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Love is a standard, so is faith, hope, success, anger, hate and anything else one can think of. When a standard is not maintained then that thing ceases to achieve what it is supposed to be. The essence or make up of that thing mutates into something else. Companies fail, love fails, friendships ceases when the standard of it is no longer has meaning. In order to achieve the existence of anything in life one must understand the standard required in order to get to the level of whatever it is one wants to achieve. Standards cannot be substituted and neither can be compromised. Perfection on its own is a standard. It is an existence in which in the absence of the standard of perfection then perfection will cease to exist.

Most people will always wonder why they fail in life, yet the answer is simply because they fail to realize what standard is required for them to succeed in what they want. If for example one starts a business, there is standard that needs to be maintained in order to keep the business running, there is a standard required to expand the business, there is standard required to grow internationally beyond the borders. There is a standard required to keep ones job, relationships, life and everything else. Most people will never realize that standards are what keeps everything at the levels they are supposed to be.

Think of standard as the mechanism that keeps the existence in order; it is the organization that keeps things moving. Standards are like the nuts that keep the wheel fastened to the car, the ligament attachments; the path between destinies; in the absence of the standards everything falls apart. Each standard defines how things will work in order to succeed or exist. When a standard is compromised it simply means another standard has come into place which has a specific outcome.

Whatever exists or whatever is in front of you can be explained by the standard that it has kept. When you fail to keep to a standard you end up paying for it somewhere in the future or creating a consequence which is different from what was intended. Different standards can never get along, they can tolerate each other but never get along. That’s just the way it is. Very few people know standards in terms of how they can get them to where they are supposed to be. In real essence less than one percent of the world have seen the power of standards. The rest of the people are just living by default .

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