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The Donkey that Ran a Race with the Lions

The meaning of impossible is the absence of God and what is lost is simply a state of ignorance, yet the world turns, and more people perish whilst ignoring knowledge that saves lives.

A politically correct leader is usual nine out of ten a godless leader, whilst the other one out of ten is the devil himself who at least knows the existence of God but both are no better than the other. You cannot choose your parents but you can surely choose your partner in life but in either case, the same person will still complain equally on both cases. Only a fool will accuse a pig for being dirty and the fool will demand that the pig changes. It is well known that time waits for no one but do we always forget that time is our creation? I saw a lazy person declaring something to be difficult, yet when it was time to spend money he had not earned, the word difficult seemed not to exist anymore. Words are choices; we use them when it appeals to us and when we are more comfortable with them. As one movie line once said, “the word love means nothing until you associate a meaning to it”. Not all fools are foolish in the same way not all wise people are wise. It’s a strange world when the donkey runs a race with the lions.

Years are numbers we choose to measure but age is the experiences we have. Dreamers are those that rest more, but hopeless dreamers are those who confuse night and day. I once saw a preacher preaching the good news, but he was surprised people hated him because his good news was like death to them. Every prophet will prophesy as long as you can hear, when the prophet stops to prophesy it’s not because he has given up, it is because he has noticed you are deaf. If you always do what the Romans do, you might just commit murder and feel like you have achieved something. A people once elected a president and after some time they said he was failing his job, yet when they are asked to create employment they asked foreigners to employ them. Patience is like a cup of tea, it has its beginning and its end but somewhere down the line it will grow cold and you might never finish the cup of tea. If the donkey decides to run a race against the lions at least it must make sure it is faster than all the lions and has a head start.

Don’t be fooled the king will marry many women but only one son will succeed him. I saw a church blame a man for his polygamy and called him a fool, but they forget that the women that entered the marriage are also equal of blame. Changing your husband to make him better is like changing a wheel whilst the car is moving at top speed. A person who prays all day and all night but never works or invests, is like a cook in a restaurant who buys the stove but forgets the ingredients. Show me your faith and surely I will show you your destiny, but if you can show me your works then yes I will see your profit. Never insult your employer, unless if your employer is deaf but even in that case make sure there is no air to carry the sound. The one you trust can disappoint you, get over it but the one who loves you will always trust you, know who loves you more than who trusts you. If the donkey races against the lions there is a risk of the race becoming an eating contest.

Listen, you can complain all you like about the sun, the size of the moon, but what is will be, and what is not, is not. Love as much as you can, hate what deserves to be hated but above all give God his place even if you have never met him. If you give the devil his place then expect trouble at all times. There are many words in life, know which ones to use and use the ones that make sense. Not everything is what it seems.

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