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A Case of Mistaken Identity

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

If you think you are a failure in life, it might just be a case of mistaken identity. Mistaken identities are the reasons why we fail in what we want to achieve in life. When a person is born they have no name, no habits, no money, no possessions, no reputation, no career, no emotions, no habits, no definitions and certainly no perspective of life. Along the way we forget who we are and think our identity are the things that we found along the way.

Who are we, is a question asked by every generation that lives on earth and the answers are usually dependent on the perspective, education and agenda of the person answering the question. At the end of the day the answers leave us with a lot of confusion as each answer can be adequately justified. Our success hinges on the things like attitudes, perspectives, intelligence, networking, branding and marketing, knowledge but because we recognize the importance of these things we end up associating our identity with one of them in order for us to be able to get a piece of the cake of success. So a person who believes knowledge is the answer to everything can become a scientist because they identify themselves as such, whilst a person who believes life is about survival can become a soldier of some sort in life. However this is not who we are, it is just a case of mistaken identity.
As we are born we are given a name, which to us has no meaning at all except that it a name by which we can be differentiated or referred to because people have no idea who we are. We assume a surname for peer and societal belonging but this is not who we are it is just a social agreement. As time goes we are taught what to love and fear, how to act and react, how to think and process problems or challenges, we learn pour friends and discover our enemies. Within our interactions we learn how to behave and interact with society but this is not who we are. All this time we have no idea what our names mean and who we are but in our everyday living we do not notice that we are actually looking for an identity. We are told that we need to become successful or own certain assets in order to become a person who is recognizable, so we read, study, work and act hard in order to assume a social standing which will help in shaping our identity in life but sadly we are mistaken because this is not who we are.

We look at ourselves in the mirror and we see our images staring back at us as if to question our identity. As we socialize we introduce ourselves with a business card because this is what we believe will leave an impression of who we are, but this is not who we are. It so goes that whenever we talk about ourselves we never finish on our name but we add our address or city, we speak of our career, or we simply speak of what we like because subconsciously we are trying to identify who we are. It is therefore not a surprise that when we are asked to perform something which we believe does not fit into our perceived identity we simply shy away or declare that it is not possible because it is not for us. We set parameters and limitations of beliefs on what we think we can do and we cannot do. We believe in the impossible and the possible simply based on our reference to what we are capable of in our understating of our identity. As we live our lives, we set barriers of the places we cannot go, careers we can never achieve, businesses we may never own and lives we may never live simply because we assumed an identity that has a certain limited profile.

So when we fail in life we are simply living within the scope of our mistaken identities. When we refuse to try new things we are simply identifying ourselves with a certain scope of life which we believe we belong to. So a family born in circumstances of poverty believes success is for the rich and the kids of that family are never allowed to aim higher. A child grows up thinking they will never buy that expensive mansion or be that business owner simply because of a mistaken identity. An entire world can believe they are animals who cannot fly and so never think of building planes to fly. We label things according to what we fear is going against our identity, whilst persecuting those who liberate our thinking to dare to go beyond the normal. Progress in families only occurs where a person decides to go beyond the logic of assumed situational identity.Habits, beliefs and thought trends are all just an education we receive from the world but it does not mean that is who we are. What you wear is just clothes and what you own are just tools to be comfortable on earth but these are not you. Careers and business are just events you partake in order to live a better life but this is not you. Circumstances or situations are not you, so poverty, being rich or being neutral is not who you are. What people see is just a personality that you assume and have branded. Your lifestyle is not permanent and hence is not you. When you die the real you goes with you to the grave and your body rots because this is not you. You became what you thought you were but this was not the real you it was just a case of mistaken identity.

In all truth of the matter everything that you think you are is just a mistaken identity. Life presents us with an opportunity to do anything that we want or need. Life never named us or branded us, we are the ones responsible for doing that. Life just gave us an opportunity to live and to do whatever we can with the opportunity. As a life you are able to build, create and destroy, the choice is all up to you. There is nothing impossible just choices, places, situations and personalities. Everyone that you see around you is marketing some form of identity but it does not mean this is what they are. You can choose any brand you want to be in life, or you can model your life in any way you want. It means you can change your thoughts, habits, careers, relationships, cars, clothes, lifestyle, because none of these things are you. You can even change your name and begin a new life. You can repent your wrong doings and become a new creature after all everyone has been given choice. So, if you think you are a failure in life, it might just be a case of mistaken identity.Winston is the author of several books. His breakthrough book was “You Have All Been Fooled”, a book about power, ability, and sheer determination in life. Available on the following
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