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How to Create your Seasons

When it rains, a fool will complain about the rain, an ordinary man will buy an umbrella but the clever man will manufacture the umbrella and sell it to both.

Understanding Seasons
Dominos are small little things that you place on the ground in line close to each other such that when one falls over the next one it causes the next one to fall. We don’t normally notice it but we are surrounded by so many dominos such that we think our lives just fall into place yet there are many variables that cause that. It could be our friends, our jobs, the weather, or simply time. A season is a specific moment when certain events occur in a particular way or certain events are absent such that they create opportunities for other things to occur. A season is thus a set of dominos lined up to fall in a certain direction. For example summer is what it is because the sun and the earth achieve a particular alignment which makes it possible for certain plants to grow, rain to occur in some parts of the work, and increases in temperature amongst other things. Each season needs the starting domino and the dominos must be placed in such a way that the distance between them makes it possible for each to touch when they fall. A successful domino fall is only achieved when the dominos are placed in perfect positions and the first domino can cause all the other dominos lined up to fall. If this does not happen then the season is not complete. The dominos on the other hand must have the right size and the right quality and quantity in order to cover the required distance otherwise they will fall short of the target.

How to Create Your Seasons
For every season there is one domino that starts off the season. For summer it could be said it is the alignment with the sun, for politics it could be a failing economy, for friendship it could be the helping hand, for a relationship it could be the sudden kiss, for business it could be the absence of a product, in all these there is the starting domino. However most people miss the seasons because they do not know what the end domino is. In other words they start relationships but they do not know how it must end, they start a business but have no vision to its greatness. Some people usually having the starting domino but do not have the other dominos lined up. It is like someone who starts a business and has a lot of capital. They open the business but have no idea how to manage the day to day activities and the end of the month processes, eventually the business fails. Some people leave their countries in reaction to their home country economic conditions but have no idea what their objective is.

Making the Season Work
When dominos are lined up they must fall over each other in their lined up direction in order to reach their destination. For most people’s dreams their dominos fail to reach their target because there is too much space between two dominos. They start something but have no clue when they must move to the next level, they are always stuck in the same place. Their season never ends, they are always in poverty or in a struggle with life. For other people they use the wrong dominos, they set up the perfect distances but some dominos instead of falling in the aligned direction they miss the next target. It is like partners who start a business and the other instead of following the vision disappears to start their own company in the middle of the growth of the original company leaving the other partners stranded. In other cases people take the wrong number of dominos which do not cover the right distance or are too short in size. They believe in building a house but lack the right amount of money to build the right house so they are stuck with a cottage for the rest of their lives. In some case people ignore their dominos forgetting that in some cases they need to adjust so that they reach their target.

Anyone Create A Season and Prosper
The funny thing about life is we don’t notice it but everyday we are either creating a season or participating in a season. The relationship you get into is a season you create, the life you live is a season you participate in because it does have an end. Every season has a beginning and an end. For everything that exists today there is a seasons for it. No matter what you think of, it has a season, if it has a season, then it has a beginning and an end. You can control some seasons and you can manufacture some seasons. Examples of created seasons include, the computer age, the Blockbuster summer Hollywood season, the political season, the day time TV viewing season, the sports seasons, your career, your family, your relationships, your phone calls, your business, your house, your car, your time to eat, your sadness, your love , and your life. The bible speaks of sons of Issachar who understood the times. They knew the signs and hence would know what needs to be done.

Look out in the window, do you see the clouds and the people or do you see clouds that can be seeded to produce the rain and people that can be clients to your business. Do you see winter or do you see the perfect weather for a winter clothing line, do you see land or do you see farming areas, do you see people without jobs or do you see potential employees. Your season is there for you to take or not to take. To see the signs and learn how to make the dominos fall. Lets discuss your seasons, don’t be shy about it

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