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Lessons Learnt from a Baby?

When we are born, are we born sad, happy, angry, anxious, afraid or even hateful? It’s an interesting question which we can ask babies but it would not make any sense to the baby.

Every baby has no idea what the word sad means, or happy means to them, simply because they have not been taught how to associate meaning to that word. Instead babies understand the world according to the energy transferred to them. For example when you hold the baby and speak gently the baby understands this as comfortable and they love this, even though they have no idea what love is. Any baby crying simply needs a hug or rather being held in loving arms, this will eventually quiet them and assure them. Sometimes we fail to understand why the baby requires us to sing for longer periods or hold them for longer periods, it’s simply because love sometimes requires more time to assure people what it means. The longer the period, the greater the assurance that this is for real and is not just a trick to keep you quiet, the longer the period, the greater the transfer of that energy.

The energy around the baby is what determines the state of the baby. If it gets too hot or too cold the baby naturally feels uncomfortable, if there is too much fighting in the house or noise the baby will still react to this, not because they understand the problems or the implications of the problem. For example if there is a fire in the house, the baby will cry not because they are afraid of dying but because they sense the energy around them is not good. If the baby needs a napkin change the baby does not cry because it knows that its unhealthy it cries because the vibe or the discomfort caused by the napkin is not good for them. At that age the baby understand its environment according to the pureness of the energy in the environment and not the meaning assigned to the environment. If we ever learn to do the same we would be near perfection.

Clearly the power of the baby is not in understanding the meaning of words, it is in knowing the levels of energy around itself. In other words the baby is not born happy, sad, angry, and anxious, in love or in fear but rather the baby is born in perfect balance with life. All that the baby understands is that life is harmony, peace and balanced. All these concepts of hate, anger and love are learned. When a baby is born there is a bond between the baby and the mother and we call this bond love which is where we make the mistake. Our concept of love is based on conditional definitions, expectations and past experiences yet love is more than that. The bond between the mother and the baby is not formed by words, past actions or experiences, is not formed by proof or by any agreed definition it just exists. The bond between the mother and the baby simply exists, it is there because it is there. The baby understands this and knows that there is a connection between it and its mother. As adults because we do not understand what the bond is we find words to try and force things to happen between people, we may call it dating, or romance which in most times is a futile attempt to create bonds where we do not understand. So how does a bond exist?
Our biggest problems as adults are that we want a definition for everything yet words are the most inaccurate measuring tools ever used. The love that one feels can never be described to mean exactly what the other person feels. In other words, words cannot capture the energy of life unless if the energy is in the words. The only way a word can have power or life is if that word is life itself which is why God is the word and the word is life. A bond is not created by mere words or contracts, covenant or marriage certificates, a bond is created by awareness. In simpler terms you can never create a bond you become aware of the bond. Everyone in the world is connected but some are more connected than others. There are different types of bonds, some are partnerships, some are friendships, some are paternal, some are angelic, and some are godly whilst some are just merely human bonds. The more aware you are of the energy that binds you to someone the stronger the bond.

Things like anger, hate, fear and all the negative emotions which we think are emotions are all just conceptual energies which exist around us and sometimes reside in us. The power of such energies can be seen on how during the world wars, nations literally lived in hate around them. Hate is an energy that you tap into in the same way a radio catches the frequency of a broadcaster. In the same way so is love in its actual form; it can be caught in the air in as much as it is our very substance of creation so to speak. A charismatic preacher can broadcast a message of hate and people would tune into it, believe it, and foster it inside as their own, whilst on the opposite scale the same preacher can preach the opposite of that message to the same people and those people will also tune into it and make it their own. Babies are aware of such things which are why they are sensitive to certain people. Some people broadcast hate and anger all the time hence babies never like them whilst some broadcast love which is why they are so good with children.

Most people will not accept this but the truth is by the time you are over six years old you have been programmed to react and act in certain ways. What we call emotions today are simply associations of behavior defined over time to impact in certain ways. Instead we should be like children as Jesus said, take things for what they are and not what we believe they should be or must be. Understand the energy of life and act according to what the energy is and not what the emotion should be. There is a time for emotions and a time for motion, even God gets angry, anyway this is for part two.

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  1. Tatenda
    February 21, 2012 at 8:38 am

    wow, never thought of it that way. this has given me something to think about and in a different light.

    • Winston M.
      February 21, 2012 at 8:56 am

      Nice to hear Tatenda, howp you are cool.

  2. Blessing
    February 24, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Very enlightening and intriguing stuff Winston.
    Very well said too. Happy are those who maintain the purity and gentle discernment of a baby.

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