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Six things for you to do every year before you die

You are going to die that is obvious, today, tomorrow or right now, that is how life is. Before you die there are things you should do as a must not as an option.

Dream as much as you can and as much as you want. As a person don’t be afraid to dream. Think of what you really want in life, it may be success beyond anything ever achieved in your family, there is nothing wrong in dreaming about it. Remember soon you will die and what good would have been your life if you never dared to dream to achieve. Go beyond the dream; search for what you need and in time you will find it. There is nothing wrong in believing in being happy, if something is right and you believe in it then chase your dream. We tend to want to conform to society or to certain social convictions yet life is very creative and free. We have the power within us to achieve what we really want not what we are told we want.

Travel as much as you can. Think of all the places you would want to go to, there is nothing wrong in you going to Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, Australia and wherever you believe you can. The more you travel the more exposed to different things in life. At least once in a year be courageous enough to want to travel. Don’t be held back by people’s opinions, just because they don’t travel does not mean you should not. Find time in your diary to at least travel. Think of that place that you think would satisfy your curiosity, go there for a weekend, take a walk in sunshine, find the forests freshness, and dare to step on a desert, think of the ice caps that you would like to feel. There is nothing to be afraid of, travel whenever you can.

Make it a point that you donate. Donate your time, money, clothes, love, and thoughts to something worthy. The human race depends on people who give of their time to do something special for others. Don’t be afraid if you think you have too little, whatever you have that you can give is good enough. Sometimes just visit an orphanage, play games with the kids, spending time with the elders, give of your time and love and you will die happy. Life is a big and great place; if enough people gave, the earth would be greener than what it is today. So before you die give something of your after all you are going to leave everything else behind, you cannot take anything to the grave.

Rest once in a while in your life. You work very hard every day, but take the time to rest. Have your time when you find your absolute peace of mind, where there are no phones, no news, no demands, just you and your total peace. Make sure you rest every seven days, if you cannot you will die bitter and sad. People will say you worked hard but your spirit will tell you that you worked too hard. Take a leave, rest your body and spirit after all, you need it. Practice resting because soon you will rest forever.

Look after your body it’s a gift. No matter what your body is like, big, skinny, short, or whatever size you may have don’t insult your body. It is the vehicle by which you are alive on this earth without your body there would be no you. Treat your body like a sacred temple; only let those who are worthy touch you. Don’t be common to everyone’s touch. Don’t feed your body toxic material otherwise it will soon fail and you will die earlier before you enjoy life. Careful what you eat and measure what you drink. Everything is good for us but too much of anything is bad for us. Don’t hate your body because your body knows and might hate you. Be healthy and love what you do.

Pray every morning and every evening. You are intelligent its true, but you have no control over life. You may think that you have control but the truth is that you don’t have any control. Pray for children, for you spouse, your work, your parents, your siblings, pray for your president, pray for your neighbors, pray for your car, pray for your environment, pray for the stars, pray for the moon, whenever you find the time just pray. You might fail to do everything else in life but never forget to pray.

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  1. Tendai
    June 13, 2012 at 8:29 am

    Thanks Winston! Applying this will surely help us to achieve our dreams and leave life to the fullest.

    • Winston M.
      June 13, 2012 at 8:34 am

      hey tendai, hope you are well. thanks

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