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What Do You Call It?

What they call valleys we call elevation opportunities, what they call a desert we call it a manna opportunity, what they call rain we call prosperity, what they call strong winds we call it strong changes.

Call it what you may but all things work for good for those who believe in God. Theories are nice but never practice theoretical views, you only become religious. Speak positive but act positive so that there is difference with between you and a mentally ill person. Those that profess faith in the absence of works are like a person who jumps off a plane without a parachute, they are bound to plummet to the death of their actions. You see failure do you call it failure or do you call it a learning experience in which you actually learn, or do you call it an elimination of an approach that does not work. Call it what you may call it, we call it opportunity.

Think back to your past, do you remember when you took a wrong turn, remember how you made the wrong decisions, what do you call that? Should you call it a mistake and regret all your life or should you call it a mistake which became an opportunity to learn or discover a better path. Don’t dwell on the mistakes of life but dwell on the solutions of progress. If there is anything to learn under the sun, learn that all is vanity but progress is a better vanity. Let your name live beyond time not as a curse but as a blessing to all people. You may not be a leader of a nation but be a leader of progress in your life. Call it what you may call it, we call it genius.

Your friends may have crossed the lake and you are left behind by the boat. The darkness of the night may be as pitch black as depression itself, the tempests of the storm up heaving the waves of the lakes with ferocity, don’t dwell on the situation see beyond the lake. Don’t look at the prospect of drowning but look to the power of walking on water, don’t fear the waves but think of them as an opportunity to prove the power of courage, in all this walk towards your goal knowing you do not walk by sight but by faith. Call it what you may call it, we call it inspiration.

Here is the thing, life is good but people can be bad. Situations are events, names and meanings are what we define and accept. Find your place in the world and call it what you may, but in all this never stop to progress. Sigh a couple of times but only to spur yourself to the next level. Get angry for a minute to find the solution, fear God and know that He is God. In time you will learn, call it what you may call it but progress is the only way to go.

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