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When I Grow Up Why Do I Fail

November 30, 2010 3 comments

When I grow up I want to be rich and successful. I want to have the best house money can afford and of course drive the best car in the world. I will travel the world and go places I have never heard of. I will get married and have three beautiful children who love me with a beautiful supportive partner. This is what we all say when we are still children but somewhere along the line we lose it all. It seems we go astray, why?

Most of the people I know are not living the dreams they used to talk about when they were growing up. In fact most people are living someone else’s dream. Some have completely wrong careers; some have wrong partners, some have children that they never planned but all in all most people are just not happy they are still looking for that happiness. How many people in around us can we really say they are living the life they always dreamed of? If we are honest with ourselves we will find that we are still active participants in a carrot race which might never end. Whether we like it or not most people will die without realizing what they really wanted when they were kids. Why is it like that?

The thing is we believe in time too much. Most of us say when we grow up this and this will happen but we forget that time is not a physical entity but rather is a concept we use to measure the rate of change. Time doe not cause things to happen rather events course time to exist. When you wake up and it is a Monday it is not that Monday exists, the fact is that you are describing the day as Monday. If humans had not defined a day and called it Monday then Monday would not exits. When we refer to the statement “When I grow up” we are wrongly saying that time will bring events to us. In our minds we think if we reach twenty or thirty years somehow all the things we ever wanted will have been brought to us but we never ask the question, who should bring these things to us?

Instead of seeing time as a place where we receive things we should see time as a resource we use to create events. For example a person who says in the next two years I am going to save ten thousand dollars to start a home business has a greater opportunity than a person who says in two years time I will start a business. The person who does is better than a person who speaks. When we were growing up we spoke as kids but never planned. No one taught us what we have to do in order to get these things, instead we just grew up thinking things will just happen. As we grew up we had no idea that the type of house we wanted would cost a certain amount of money hence we would need to be earning enough to buy a house. If you want to buy house that costs a hundred thousand dollars and pay it off in one year then your income has to be at the least be equal to two hundred thousand dollars after tax per annum. That means there are some jobs you should not waste your time looking for. This is what we should have understood but instead we found ourselves working for jobs that pay you less than twenty four thousand dollars after tax, consequently we spend our entire lives trying to buy a house.

The same works for relationships, instead of looking for partners that are at the same level of dreams and action we ended up for the surface attractions which are short term but never fully satisfy the long term. Simply put most people are compatible in cheap talk but not deep enough for the long run. The problem with people is that we measure life by what we see forgetting that life is about the past, present and future, so most of the time instead of judging the past and the future we tend to just dwell on the present.

Look at yourself really well and be honest, are you really living the life you want or you just caught up in a rat race? As a result of our failure to use time this is why we work overtimes when we do not want to, live in places we would rather not, do things we never thought we would do, talk like we would never do, and spend our lives chasing dreams we never seem to accomplish. However there is a solution to all this.

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Ecc 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heavens:
Ecc 3:2 a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pull up what is planted;
Ecc 3:3 a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
Ecc 3:4 a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
Ecc 3:5 a time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
Ecc 3:6 a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to throw away;
Ecc 3:7 a time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
Ecc 3:8 a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
Ecc 3:9 What profit does he have who works in that in which he labors?

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What Do You Mean by I Love You

November 26, 2010 2 comments

It is funny how many people will tell you I love you in a relationship when you are still in the process of dating. It sounds fashionable to say. However if you really asked people what they mean by “l love you”, you might just discover that they have no idea what it means. The dictionary finds it very difficult to define yet it’s a word just like any other word but it has a power like no other. It can be used for great things or for great abuse. God uses it differently from how we use it.

