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The One Percent that Plants When it Rains on the Good and the Evil

It rains on the good and the evil but only the wise actually plant to reap a harvest.

Great Talkers
Most people don’t understand that you can have a hundreds of hectares of land and if all you do is say I am going to plant a great harvest nothing will happen until you actually get tools and start planting the seeds. So most people are like the farmer who stands and declares that he will plant a great harvest. The farmer declares throughout the season, the rain comes and goes but nothing is ever planted and no harvest ever harvested. Humans are blessed with words in hundreds of languages. Most of the words are actions words which should inspire us to greatness but in most times we select the doom and gloom of darker words. At the same time we talk and have no action. Some animals are better because they don’t talk but they act to survive, whilst humans try to talk their way into pity and petty visions. So the one percent will stand in front of the field whilst holding the seed, declares that they will plant a great harvest, starts to plant but still talking, after all it rains on the good and the evil.

Same Habits Same Stupidity
A crowd can murder, save life, destroy, manipulate, injure or develop life but in most cases crowds are normally just a desert, nothing grows there. The more you subscribe to the crowd mentality the more you will achieve nothing. Crowds like to watch whilst the one percent creates what the crowd should watch. Crowds like to eat in masses whilst the one percent creates the recipe, crowds like to cheer the team whilst the one percent owns the team, crowds like to complain while the one percent finds solutions, crowds like to work in masses whilst the one percent creates the work, crowds like to pray only whilst the one percent prays with faith, crowds like to sell things whilst the one percent manufactures the products to be sold. If you ever wonder why you are not in the one percent the answer is easy, when it rains on the good and the evil the one percent don’t move in the same habits as everyone.

If you are late to work two times out of five days in a week and four times out of every one month then you have no chance in ever making it in business. The early bird catches the worm in the same way that the early rain defines the first growth. The earlier you start something the more time you have to learn and adjust to the different occurrences in the seasons. The later you start the less time you learn and the less time you have to correct the mistakes. It’s not that the big companies are big, it’s just that they have had more time to learn how to be big. People who cannot keep their word, keep their time, meet deadlines, and be dependable cannot be successful farmers. The rain falls in specific amounts at specific times, if you understand the timing of the rain you will reap greater harvests just as the one percent has learnt to do, after all it rains on the good and the evil.

The Discipline of Vision
Don’t be offended but if you cannot see four steps ahead of your first action please stay in the crowd you will be safer and you do not belong in the one percent. Most people only see their current step and can only envision their second step which is usually equal to their first step. The reason why people are always in routines and careers is because they only see the first step and the second step which is equal to the first step. Those who succeed in business understand that they prepare the field, plant the seed, tend the crops and reap the harvest. They can see beyond just planting, whilst those that do not belong to the one percent, see the seed and see the planting, which is the same as seeing the seed, after that they leave it to nature but fail to realize that they are also part of nature. By human nature we only step on what we can see, if we cannot see it we never step on it. The discipline of vision is simply, see beyond your first four steps and you will be able to put your foot at least four steps into the future, after all it rains on the good and the evil.

Final Magic Words
There are no magic words in success there is just the implementation of simply words. Words are simply but most of us assign them complicated meaning. Invest is a simply word, so is consistent, so is time, so is wisdom, so is clever, so is sacrifice, so is discipline, so is planning, so is budgeting, so is communicate, so is action, so is write, so is read and so is success. Most people read great books written by great people hoping to find that one word that will define how they can act in life to be successful. Instead of finding that one word they get inspired just by the thought of inspiration itself and forget that words are simple and exist to describe something. It not the word that creates an action it’s the actions that creates the words. Words exist because action exists. Without action words are meaningless. If you are looking for magic words you might as well look for life in death.

If you want to belong to the one percent just remember this, it rains on the good and the evil.
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