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Be Free

January 21, 2014 Leave a comment

Today as I sat down watching the traffic zooming past and people going on about their business my mind began to wonder; I began to think of what really controls all these people. There seemed to be an invisible force that dangles each and every person to go in one direction or the other and pursue certain activities without fail as if there is some walls put in place to ensure we don’t cross certain lines. Be it at work, or in our family lives we seem to be controlled by some type of force which ensures that we do things according to a certain order. Are we free or do we understand the meaning of freedom?

A nation that fights for independence is simply fighting for a declaration of independence and a reflection of laws that change the way things appear. Appearance is not the change in heart neither is it the change in mindset. The idea of freedom is one that has been floated in time and our very education tells us that freedom is doing what we have a right to do without being impendent by laws which violate those rights. So we grow up believing that rights are the definition of freedom. A young teenager believes that freedom is when their parents allow them to do as they please because in their belief, being allowed to do what they please is what is the definition of freedom. The prisoner believes that freedom is being let out of the prison bars, and hence have the right to do as other people live. However none of this is freedom, it is but a make-up of freedom that holds no ounce of the essence of freedom.

One who is free is not determined by what they are able to pursue but rather by the realization of their identity of truth. There is no greater freedom that exceeds truth, whatever laws we may pass if they are not truth they are but just a passing of time. True freedom is not determined by laws neither is it defined by values. True freedom stands the test of time and is not subject to right or wrong, it is the essence of life and the breath of existence. What we perceive as freedom in our time is just an expression of activity but not the truth of it. We live in a world where freedom is determined by signed papers and the allowance to act in any way we define as a right but this is not freedom, as in most cases it is not truth. What then is truth?

Truth is life, it is the examined stance that has no fault, the energy that pursues us to success. Values we may believe in have no freedom until they are truths, and our reservations have no ounce of freedom until their very substance is truth. Truth never changes with time for time must serve truth. Look in the mirror and determine if the very life that you exist is the truth, or you are just fleeting with time in the usual deception of what freedom is. If patience, love, understating is not truth then it has no freedom. Being able to vote, or stay out for long is not freedom, but realizing what is truth is the definition of freedom. Are you truly free?

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The Battle with Self

October 22, 2013 1 comment

The Battle of Self
The man or woman in the mirror is normally a stubborn person. The resolve to stay true to one’s self preservation is a driver that can prove to be the standing boulder between achievement and failure. The battle with self is a battle many will fight but few will win.

In the midst of opportunity like Moses, self will normally look for an excuse not to attempt that which has never been attempted. In some circumstance the first excuse could be who am I or on whose name shall I go. Such an excuse is only but self refusing to be buried in new things not wanting to stretch one’s self to levels not yet attempted. Opportunity knocks on the doors of every continent but only those who are willing to go beyond the self preservation battle will open the door. It should not be a question of who am I but rather it should be a function of what needs to be done. Self is only but an existence to enable the achievement of all things concerned. In achievement is not only the preservation of self but the discovery of the deeper things of life.

As Moses stood arguing with God within his excuses, self simply attacked his very personality. Are we born with the instruments to achieve great accomplishments in life? The very truth that that you breathe means you are the possible conduit of God’s power which makes you able to achieve anything and everything that is set before you. Your context of function should not be based on what your experiences have been with yourself but rather should be based on your standing in the presence of God. Opportunity will knock on your door but do not let the battle with self stand in your way.

In the midst of all possibilities the battle with self should become a historical event. A decision in the past in which self preservation became a non-event but rather glory became a pivotal event. We are meant for glory after all being fearfully and wonderfully made means we are creation for the glory of God. Life still wonders on our make on how we were made, it then only is fitting that the conclusion of the battle of self should be defeat to self and victory to the glory of God.
Be blessed.
From the author of the books “You have all been fooled” and “The One Percent that plants”


April 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Love is a standard, so is faith, hope, success, anger, hate and anything else one can think of. When a standard is not maintained then that thing ceases to achieve what it is supposed to be. The essence or make up of that thing mutates into something else. Companies fail, love fails, friendships ceases when the standard of it is no longer has meaning. In order to achieve the existence of anything in life one must understand the standard required in order to get to the level of whatever it is one wants to achieve. Standards cannot be substituted and neither can be compromised. Perfection on its own is a standard. It is an existence in which in the absence of the standard of perfection then perfection will cease to exist.

