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Of this World Not out a Mad Mad Writes

June 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Not of this world but Mad Man
The Strategist observes that of this world and not of this world is a quagmire which seems to be bordered by a thin line of thread yet the difference in where one belongs to is as vast as parallel universes are defined, perhaps a mad man could answer this question. Worlds are defined by the inhabitants, what they do and what they accept is the construct of the world. Its mechanisms of progress or the lack of it is purely a comic sense of insane choices. When one then looks at the current world which has been defined over many stumbling and purposes driven journeys one then is only left but to chuckle, a mad man must be at work.

Who else constructs time and fails to keep it but a mad man? How can one construct a beautiful house designed to perfection and adorned in the latest tapestry of decorations but in the completion of the house one decides to sleep outside the house? This is the same with a man who understand time but fails to keep it. In time you will see standards of thoughts in which selling fish is normal but without questioning the art of selling fish, people are selfish. A selfish person is akin to a fisherman who goes and catches a lot of fish then prepares the fish for the market, when he arrives at the market he then sells the fish to himself. This is true of a continent that mines all its minerals and then at the end sells itself the same minerals at triple the price which have been processed. It’s just the tale of a rich man sitting on gold begging for money. A mad man must be at work in this world.

Of this world is the concept of love, a mystical concept which is unexplained but given in choice and blamed for stupidity. A tale is told of a woman who leaves all her senses and indulges in criminal activity for the person she claims to love yet the same person has never sacrificed a seat for her or spoiled her with a gracious chewing gum. Yet in all this she has never seen love but blames love, yet not of this world the strategist understands that love is a choice and there is nothing mysterious about it. If a dog can bite its own tail so does a world that cries foul when kids shoot kids yet they are the ones that sell guns to kids. Who is the mad man who makes laws to allow everyone to carry guns yet refuses everyone to shoot the same guns? Elect the strategist your president but don’t cry madness when your new president forgets your name and where you live even after he did visit you during the campaign.

Of this world is a mad man who buys a newspaper then complains that the same paper is very negative. Is this not the same person who knows they have an allergy but still indulges in the behavior that causes the same allergy or is it not the same doctor who preaches about the dangers of sleeping around but is himself a prostitute? The strategist has seen the people cry for food whilst on the television near them is a nation whose games including throwing food at each other. The strategist has seen the world stop to watch a football game but never stop to care for a person involved in an accident. The strategist has seen people denying the existence of God but believing that evil exists. It’s a strange world I tell you but of this world and not of this world, only a light will shine.
Don’t be worried I have said all I can say but of this world is a mad man but not of this world is a standard. Of this world is insanity out of this world is perfect organization. Of this world is chaos not of this world is peace. The violent take it by force but the mad man is violent to himself. Don’t be scared, it is time.

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