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The Pressure of Prayer 3: Walking on Water

I must work the works of Him who sent Me, while it is day. Night comes when no man can work. Prepare yourself to walk on water.

After feeding the multitudes with five loaves and two fish, instead of celebrating the amazing feat Jesus instead goes up to pray up in the mountain. His disciples on the other hand go on to cross the waters in the boat, not really worrying on how their master will cross the same waters also. In life you will find that that the people you planned to do things with will leave you or disappoint you; and in many times you will have decisions to make which require courage. You will face decisions that require you doing something you have never done before like walking on water.

Before you do anything it is important to realize that everything has a plan, whether you are conscious of it or not or whether you participate in the planning or not there is always a plan. Being conscious of the plan and participating in the plan is a decision we have to make. Your life is planned already before you are born, the fact that they are schools, universities, social groups, hospitals, streets, stores, phones and everything that exists means your life already has a plan. Before you are born, there is plan for you to be born in a clinic, the parents that you will have, the schools you will attend, the universities that you will attend and the list goes on, what makes the difference is how you participate and if you are aware of it. In other words you have the power to change the plan, enhance it and get a better plan. For some people they die in the same neighborhoods and never experience anything new, they marry the type of people their environment and exposure planned for them, they make the decisions that are expected of them, they go to the schools that are afforded to them and then they have children that will experience what they think they planned but it was never their actually plan. What does this have to do with prayer and walking on water?

Jesus prays in the early watches of the day which means it was midnight into early morning before four o’clock in the morning. Instead of rushing to the boat so that they cross the waters he elects to pray, not only to give thanks for the day but to prepare for the day. In your life you participate in the plans of the day by setting into motion the plans of the heavens. For example, in order for your plans to work you must have created or participated in the plans and understood the will of God. During prayer this is when the blueprint of the day is set, this is when the vision of what will be done is constructed. No person builds a building without first drawing the blueprint otherwise that person will be looked upon as a fool. Similarly how then can a person start a day without imagining what they need to achieve in the day. No doubt Jesus would have been praying for the next events about to take place, after all there is a season for all things. Most of us pray for routines and not for the new things in our lives, we pray to survive according to the way the world turns and not according to what we can actually achieve in life. In other words we are just living another person’s or society’s plan.

The disciples on the other hand, who were in the boat, had not gone for so long such that after a few miles they were stuck in the waters as they had not prepared for the day they just went out and thought they would just cross. In their minds Jesus had been left far back. In your life people will leave you and think you are done for but for one who plans there comes a time when you will overtake those who have no plan. There comes a time when you will dare to do something different, instead of looking for a boat which is what everyone else does you will do what others think is impossible, you will walk on water. When you plan your things and implement them, when they are now working people will think you used some magic, corruption or something supernatural simply because you would have moved so fast in their eyes that they think you are a wonder. The disciples see Jesus walking on water and they think he is a ghost simply because they thought they had left him behind.

People ought to pray always is not just a statement it is a strategy of life. Don’t build without the vision and don’t start a journey without understanding the route. Make your plans, pray your plans into reality when it is now day implement them. At night is not just the time to relax it is a time to construct the plans and see them in faith, when day comes it is time to make it happen.

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