Most people will always wonder why they fail in life, yet the answer is simply because they fail to realize what standard is required for them to succeed in what they want. If for example one starts a business, there is standard that needs to be maintained in order to keep the business running, there is a standard required to expand the business, there is standard required to grow internationally beyond the borders. There is a standard required to keep ones job, relationships, life and everything else. Most people will never realize that standards are what keeps everything at the levels they are supposed to be.

Think of standard as the mechanism that keeps the existence in order; it is the organization that keeps things moving. Standards are like the nuts that keep the wheel fastened to the car, the ligament attachments; the path between destinies; in the absence of the standards everything falls apart. Each standard defines how things will work in order to succeed or exist. When a standard is compromised it simply means another standard has come into place which has a specific outcome.

Whatever exists or whatever is in front of you can be explained by the standard that it has kept. When you fail to keep to a standard you end up paying for it somewhere in the future or creating a consequence which is different from what was intended. Different standards can never get along, they can tolerate each other but never get along. That’s just the way it is. Very few people know standards in terms of how they can get them to where they are supposed to be. In real essence less than one percent of the world have seen the power of standards. The rest of the people are just living by default .

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They Key to Human Function

November 29, 2012 5 comments

My dear Jane, I just discovered a highly evolved entity which calls itself Human. It has the memory capacity to last 300 years for each instance of the application in its memory core called the brain. Basically this human being is a skeleton wrapped in flesh with a programmed intelligence system with the capacity to learn and create new things; an entity with an expiry code which is highly dependent on the environment. Highly susceptible to physical damage as well as software corruption, in short its useful but has its weaknesses.

Once born the human entity is programmed to learn cultures, habits and beliefs. The human quickly learns that there is a system of how things are done, rules for what to do and what not to do. So we learn that the human functions on programs taught. The human being is programmable and can be influenced directly or indirectly to achieve anything depending on what one wants. Avenues of programming just to mention a few include, experience, experiments, practice, repetitions, listening, rules and laws. Once programmed the human entity will normally not accept anything else which violates the programming that has been taught unless if a greater programming which radically changes the programming instructions is introduced. Jane my dear I do however strongly believe that with the right effort we can program the human for our purposes. I have noticed that there is mass programming which can alter its behavior. This is normally done by what they call music, films, books, schools, and much more which are all program instructions designed to engage the entity to behavior in a certain way.

The human is structured in a particular way for operational efficiency. It has eyes in front, ears on the side, and one single mouth and a feeling skin. Its senses are used in order for it to interact with the environment. The human thus has capacity to interact with the environment by observation. In most cases most entities of this human species will only use one of this at a time. As a result their failure to realize that they can optimize their observation ability renders them susceptible to the environment and abuse. If one can manipulate what they observe then one can manipulate what they will self program with. Every day the human entity is self programming. All we might need to do is present a certain chain of events in front of them to observe and they will self program. They use an application called perception and suspicion we could easily use this to our advantage.

The human being also carries with it what they call emotions. These are specific applications that run inside the human being which are used in reacting, interacting or in expressing oneself. When the applications are compatible they can lead to the humans co-existing or not understanding each other. Popular applications include anger, hate, love, suspicion, fear, joy, and satisfaction. These applications normally are linked to self preservation and hence tend to make the human more self conscious. As these are simply applications one can uninstall them as they are just modified plug-ins of the one underlying operating system called love. Sometimes to make the human operating system more visible it needs these applications but sometimes the wrong applications can make the human destructive as it corrupts the function of the human.

There is something odd about this human being entity; it seems to be attached to another invisible program or entity. In some cases it seems that there is another program that takes care of the human entity, something that leads it or sends instructions to it when there is unseen danger or something is about to happen. Strangely in some cases the entities though separate seem to have a connection in which they can communicate without speaking or they have what they call instinct, hunch, or feeling. I am still to understand this, but I think there is an encrypted channel between the entities and its creator in which the creator can warn, or talk to the entity. In some cases it seems the human entity can talk to its creator even when one can clearly see that there is nothing there. I will continue to investigate what it is as I think it might pose a challenge to us for re-programming the human being.

Jane I have no doubt that the human being can be a useful tool for us as it possess such incredible potential once it has the right programming. How we use it is up to us, but we need to simply dwell on the basic programming for the operating system as well as the applications. Let me know what you think so that I can start writing the program and applications which we can use to change the function of the human for our needs.

