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They Key to Human Function

November 29, 2012 5 comments

My dear Jane, I just discovered a highly evolved entity which calls itself Human. It has the memory capacity to last 300 years for each instance of the application in its memory core called the brain. Basically this human being is a skeleton wrapped in flesh with a programmed intelligence system with the capacity to learn and create new things; an entity with an expiry code which is highly dependent on the environment. Highly susceptible to physical damage as well as software corruption, in short its useful but has its weaknesses.

Once born the human entity is programmed to learn cultures, habits and beliefs. The human quickly learns that there is a system of how things are done, rules for what to do and what not to do. So we learn that the human functions on programs taught. The human being is programmable and can be influenced directly or indirectly to achieve anything depending on what one wants. Avenues of programming just to mention a few include, experience, experiments, practice, repetitions, listening, rules and laws. Once programmed the human entity will normally not accept anything else which violates the programming that has been taught unless if a greater programming which radically changes the programming instructions is introduced. Jane my dear I do however strongly believe that with the right effort we can program the human for our purposes. I have noticed that there is mass programming which can alter its behavior. This is normally done by what they call music, films, books, schools, and much more which are all program instructions designed to engage the entity to behavior in a certain way.

The human is structured in a particular way for operational efficiency. It has eyes in front, ears on the side, and one single mouth and a feeling skin. Its senses are used in order for it to interact with the environment. The human thus has capacity to interact with the environment by observation. In most cases most entities of this human species will only use one of this at a time. As a result their failure to realize that they can optimize their observation ability renders them susceptible to the environment and abuse. If one can manipulate what they observe then one can manipulate what they will self program with. Every day the human entity is self programming. All we might need to do is present a certain chain of events in front of them to observe and they will self program. They use an application called perception and suspicion we could easily use this to our advantage.

The human being also carries with it what they call emotions. These are specific applications that run inside the human being which are used in reacting, interacting or in expressing oneself. When the applications are compatible they can lead to the humans co-existing or not understanding each other. Popular applications include anger, hate, love, suspicion, fear, joy, and satisfaction. These applications normally are linked to self preservation and hence tend to make the human more self conscious. As these are simply applications one can uninstall them as they are just modified plug-ins of the one underlying operating system called love. Sometimes to make the human operating system more visible it needs these applications but sometimes the wrong applications can make the human destructive as it corrupts the function of the human.

There is something odd about this human being entity; it seems to be attached to another invisible program or entity. In some cases it seems that there is another program that takes care of the human entity, something that leads it or sends instructions to it when there is unseen danger or something is about to happen. Strangely in some cases the entities though separate seem to have a connection in which they can communicate without speaking or they have what they call instinct, hunch, or feeling. I am still to understand this, but I think there is an encrypted channel between the entities and its creator in which the creator can warn, or talk to the entity. In some cases it seems the human entity can talk to its creator even when one can clearly see that there is nothing there. I will continue to investigate what it is as I think it might pose a challenge to us for re-programming the human being.

Jane I have no doubt that the human being can be a useful tool for us as it possess such incredible potential once it has the right programming. How we use it is up to us, but we need to simply dwell on the basic programming for the operating system as well as the applications. Let me know what you think so that I can start writing the program and applications which we can use to change the function of the human for our needs.


Why the Bible Asks for a 100 Percent Interest

November 5, 2012 1 comment

Banks will ask for ten to thirty percent interest depending on the bank and loan type but the Bible speaks of one hundred percent interest being demanded at the end of it all, and there is a reason for a hundred percent which will blow you away. The poor will always be poor but the clever ones will use what does not belong to them to create their own assets. Look out for lesson four in this article.

The parable of the talents speaks of the servants making 100 percent interest except for the one servant who had one talent. When confessing that he had put the talent into the ground the master demands from him why instead he had not put the money into the bank or given it to the money exchangers where interest is less than a hundred percent meaning the banking interest rate is the lowest expected in any investment. Those who understand banking know by now that after you remove banking charges, inflation and other costs your real interest from the bank is way less than the advertised interest. So how does one make one hundred percent interest with whatever it is they have and why should they make one hundred interest?

To start off with, the servants received something according to their abilities which could mean that the one who received one was known to be mentally strong and could handle anything small, had the right mentality to deal with unfairness and injustice to come out of it strong whilst the one who had five talents had a good mind but would only succeed if he was given more to handle. The meaning being that each person has the ability to turn the desert into a successful farming land. So the first thing that we all have to do is to count what we have and understand our strengths. For some we are strategically minded, some are perfect in networking, some are creative, some are thoughtful, some are daring but in all things each person has an ability.

Secondly the master was said to go off on a journey in which he would return and expect to see a return on his money. This meant that each servant had a specific time in which to make enough money to raise the 100 percent interest. So in order to make the 100 percent interest one has to calculate the time they have and identify which business is best suited to make the 100 percent in that period. For example the one with five talents was said to have gone into trading, the silly one only put his money in the ground which is the same as putting into the house, under the pillow, in the wallet, in your mother or father’s house where it never grows. What we learn here is that interest is equal to the amount of time against the activity being done to make the interest. If your money is just sitting and at the end of the year you have the same money then you are doing something wrong. If at the end of the year you have the same number of assets as at the start of the year then you are exactly the same as the servant who buried the talent in the ground.

Thirdly the poor will always be poor. This is probably the most important lesson of all. The servant who received one talent put it into the ground whilst the one who received five talents went into trading. The one who received the one talent said one thing which most people will say, he said that he was afraid that what he could have made would be taken away. In other words he was afraid of the taxes, the law, the banks, the trading, the risks, the investments, the business concept, and so much more. Instead of investing the money in business he held on to that one talent. That is why when people who have little all that they will do with that little is that they will hold on to the small things they own, they will not dare buy cars if they never had one, they would not buy a bigger house, will not send their kids to a better school, will not own better furniture, simply because they are afraid that it will be taken away. In other words, the poor in mind will remain poor until their minds become rich.

Fourthly, which is as important as the third one is that nothing really belongs to you. In the end everything will be required from you with interest but you must have at least used what you have been given to create your own. Actually I think this is better than lesson number three. The servant who received five talents understood that it did not belong to him so knew his master would ask for his money back, so he came up with a plan, why not use what I have been given to make my own such that when the master comes back I give back the five and I still have made five for myself. In other words the master could have come back and said give me back my five talents, the servant would at least be left with the five talents he had made, amazing stuff. If you take a loan from the bank for example the concept is that the bank always asks for its money back with interest but you must be left with the same money the bank gave to you. For example if the bank gives you ten thousand, you must use the ten thousand to make another ten thousand with interest so that you give back the bank the same amount with interest but you are left with ten thousand. That is why if you take a loan don’t take a loan to cover expenses but take a loan only to make your own. This is where the rich get it right, they use the bank loans to create their own money and then they give back the bank the same money with interest. The banking interest is the least of all interest rates, you should concentrate on a hundred percent interest so that you have your own money.

I cannot go beyond lesson number four for the sake of you keeping lesson four in mind. My advice to anyone reading this article is that don’t settle for making 20 percent interest on your capital, always make it a rule to make a hundred percent, believe me you will be more successful than you ever imagined.

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