayed by the latest hint of wisdom that drowns a nation but be convinced by the truth that empowers the roots.

In you stay in life, the sun will increase its heat, the winter will bring a chill to occasions but stay strong, connected to your roots that nourish who you are. In the tempest of the moment do not be convinced by the argument but be convinced by the truth that has no doubt. If you do not stand or stay connected to your roots you will be carried away from that which was yours. Life will sway you into a breeze like a wilted leaf and your destiny will be decided by the will of the winds. Every gossip has its merit buts its standard may not be for your standing. Test all things never be indoctrinated by a small stream of water, it may have no eternal source but may just be a stream created from a bucket of water poured on the ground. Test the source of the water before you believe in its power to nourish you. True nourishment is not in the temporary but in the everlasting.

Don’t get carried away with every word that passes your way. Any journey must prove itself before it is taken. The wise know that the victory of the journey is not in arrival but in the map. Do not be swayed by that which has no plotting that you can see, or else you may be dumped in the ditches of life and never have a fighting chance. Find the map and see the alternative routes, you might one day in your journey need to change course. Know where you come from before you know where you are going, not every destiny is ripe with riches but where you come from sets the standard of what you must achieve in equality or beyond.

In time the word does change but let your roots be strong. Do not be carried away.

As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming;

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Wisdom is a Strange Thing

July 24, 2012 Leave a comment

They gang up to murder someone, but they are the victims yet they might never know it until wisdom comes knocking at the door. The wealth you get from crime will enrich you for a time but when wisdom arrives it will become obvious that the wealth robs you of your life. Wisdom shouts in the streets wherever crowds gather but the crowds are so busy they don’t notice it. It’s a strange thing this wisdom

For a while the foolish will seem wise and the wise look foolish but in time, wisdom will uphold the wise and the foolish will meet their end. We will all die but not all will carry on with life, it is a strange thing this wisdom. Many people will work hard in life and earn a salary for a month but few will ever know where money comes from, only when wisdom comes do people realize that money comes from trees. People will look for treasure all their life, silver and gold but when wisdom comes then only then do they realize that all along they needed to find wisdom first because then the treasure will not make sense. A guy will earn ten professional qualifications but never earn enough knowledge to be wise, whilst the guy who is still working on his first degree can become a billionaire without any other professional qualification needed simply because he met wisdom.

Most roads are wide but few realize that wisdom likes the narrow road yet people still build wide roads in their lives. There are many books on wisdom but people will prefer fantasies hence wisdom will remain rare in any society, if you doubt just look at the top ten selling books of any country. It is better to tell a fool a parable than wisdom because pearls in front of a pig have no value. When the fool finally meets wisdom only then will the fool recognize the meaning of the parable. A cup of tea can calm any person who panics but a cup of wisdom can solve an situation, when wisdom comes its not the calmness you will seek, it’s the solution that you will find that will matter more.

Imagine there are billions of people that have lived and more will follow but realize that only a handful ever saw wisdom in its pure form, the rest have met routines and are going in circles of life. Here is where life is simple, everything which exists is connected but everything must exist in pairs. For anything that you see there is perfect twin, partner and rib. Many will ask where can one find wisdom, yet the answer is simple, where can wisdom find you. Wisdom is in all things, times, moments and life; the problem is where we are. When God looked for Adam the fool will think that God had lost Adam but the wise will know that Adam was lost yet God was there. You are only as stupid as you wise and everyone wisdom before God is stupidity. Don’t aim to be as wise as God else you will be as high as the devil, rather aim to be as one with God and he can call you his child.

Wisdom is a strange thing, it will inspire the fool to war and encourage the wise to violence but the result of the two will never be the same. Two men can walk together but they can be worlds apart. Your friend is your friend but when wisdom comes you will realize that they are there for a purpose not for a lifetime. Whatever you will look for you will find this is the law of life, but whatever you find does not mean you looked for it neither does it mean you should keep it, this is wisdom. Don’t be quick to speak unless if you have to shout to save someone’s life otherwise be quiet and let the storm have its fill.

I love you does not mean the same thing between two people, for one it might mean you will take care of my needs for the other it might mean you will make me smile but in reality they will both use the same words and think they mean the same thing. Some people will think you know what they are thinking and will suppose you are moron for not understanding them, yet when wisdom comes they will discover that they are fools. Be quick to judge if you are God but be slow to anger if you are just a creation. Believe in wisdom; find it if you can but above all the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

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