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A Champion’s Resolve

September 10, 2012 3 comments

And now faith, hope, charity, these three remain but in the end there can only be one. Everyone will enter the race but only the champions will win the race. No champion has been born, every champion has been trained. I am a champion should be your word today.

The greatest commandment given relates to the heart, mind, soul and spirit. The difference between the champion and the competitor in life is that the champion has found the resolve to be one, to be one in body, mind and spirit. A kingdom divided will soon fall. Many times most people will lose because they lacked focus, their mind said one thing but their body did the other thing, or their body out of instinct and habit acted but the mind paid no attention. It is at that point of separation that victories are lost and real champions are proved. At that moment of tiredness when the body refuses the minds resolve, a race is lost, at that moment when the mind wanders the body loses its resolve.

Past victories are not a standard a champion lives by they are a target to beat. Don’t dwell on the past victory but let it be a testimony that you can do better. A champion resolves to stay in the race not because they can win the race but because they have noticed they are in the race. If you intend to enter a race then enter it with the resolve to win it. There are many domains in life in which anyone can excel but few ever will because few will ever resolve to excel.

Faith is good but in the moment of a double mind faith will account for nothing. Believing and acting is good for progress in life but doubt can be a brick pulled out of the wall, the building will fall. The road of a champion is narrow it is never wide. A man who makes a thousand decisions will never beat a man who makes one decision and stays with it. A champion only has one direction and chooses not to know any other. If in life you have a chosen to be king then be king after all, no one can save two masters. If the yes is not a yes then let it be a no, in between is the land of those who will never be champions. Should you choose to walk on water then walk on water, don’t doubt otherwise you will sink and drown. Don’t cross the desert to cast doubt on your survival or else a generation will be lost, but believe you are greater than the grasshopper. See yourself as a giant but let your mind and body be one.

Every champion must train to find discipline in life. A giant is not easily killed simply by belief, but a giant is killed by one whose practice has become perfect. If you are a visionary then perfect your visions, if you are wise then eat knowledge daily. No champion has been born, every champion has been trained. Big companies are not big because they are big they are big because they learnt how to be big. It’s easy to walk in front of a people but it is another thing to organize the people, practice organization after all it is next to perfection.

Finally let your thoughts be pure and without doubt. Let your mind see only that which you resolve to do. Love those you love unconditionally, plan with all your resolve, and let your mind be consumed by your resolve. The greatest surgeons are great because their minds see their procedures before they operate. It’s like this, write the vision down and make it plain.

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