When two people are dating and the other person says that they love the other one, they expect the same statement to be mentioned back. When these three words are exchanged it almost certifies the relationship, but what do they mean? Some say it means that I will be there for you but that is not true because no human has the power to determine if they will always be around. Some say it means I will always care for you but that is not always the case because there are times the very same person can get so angry with you wonder that they were talking about when they said they love. Other people bring in such things as it means trust, appreciation, patience, gentleness and all that but we know very few people ever uphold any of that. So what do you mean when you say “I love you”.

The other day I was watching a couple fighting because the husband had forgotten their anniversary. The wife said something I found interesting; she said “You do not love me because you are always forgetting our anniversary and my birthday.” What made this interesting to me was that she was qualifying the presence of love by what the husband does in terms of remembering dates. However when I further I analyzed this I found some loopholes. For instance anyone can remember another person’s birthday, anyone else can buy a person chocolate, anyone can listen to another person, all it needs is commitment and wanting to. If you look back how many couples had ex-friends who used to do all these things for them but along the way they decided they no longer loved them. I have seen and so have you, couples who commit to each other for more than twenty years and then divorce after having three or so kids. It is quite baffling, so what do you mean by “I love you”.

In my trying to understand what people mean by I love you I have come to the conclusion that we have no idea what we are talking about. Most of the time what we mean is “I want to possess you”, “let us have an agreement to be together”, “Can we sleep together”, “I need kids so I would like you to help me to make them”. How many people profess to swim the ocean for their love but cannot make meet an appointment with the person they love on time? How many people say that they will give you anything that you want but cannot give you their time when all you need is a hug? How many people say that everything will be alright but they never fight to make sure you are happy? How many people say that they will always be your friend but cannot even bother to write you an email or read yours? Strange if you ask me.
Now love, the real one, is more than just a word. It is the power that creates life. It is the essence of all beauty, the tapestry of all that is good. Love is the force that never gives up no matter what the situation is. It is the courage that knows no fear. It is the patience which can never be hurried. It is the perseverance that endures eternity. It is the goodness that defines all perfection. Love is the bond that holds the universe together. Love never fails. Love never ends. Love does not depend on anything in order to exist it just exists. Love needs no reason it is the reason by itself. It is the deepness that knows no ends or description. It is an ocean of calmness by which peace is defined by. Love is complete. So when you say “I love you” is this what you mean or are you just playing with words.

When you say “I love you” you must mean that you are saying that your love will never end and that it will always be there for all eternity. You must be meaning that no matter what you will always do your best because your love will not fade. You must understand that it means you will be patient for all times. You must realize that you will always be gentle with the person you say you love. You must realize that your love will fight for the happiness of that person no matter what the odds are. Humans are strange, we have teh greatest power at our disposal but we never use it to its potential, instead we settle for imitations. Anyway just in case you never say it first, “ l love you”

1Jo 4:18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment. He who fears has not been perfected in love.
1Jo 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and everyone who loves has been born of God, and knows God.
1Jo 4:8 The one who does not love has not known God. For God is love.
1Co 13:4 Love is kind and patient, never jealous, boastful, proud, or
1Co 13:5 rude. Love isn’t selfish or quick tempered. It doesn’t keep a record of wrongs that others do.
1Co 13:6 Love rejoices in the truth, but not in evil.
1Co 13:7 Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting.
1Co 13:8 Love never fails! Everyone who prophesies will stop, and unknown languages will no longer be spoken. All that we know will be forgotten.

Winston is the author of several books. His breakthrough book was “You Have All Been Fooled”, a book about power, ability, and sheer determination in life. Winston’s books are available on the following
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Dreaming Beyond A Blackberry

November 17, 2010 1 comment

For every person that lives on the planet earth there is a purpose and a dream that they have. We all dream at one point or the other, and our dreams or imagination acts as the preview to what level of greatness we want to achieve. Every great achievement on the earth owes its existence to the truth that someone had to dream of this achievement before it materialized to what it is.

