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Courage Beyond A Dollar

For every situation and every person there is place of balance that neutralizes ambition and creates a place of comfort. It’s a place in which we live by concession and is fortified by fear, acceptance, comfort, tradition and culture.

A place of comfort is a place in which survival is made sure. It does not mean that in that place of comfort a person receives everything that they want, it just means that they get to live one more day. So in our lives we look for this place of comfort or sometimes it finds us. For kids it could be receiving a dollar a day for buying food somewhere; as long as the child receives that dollar their place of comfort is firmly established. It could be that another kid receives ten dollars a day within the same school but the kid who is used to his or her one dollar will not reach for the ten dollars simply because they have reached their place of comfort. In adults, the same thing can be seen in careers where one becomes used to it, it becomes easier to stay in that company for the next ten years instead of moving to something better. In relationships it could be that the person accepts the relationship as long as they get to live one more day in the comfort of knowing they get the minimum.

In our lives we all have dollar situations in which we are happy to accept as being normal. We accept that it’s normal because we have a survival expectation. A person might have started off wanting to be a millionaire as an example. As time went the person might have realized that it’s tougher than that and in their endeavors they settled for a regular income which could pay for rent and food. For them that status is acceptable for a while and because it helps them to survive each day they hold on to it as if their lives depend on it. This place of survival which we perceive is the place of balance for each and every person alive. It’s the place in which we are willing to accept a situation for as long as we receive that one dollar. It is that place in which in one neighborhood there could be killings and drug dealings but as long as it does not affect our neighborhood it is acceptable to us. Yet, in all this we do not realize that our peace hangs in the balance just one road away. As voters we also have a dollar situation, as long as in the short term we receive that which we think is adequate for our survival we vote for whoever offers the dollar situation; the person who offers the ten dollars in the near future is deemed as a dreamer because it is in the future and is never taken seriously.

When you look at your personal life you might see that you are stuck in a dollar situation. You probably stopped reaching for the stars and settled for the top of the desk, you might have stopped trying to swimming the ocean and settled for sitting in the tub, you might have stopped walking the road and instead are now just sitting on the couch; whatever it is you stopped having courage beyond a dollar. It’s never too late to go beyond a dollar; all you need is to set your standards higher and desire a greater comfort. It is like the half cup metaphor, you can either settle for the half cup and say it’s better than nothing or you can have a half a cup and ask for the other half. Ask and you will receive, look and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. No one said the moment you knock that the door will be opened instantly, there might be a delay or so but you have to keep knocking according to the standard of life you want. You have to keep looking depending on the criteria and specificity of what you want. If you settle for a compromise you will receive a compromise. In the morning get yourself some courage and go beyond a dollar.

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