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Why We Don’t Act

Most of the time we are champions in believing but specialists in failure, as a result we understand the problems better than the solutions and in the end we never act.

Problem Definition
The definition that you attribute to something derives meaning to your life. It’s easy to see that humans are specialists in defining the problem, sometimes it’s the only we seem to know. Whether its politics or business most people get ahead in life simply by stating the problems that other people have then they call it competition, or in some cases we state the problem and we attribute that to be the reason why we cannot achieve something or attempt anything. What we normally do not understand is that there is no such thing as a problem in the sense that we define problems. What actually exists, are doors that need to be opened. We then think the effort of opening those doors is the definition of problem. Instead of seeing the door we define the door as an obstacle in our way yet it’s the solution to entering into what you want. For example if a person wants to start a business, not having capital is not a problem, it is the door that open the business. Instead of focusing on not being able to open the door we should focus on how to open the door.

What you value the most defines what you are prepared to do in order to get mileage in life. The word focus simply defines how we concentrate on what we value. Until something becomes important or an emergency most people will not pursue it. People will say things like I work better under pressure which is a lie, the actual truth is that they did not value the objective at the previous time and only when it is at the last moment do they realize the value of what they want. So in most cases the things that become important to people can only become important when they are scarce, its an emergency or they have no other choice that is when the value goes up. Before any of these conditions are actually fulfilled, most people will just sit and wait. So consequently most people do not act on their dreams because the vision has not attained value to them as yet, they still have too many choices. The people that get ahead in life are able to understand value in the absence of emergencies, scarcities or even realized importance.

Fear is overrated and underrated. Fear exists as the consequence of the absence of security. Where there is no security most people will not act or where their lives or livelihood is threatened most people will rather not act. In all this fear is the biggest door to opportunity but most people will never open the door. It is the bridge that stand between prosperity and poverty but how many are willing to cross it, only one percent of the earth actually understand that. Fear can be conquered by simply working on the solution. Once one has the solution then fear is an open door of success. Where there was nothing a city can be built the moment fear is defeated.
Because We Can
In the end the reason why we do not act is because we have the ability not to act. In other words we do not act because we choose not to act, we always have that choice and we take it because we can. We should never give ourselves that choice not to pursue our dreams. The fervent prayer is answered, men ought to pray all the time, consistency breeds constancy; these are all sayings that promote the very fact that we must never stop to act. We must do what it takes but wisely. Sometimes we are able to leap over mountains but in some cases we need to climb the ladders step by step.

We are champions in believing but we can also be in champions in acting.

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