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Be Free

Today as I sat down watching the traffic zooming past and people going on about their business my mind began to wonder; I began to think of what really controls all these people. There seemed to be an invisible force that dangles each and every person to go in one direction or the other and pursue certain activities without fail as if there is some walls put in place to ensure we don’t cross certain lines. Be it at work, or in our family lives we seem to be controlled by some type of force which ensures that we do things according to a certain order. Are we free or do we understand the meaning of freedom?

A nation that fights for independence is simply fighting for a declaration of independence and a reflection of laws that change the way things appear. Appearance is not the change in heart neither is it the change in mindset. The idea of freedom is one that has been floated in time and our very education tells us that freedom is doing what we have a right to do without being impendent by laws which violate those rights. So we grow up believing that rights are the definition of freedom. A young teenager believes that freedom is when their parents allow them to do as they please because in their belief, being allowed to do what they please is what is the definition of freedom. The prisoner believes that freedom is being let out of the prison bars, and hence have the right to do as other people live. However none of this is freedom, it is but a make-up of freedom that holds no ounce of the essence of freedom.

One who is free is not determined by what they are able to pursue but rather by the realization of their identity of truth. There is no greater freedom that exceeds truth, whatever laws we may pass if they are not truth they are but just a passing of time. True freedom is not determined by laws neither is it defined by values. True freedom stands the test of time and is not subject to right or wrong, it is the essence of life and the breath of existence. What we perceive as freedom in our time is just an expression of activity but not the truth of it. We live in a world where freedom is determined by signed papers and the allowance to act in any way we define as a right but this is not freedom, as in most cases it is not truth. What then is truth?

Truth is life, it is the examined stance that has no fault, the energy that pursues us to success. Values we may believe in have no freedom until they are truths, and our reservations have no ounce of freedom until their very substance is truth. Truth never changes with time for time must serve truth. Look in the mirror and determine if the very life that you exist is the truth, or you are just fleeting with time in the usual deception of what freedom is. If patience, love, understating is not truth then it has no freedom. Being able to vote, or stay out for long is not freedom, but realizing what is truth is the definition of freedom. Are you truly free?

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