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He Said,” It is finished”, not that He is finished

Though they might take Isaac’s well that he spent all that effort digging but it did not mean he was finished it just meant he had proven he was fruitful and now he had to show he could multiply.

On the cross as he lay there dying he declared it is finished but it did not mean he was finished it just meant he was moving to another level. The seed may die in the ground but soon it will break through the soil to reveal its glory in a tree of life. Though a generation may perish in a desert it does not mean the nation is doomed, it just meant they had multiplied enough to find dominion for the next generation, Jericho was going to go down. It is finished does not mean you are done it just means that for this level you have done what you could it is time for another level of greater glory.

When they took away his well of water, it was not time for him to despair but rather it was time to prove that he could multiply. Sometimes the place you are in might get too hot or cold so that you move to another place to create greater blessings and find greater favor. Multiplication cannot happen until one fruit gives itself up to form the seed for the next generation of fruits. From one seed a nation can be born, so Abraham though today you look like fool tomorrow they will call you father of nations.

Your friends might banish you from their social circles, but if you stick to what you know then yes it is finished that you are no longer with them but you are certainly not finished because sooner than later you will have a bush experience, Moses. Sooner than later you will rise and not only will you have friends in a nation but God shall be your friend that you have conversation with. The stone they reject will always become the foundation stone. Before his death he only had twelve disciples but on his resurrection he had millions of disciples. For a moment they look at you and say you are finished but God has a plan. They might say you don’t have a plan but suddenly you will rise and a giant you will slay. Your brothers and sisters might have left you in the wilderness to tend to sheep but if you hold on to what you believe they will soon come to serve you. Left to die they will see you strong and healthy on the throne, Joseph.

It is finished means it is over by their standards but by God’s standard it is the beginning of something new, it is the multiplication of a fruit that everyone despised. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe, let them fight you for what you believe in but remember this, every night has a morning, in the end of it all, truth will always outlast the lies. Jesus on the cross declared it is finished, but he was not finished, he was just implementing the next level of His plan. Likewise whether they took your business, destroyed your work, laughed at you, embarrassed you or disliked you, carry on with what you do best, resurrect and soon they will know that it was finished but you were not finished.

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