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Learning Cash Flow from Manna

Basically money is an abstract idea which like all abstract things one has to believe in order to understand its uses and effect. However it as much as it has its uses it comes with certain rules which like manna must be obeyed.

It takes an idea to understand that tea leaves can be used for a drink or that wheat can be ground and processed to make bread; likewise it takes an idea to understand the concept of money and how it works. In the absence of an idea life is like a desert or wilderness where one will most likely die until an idea comes to mind on how to survive or live. The first time the Israelites discovered manna they had no idea what it was hence they asked Moses who explained to them that it was the bread they would eat. Money is like that, if no one explains to you or if you don’t understand what money is you will just think it’s some mysterious substances which has no use to you.

A flow is simply when you have the occurrence of an idea which is accessible on a day to day basis. The flow is the stream that keeps coming and passing your way. Every day, manna would fall from heaven for the Israelites and they would eat the bread with each person having enough for the day. In life being rich or wealthy is not the accumulation of a bank deposit balance; it is the ability to have a flow of money from a source which is reliable. If a lake or dam does not receive a regular flow of water or source of water the end result is that it will dry up and finish. If one is to start a business or anything that brings money then one has to be sure it will bring regular income which is not only adequate but dependable.

When the Israelites would keep the manna for the next day it had a tendency to go bad, stink and rot. If you have a flow of a substance and all you do is keep it and do not use it the result is that sooner or later you will either lose it or it will just lose its value. It is like an investment in shares in the stock market, if you keep it for too long the markets go up and down, at some point every company share decreases in value, so you have to know when to sell and buy otherwise at some point you have to be in it for the long term such that in years you gain from dividends whilst in some years you receive nothing. Naturally one has to store something for the rainy day, which is why the Israelites were then told to store for the Sabbath. Life requires strategies and one must develop strategies for keeping money and knowing when to use it, that is what they call cash flow. If you finish it all and do not anticipate that day when there is no flow you will starve, so one has to anticipate and act.

The bible says the manna would fall to the ground, not into the stomachs of the Israelites; meaning that they had to gather it, process it, serve it and eat. You can have the greatest idea in the world about cash, but if you never gather it, process it and find ways to consume it then that idea is just a thought. Aaron was commanded to store up manna in order for future generations to see the legacy; if you have a business or source of income ensure that the next generation learns also on how it works and they can see it. Generations are usually lost because the previous generation left no inheritance. A wise man leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren not just for his children. The Israelites ate manna for forty years but within the forty years they had other sources of flow, quails for meat and water to drink. When you find your principal source of flow make sure you have secondary flows which not only add more substance but can be complimentary to your original flow.

Most people will asks for a lump sum of money but the truly wise will ask for a flow of manna, just make sure you are one of the wise ones.
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