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Lessons on Walking On Water

Sometimes we all need to make that decision on whether to go with everyone on the same boat or to simply walk on water.

The greatest hindrance in life is possibly fear, fear of drowning in life, fear of being left alone and fear of never being strong enough to stand the storms or waves of life. Life is a stretch of sea that goes on and one and you never know where it really stops until you die to go to the next level. In an ocean one can take any direction and it can lead you to anywhere else. There comes a time in life when you need to make a decision to go up the mountain to see your vision. The only problem is that everyone around you might be in a hurry to cross the sea of life and go. You then have to make a decision, to go with them in the same boat or to achieve what you have to in life. Very few people can make that decision. Sometimes there are no partners around you to go with you up the mountain so you have to go at it alone. If you find a partner who is willing to go with you up the mountain then remember you are blessed.

The thing about going at it alone or believing that God will be there for you is that when you want to cross the sea of life, sometimes you cannot see what is in front of you. It is usually dark but if you hold true to your vision there will be light in your spirit after all, the spirit of a person is the candle of God. What we need to realize is that it’s not what we see in front of us, it’s what we see inside of us. The greatest visionaries of our time stood at the shore of life in which all seemed dark. The Wright brothers, Ford, Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, Mandela all stood at the shore and looked beyond the darkness of the world but saw the light of their visions. When the vision makes sense to you inside your heart and minds, it is easier to implement. Simply write the vision down and make it plain. Plan each step in your mind so that when you start walking you step the right way. Most people plan to cross the sea of life but have no idea where to step; instead they start walking but get lost in the many possibilities in life. Too many options can lead you to moving in circles.

As you stand on the shore of the sea of life, you will be alone but if you have a partner in life then that person is yours for real. Everyone else might have gotten into the boat of life and you think you are left to die. You might hear stories on how they have already bought their cars, bought their houses, had children and achieved all these other things and there you are all alone seemingly with nothing. You should not despair because it’s not every boat that arrives where it goes or that is what it seems. You should be sure of where you want to go, so that when you step on the waters you move in the right direction. You never walk by sight but by faith and faith is belief and action. In other words you implement your plans according to how you understand and believe in them, surely you will get there. Without fear step into the sea of life and start moving, do not turn back. Life is short, if you spend too much of your time looking back you might turn into salt or just move in circles and never get anyway. My greatest advice to you is do not build your character to be like the environment, but build your character to lead the environment.

When you are walking on water be sure where you step, the seas of life can be treacherous and you might drown. Be cautious but not too much, be a risk taker but do not kill your dreams. Love as much as you can but never expect anything back. There will be waves that will surround you or threaten your progress, hold on to the vision because sooner or later you will catch up. In time those who left you, will soon think you are something unnatural. They will call you a genius, a spirit or simply amazing. Sooner or later they will be amazed on how you managed to catch up with them and might pass you. The race is not for the swift but for those who plan and their confidence is in God.

Finally, when you walk on water, don’t be afraid to encourage others. If they are drowning offer a hand but do not drown with them. Keep them close for humanity’s sake but not too close that it kills your dream. Life is a gift and the walk on water is a way to unwrap the gift. Always do what you can but keep your sight on the target, after all you will arrive if you believe and act. I have never seen the righteous forsaken, those whose steps are led never misstep. Those who keep the law of life in their hearts will not stumble to fall but will be encouraged to take greater steps.

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  1. Nancy Chinyoka
    April 25, 2012 at 9:39 am

    I agree with you and thanks for the great ideas. To all friends sharing and connected to this website I would like to encourage you not to give up when things go wrong. You never know when it rains – usually when you are heading towards success there are pitfalls just at the end of the road – but lets keep our trust in the Lord our only Saviour

    • Winston M.
      April 25, 2012 at 3:24 pm

      Thanks Nancy, God truly is worthy of our trust

  2. Celia Uate
    April 25, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Sim, quando encontramos o PARCEIRO de todas horas tornasse mais facil ultrapassarmos os obstaculos. Importante continuarmos a seguir os nossos sonhos e crencas. Deus abencoe.
    Obrigada pela reflexao

    • Winston M.
      April 25, 2012 at 3:26 pm

      Agora eu entendo, Deus tem um plano. Devemos sempre acreditar

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