40 Days and 40 Years

October 8, 2012 3 comments

Sometimes the strength of the desert is in the weakness of the minds, however in all things every experience no matter how grave it is there is always a lesson to be learnt, lessons of strategy, experience and strength of mind.

When all is gone and the source of all that you hold dear is no more there must be one thing that never leaves you. Unfortunately it cannot be a person, money, business, residence, nations but it must be God. When stuck in the desert it is a time to know that God is your provider and that in all things He will provide. For forty days Jesus was in the wilderness and for forty years the Israelites were seemingly stuck there and in that time they learnt that Jehovah is Jehovah-Jireh, he will provide. If you are still alive then it means you have a provision sustaining you. For forty days or forty years you learn that only God will remain after everything else is gone, after everything is said, only God will remain true.

When isolated in a place of nothingness and hopelessness, the mind can quickly lose its grip on life resulting in chaos and panic. However when stuck in a desert two choices can present themselves, to find hopelessness or to find faith. Before us is always a choice, death or life and so we choose life. Faith is strength of mind to act upon that which your mind holds strongly to and believes in. In the absence of all signs of hope or life, for how long will you hold on to what you value the most? In the test of the wilderness when there are no signs of progress will one hold on to the strength of mind or will one fall to the despair of life? After the time of forty days or forty years your minds resolution will be tested, you will be tempted or you will be discouraged by tales of giants but in all this your mind must remain resolute to what you believe.

For Jericho to be appreciated it is necessary to understand lack and the times. To understand plenty it is best to have understood barrenness, how can a savior preach about the abundance of life without understanding the emptiness of life? To relate a message to a people one must have seen their lives and understood them. Sometimes the desert experience is simply a lesson in understanding lack in order to fully know plenty. Don’t be too shocked because there is a time for everything, a person who has understood the times will store their harvest for future years when there is no food, for in lack they have understood that plenty is but a season. A person who has understood the times will know that lack is also but for a season, soon the morning will bring good tidings of grace, in all times plenty and lack can be prepared for.

Before the birth of life a pain is experienced but why transit from a place of death to death, rather when in the moment of a desert don’t transit to another desert but transit to the land of plenty. Your desert is a place of strategy and a place of transition. Use that time wisely to engage your mind in cleverness, be wise and plot your victory not your battle. From a place of the desert you no longer plot to chance victory but because you have seen lack you prepare a battle that wins you the war. In the wilderness you strategize how your ministry will run, and who you will run with. Don’t be moved by tale bearers but be moved by the call of victory.

Winston is the author of several books.

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Winston’s other books include the following
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Knowledge Defines Fear and Faith: Part 1

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

The average person is said to think at least 70 000 times in a day whilst using 12 percent of their brain for conscious thought and 88% for subconscious thought. Our memory virtually stores everything, in other words, it keeps memory of everything and anything, our only problem is knowing how to remember. Sometimes we just need to wonder what we spend all our energy thinking about. Yet after all this is said, we find that as humans our knowledge is very little and we make so many mistakes as a result.

Knowledge basically is having the understanding of why, how, what and when. A person truly understands something when they are aware of the reasons why things happen, when they happen, how they happen and what exactly is happening. Knowledge is therefore the substance which has been proved to exist and which is definite and cannot be questioned or doubted. For example understanding that a car needs fuel to move is knowledge but believing that the world is flat is a theory or just a belief. Scientist thought Pluto was a planet yet now they know it’s not a planet meaning that in the first place they just supposed based on beliefs and indicators not on the actual substance itself. Now, how does knowledge define fear and faith?

How Humans Operate
Humans base their actions on thoughts, in other words every action is preceded by conscious and subconscious thought. Now those thoughts are either based on a guess, a perception, a belief, a feeling, instinct or the knowledge of something, most of the time our thoughts are based on belief and perception, and not knowledge. So we think we love someone but do not know what love is, or we think life is unfair but we do not know how to be successful, we believe every politician because we do not know their hearts. In the end we live our lives on beliefs and perceptions. You believe your car is safe because you were told by the mechanic that but you have no idea how the car safety works or you believe that the pilot flying the plane is qualified but have no idea if this is true so you work on supposition and belief. Ninety-nine percent of the world does not ask why which is why 1 percent of the world is wealthy and the rest are just machines of culture and tradition. Most of us never ask ourselves why things work they way they do, we are not even aware how they work or what they are. We are mostly waiting for the when to happen, in other words we just want to see things happening hence we believe in when. That is why we talk of when I am married, when I am rich, when I grow up, when I find my Mr. Right, when, I graduate, when I start my business and the list goes on. Have you ever asked why do I want to get married, why do I want to start a business, why do I need to do what I do. When you understand the why you will understand how, what, and when. Our 70 000 times a day thoughts should be answering the why, what and the how then lastly the when. It’s like a choosing a car, you need to ask why you need it, why this particular car, what will it do for you, how long will it last, how well will it drive and the list of questions go on.

