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How Assumption Killed the Rabbit

If you never realize your stupidity your intelligence might never increase, don’t think you are intelligent until you measure your foolishness. Be smart don’t be like the rabbit that was killed by assumption.

Don’t assume the people you save will always come to your aid, they might be the first ones to accuse you or kill you, look at Jesus and how he died. Always ask for the salt when you sit to eat but make sure you are sitting with people whose company you enjoy, otherwise the salt will not make any difference. I love you will not always mean the same, but at least make sure you understand what “I hate you” means because you might mistake the two. I was once insulted by a man who assumed I was poor, so I traded the insult for inspiration to help the man realize his ignorance, some insults are opportunities to educate others. When you look at the moon don’t be naïve enough to think that the sun is not shining, always take situations for what they are not what they seem otherwise you might get killed by assumption.

The wisest person knows that all people are ignorant of something only the true idiots believe they can win every argument in life. Be clever enough to have God on your side, but don’t be stupid enough to think God will not punish you for wrong doing. If you want to live longer than anyone else then stretch your imagination but don’t cross the road whilst day dreaming, the drivers on the road might also be day dreaming. If mathematics is difficult then don’t bother being rich because you will soon lose all your money, at least understand multiplication and addition. A fool thinks having capital means owning business but does not realize that turnover and profit are the definition of what business is.

A certain person once invested a million dollars in house, but forgot to remove the termites under the house. A strong woman is not one who can do everything it is a woman who is strong enough to hold her tongue. A real man is usually not made of steel but of vision that leads others to safety. When you find a wise man bring him over to me and I will show you a fool who brought a wise man. We may ask why did the chicken cross the road and forget why did the road allowed the chicken to cross, if people are going to step on you make sure you are made of tar at least you can survive for generations. A rabbit once made friends with a human assuming he was too cute for the human to kill, but by the end of the day when there was a drought, the rabbit found himself in the pot as meat for the human’s kids. People will tell you they are loyal to you but be careful you might become food for their ambitions.

Secrets are not meant to be spread but if a secret becomes open, look people straight in the eye and say profess ignorance, that’s the only hope you have. Sometimes fortune will knock on your day, when you answer the door make sure you have a rope to tie fortune for as long as possible in the house. Some dogs will bark but some will not but respect them all for they are all dogs. Here is eh thing about assumption your mother will never tell you; assumption I the mother of laziness. Only lazy people will live their life assuming everything never asking, or looking for the truth. How do you notice a lazy and ignorant person, just look at the size of their assumptions but don’t forget, we are all ignorant of a lot of things.

Winston is the author of several books.

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  1. Nancy
    October 16, 2012 at 8:10 am

    True. Assumptions never get us anywhere but being doers and not assuming or hoping for something till we die without enjoying the fruits – thanks for the wise words. Its high time we walk the talk. Glory be to God for giving us all things that pertain to everlasting life.

  2. Amy Alusa
    May 28, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    I am missing something…so how did assumption kill the rabbit?

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