 The beauty about dreams is that it is the only place where you can do anything without ever thinking it is impossible. Within your dreams you can build the greatest empire, the fastest car, the tallest building and so much more. It is the place that you can achieve all the things that you want in life. What we forget is that dreams and imagination are just the blueprints to what we can do in life. For every speech ever made about greatness it all started in a dream. Whether it is Martin Luther King or it is King David the fact is all of them had to rehearse their greatness within their dreams. If life does not give one an opportunity to practice then dreams are the perfect places to practice unlimited.

If we live for too long believing in the limitations that we are made to see in life we soon carry that to our dreams. Instead of believing that we can be anything in our dreams we limit even our dreams. We begin to define what is possible and what is not possible even in the way we imagine things. Imagine if Ford had decided that building a vehicle was a ridiculous idea where would the world be today, hopefully someone else would have believed. Everything we see was at some point thought of as impossible but the architects never stopped believing. The world will talk many things, and promise many limitations but at the end of the day there is no one who can limit what you can dream. They can suggest to you what is impossible but you define what impossible is. The dictionary says impossible is something which cannot be done, but it never identifies what that something is, it is up to you to decide.

So you can sit today and dream of owning a black berry or you can instead dream bigger and own the networks, you can dream of building a house for yourself or you can plan for castles for your entire family. You can think of opening the best bank account or you can simple own the best bank. You can dream of driving the Mercedes or you can own the factory that makes it. What you dream is not up to anyone it is ultimately up to you. God did not create an earth which has limitations but He created an earth which has possibilities.

Winston is the author of several books. His breakthrough book was “You Have All Been Fooled”, a book about power, ability, and sheer determination in life. Winston’s books are available on the following
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Organization Is Next to Perfection

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

For everything that exists there is an order to it. It may be a system, nature or just an idea but to all things there is a way that it is organized. Just by looking at the human anatomy it is obvious to see that it is formed in such a way that there is an organization to it. The positioning of the different organs is so calculated such that it is next to perfection if not perfect. It follows then that all things have their form of organization which when set appropriately can function to their optimum.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. It’s a statement which is then followed by a carefully ordered narration which explains the order of things. First there was the light which was not the physical light but more of revelation. Now the objective at the end of the narration with regard to the earth was to create a place for humans, but before doing that there was need to create the atmosphere for humans. After that came the parting of the waters to create land. The plants followed next, then the sun and the moon, the other creatures and then finally the humans. This order was organized in such a way that humans would be created in a planet which was already made for them. No one moves into a house which has not been built as yet; instead you first ensure it is built and inhabitable before moving in.

Whenever we have something to do in our lives it is best for us to understand the order of things as this would help us to better optimize how things can occur. Jesus did not just start preaching, he had to be born first, then he had to learn, after that he had to be baptized, then he fasted from the influence of the world before he could be ready to start his ministry. Even before going around Israel he first ensured that he had the right people by his side which is why his team was filled with people from different walks of life to cover the different elements that he had to deal with in his ministry. When we make plans we must have the vision to understand how it will work. Each step must have been rehearsed in our minds so that when it is time to implement we are better placed.

There are many things which we have to fight in life, challenges, problems and all sort of things. Being organized means we understand what we have to do and what we need. You just do not walk into battle, your first analyze the situation before you fight. David when he had to face Goliath was presented with an option to wear amour. In other people’s understanding this made sense and probably appeared organized as it was the most natural thing to do. However we see David opting out of using the amour and instead using his sling to a great effect. David succeeded because he was organized enough to understand what he really needed in order to win the battle. Most people simply adopt other people’s solutions just because they are not organized enough to know their own solutions.

 As a Christian you are blessed to understand the existence of God and the guidance he gives, your steps in the world should not falter. The greatest form of organization is knowing that God exists and letting him be your guide. People falter because they listen to fear and discouragement when they should be bold and uncompromising. At the end of the day instead of being rightly organized people become conveniently organized.

Psa 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

Winston is the author of the book “You Have All Been Fooled”, a ground breaking book about capability and ability that challenges your very perspective of life

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