How Fear Works
In the absence of knowledge is an empty space which must be filled with something. Life does not allow anything to be empty which is why your brain thinks 70 000 times in day and likewise where there is no knowledge of something the empty space is quickly filled by a belief. That belief can either be a good guess or it’s a lie. Remember you are either hot or cold, there is no in between, either you are right or you are wrong. For example people did not know what the shape of the earth was so they believed that it was flat and for a long time this is was the theory which everyone was taught yet it is was a lie. Another example is love, because people don’t know what it is most people think love is when someone buys a present, calls you or tells you that they love them of which in most cases it is not. Now fear is a belief that something bad or evil will happen simply because you do not know the solution to a problem. If you know the why, the what, the how and the when then there should be no fear. Sounds simple, but not really, most people think 70 000 times and half of that 70 000 times they are thinking why they should not do what they really want, in other words you are cultured to think the opposite of what you really need. We live in a world ruled by tradition and culture which is formed on ignorance, and because we are comfortable with the ignorance and beliefs so we feel safe. Some cultures promote insane practices without ever knowing why they do it; they do it because they believe it is the right thing to do. Most of our mistakes are as a result of ignorance which grew into fear. Fear of being alone, fear of being labeled, fear of failure, fear of time, fear of death, fear of losing, all of these simply because we have no knowledge. In the absence of knowledge the people perish.

How Faith Works
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The substance is the knowledge and evidence is the knowledge. In the absence of evidence there is no knowledge, only belief. Belief which has no evidence can be either be the truth or be a lie. If you believe in God, there must be evidence for that belief to be faith, if you believe in life there must be evidence of a living person. Faith can only be proved by works or actions which show the existence of the knowledge. However here is the secret to all there is to faith, those who know something exists but have never seen it are more powerful than those who need to see it in order to believe. If you want to know that something exists which you have never seen then you must attain understanding and wisdom. Understanding is the why, how, when and what; when you can answer all this without a doubt in your mind then you have walked into faith. The actions then become something which is automatic. The most successful people are the people that had the faith to wait for what they knew was right, to create what was correct and to live with what was perfect for them. God has a plan.

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Winston’s other books include the following
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The Veil of Life

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment

They have eyes but cannot see and ears but cannot hear, sounds like some fictional statement but in all essence is perfectly true. What we call reality is something quite the opposite.

Nothing Is as It Seems
We see what we see and hear what we hear, in other words all humans base their lives according to experience, perception and expectation. In our minds we formulate reality according to what we understand or what we have selected to understand. Our lives are a selective and filtered by-product of our comfort and fears hidden in the roles we play as part of society. At the end of it all, we process reality subjectively. Ten people will always describe a scene differently because they all use their individuality subject to personal experiences, preferences, perceived expectations and societal peer pressures. Very few people actually know the truth simply because right and wrong are not a matter of fact but a matter of common agreement. Our laws are far from the truth but are more to cultural and norm acceptances. This might sound superficial but it is true. The veil of life comes in different levels which are explored in this article.

The Individual
The first level is that most people cannot see themselves. Only a few people have seen who they are, the rest of the world believes their identities are in the names they are labeled with at birth, the careers they serve all their lives, the associations they have in life and the assets they believe they own. So people judge their capacity not according to what they can actually achieve but according to what they believe they can achieve. We are more of a function of belief than anything else. Our limitations are set according to what we believe. Who are am I is a simple question but the answer is hidden in our own reflections or images. Our very existence is just an image of something else which casts a reflection. A simple example is our bodies; we run and we laugh not because our bodies can but because our minds run and laugh, yet by itself the body could not do any of these actions. Our bodies function by command which simply means the body is a reflection of something greater. It is like driving a car drunk. The police do not notice that the car is drunk but rather they see the erratic movements of the car as a reflection that the person who is driving the car is drunk. In the same way our bodies are just a reflection of something else.
Our capacity to understand truth has been limited by individual failures to see who we are. We then place ourselves in society according to how we perceive things. Some play the victim mentality, whilst some play the preacher mentality. Whether we admit it or not but the truth is that all individuals are just playing roles whilst the truly wise are living a lonely life. We play roles such as fathers, mothers, wives, oppressed, suppressed, hated, loved, loving, courageous, loyal, and many more. When asked why we do what we do the answer is always that it is the right thing, yet right and wrong are not necessarily truth they are just perspectives adopted over time and embedded in traditional culture. So many people are just playing roles, in life if you want to fool people all the time, just know what role they are playing and communicate with them according to their role. For example if someone believes that they are a victim of society, all you have to do is speak to them about oppression in society and hence they will think you understand what they feel. If someone has a father role, talk to them about kids and the challenges of family life; if someone thinks people are just unfair, tell them experiences of people being unfair; if someone thinks they are always right let them lead and just keep quiet and they will think that they are leading all the time.

The Society
The second veil is on the interaction level. If we cannot see who we are it then follows that we cannot see who everyone else is. Our associations are solely based on assumptions and probability. We socialize based on the assumption that the other person is thinking the same things as we do. These assumptions are what causes betrayals in society, where one president has complete trust in his minister yet the minister is just playing a role whilst deep in thought the minister is planning a coup. This is more like a Judas veil where, the closest person to you could be your greatest enemy, but very few of us can see this.

Society is a statistical place where we act according to past experiences of means and deviations. We trust people based not on our understanding of their hearts but based on their past records, at the same time we trust people based on the probability that they will come through based on the alignment of their words to our expectations. It is thus easy to fool any society into action because no society knows the truth, they all believe in statistics and probability. We attend meetings based on the probability that the person will show up not based on our knowledge of the actual intention of the person, the same thing applies to marriage, business partnerships, and any other relationships that exists. None or only a few of the existing relationships on the planet are based on truth, most of the relationships are calculated risks based on the strength of the words and actions. Interestingly enough people then get shocked when partnerships end or divorces occur yet if they really knew the truth they would have been set free long before.

Now due to the fact that society is an aggregation of assumption and collective agreement it is easy for one tyrant to rule over it which has been proven time and time again. In the same way it is easy for one person to take over the entire world and all power. From a societal and individual view reality to us is what we have agreed to assume and accept. If we look at the moon and say that it is a ball of cheese then it follows that as long as we agree it is a ball of cheese it will remain a ball of cheese until another perspective is accepted. This notion is what then leads to religions and various faiths or fundamental movements yet in all this there is only one truth, the rest are just a distorted or incomplete version of the truth. Society as a whole is incapable of seeing the truth until at the individual level one can see the truth.
The Conceptual Level
Finally the last level we will explore in this article is the conceptual level. This is the level which is hardest to touch or understand because it seems invisible to most of us. It is where words, thoughts, ideas, emotions, knowledge, life, truth, love, hate, confusion, covenants, bonds amongst many things actually reside. Though it seems invisible it is the level that governs the human mind and creates the greatest veil. It is in words that assumptions are solidified or broken, it is in imagination that reflections and roles are created, it is in love that life is kept, and finally it is in truth that reality exists. In order to fool the individual or the society, all one has to do is adopt the conceptual level according to what they desire. For example if you want to create a society and individuals who are war sympathetic, you just create a conceptual environment full of patriotism, threat to national sovereignty and strength of the nations. In other words you simply spread the word through news programming, media publications, educations syllabus, and entertainment productions; and in no time at all you have the kind of society you want.

It is through the conceptual veil that we begin to accept certain rights, or freedom of speech which may not be really freedom of speech. Bombard society with a certain concept long enough and sooner or later they will accept it as right. What was wrong yesterday can quickly become right today. Advertising uses the same trick on consumers, just bombard people with something they have no need for and sooner or later they will think it is a necessity in life.
Lifting the Veil
It is easy to lift the veil but the truth is that people prefer the roles they have learnt to accept. It is this comfort zone that creates a feeling of reality when most people are living a lie. We pretend yet we do not know we are pretending to be happy. We consistently ask the same stupid questions on what is life about yet we refuse the answers. We are consistently hurt by people, politicians, partners, spouses, children, not because we are stupid but simply because we are ignorant. Lifting the veil is not a lifetime job it is just one moment of truth.

Winston is the author of several books. His breakthrough book was “You Have All Been Fooled”, a book about power, ability, and sheer determination in life. Available on the following
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Winston’s other books include the following
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