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Knowledge Defines Fear and Faith: Part 1

The average person is said to think at least 70 000 times in a day whilst using 12 percent of their brain for conscious thought and 88% for subconscious thought. Our memory virtually stores everything, in other words, it keeps memory of everything and anything, our only problem is knowing how to remember. Sometimes we just need to wonder what we spend all our energy thinking about. Yet after all this is said, we find that as humans our knowledge is very little and we make so many mistakes as a result.

Knowledge basically is having the understanding of why, how, what and when. A person truly understands something when they are aware of the reasons why things happen, when they happen, how they happen and what exactly is happening. Knowledge is therefore the substance which has been proved to exist and which is definite and cannot be questioned or doubted. For example understanding that a car needs fuel to move is knowledge but believing that the world is flat is a theory or just a belief. Scientist thought Pluto was a planet yet now they know it’s not a planet meaning that in the first place they just supposed based on beliefs and indicators not on the actual substance itself. Now, how does knowledge define fear and faith?

How Humans Operate
Humans base their actions on thoughts, in other words every action is preceded by conscious and subconscious thought. Now those thoughts are either based on a guess, a perception, a belief, a feeling, instinct or the knowledge of something, most of the time our thoughts are based on belief and perception, and not knowledge. So we think we love someone but do not know what love is, or we think life is unfair but we do not know how to be successful, we believe every politician because we do not know their hearts. In the end we live our lives on beliefs and perceptions. You believe your car is safe because you were told by the mechanic that but you have no idea how the car safety works or you believe that the pilot flying the plane is qualified but have no idea if this is true so you work on supposition and belief. Ninety-nine percent of the world does not ask why which is why 1 percent of the world is wealthy and the rest are just machines of culture and tradition. Most of us never ask ourselves why things work they way they do, we are not even aware how they work or what they are. We are mostly waiting for the when to happen, in other words we just want to see things happening hence we believe in when. That is why we talk of when I am married, when I am rich, when I grow up, when I find my Mr. Right, when, I graduate, when I start my business and the list goes on. Have you ever asked why do I want to get married, why do I want to start a business, why do I need to do what I do. When you understand the why you will understand how, what, and when. Our 70 000 times a day thoughts should be answering the why, what and the how then lastly the when. It’s like a choosing a car, you need to ask why you need it, why this particular car, what will it do for you, how long will it last, how well will it drive and the list of questions go on.

How Fear Works
In the absence of knowledge is an empty space which must be filled with something. Life does not allow anything to be empty which is why your brain thinks 70 000 times in day and likewise where there is no knowledge of something the empty space is quickly filled by a belief. That belief can either be a good guess or it’s a lie. Remember you are either hot or cold, there is no in between, either you are right or you are wrong. For example people did not know what the shape of the earth was so they believed that it was flat and for a long time this is was the theory which everyone was taught yet it is was a lie. Another example is love, because people don’t know what it is most people think love is when someone buys a present, calls you or tells you that they love them of which in most cases it is not. Now fear is a belief that something bad or evil will happen simply because you do not know the solution to a problem. If you know the why, the what, the how and the when then there should be no fear. Sounds simple, but not really, most people think 70 000 times and half of that 70 000 times they are thinking why they should not do what they really want, in other words you are cultured to think the opposite of what you really need. We live in a world ruled by tradition and culture which is formed on ignorance, and because we are comfortable with the ignorance and beliefs so we feel safe. Some cultures promote insane practices without ever knowing why they do it; they do it because they believe it is the right thing to do. Most of our mistakes are as a result of ignorance which grew into fear. Fear of being alone, fear of being labeled, fear of failure, fear of time, fear of death, fear of losing, all of these simply because we have no knowledge. In the absence of knowledge the people perish.

How Faith Works
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The substance is the knowledge and evidence is the knowledge. In the absence of evidence there is no knowledge, only belief. Belief which has no evidence can be either be the truth or be a lie. If you believe in God, there must be evidence for that belief to be faith, if you believe in life there must be evidence of a living person. Faith can only be proved by works or actions which show the existence of the knowledge. However here is the secret to all there is to faith, those who know something exists but have never seen it are more powerful than those who need to see it in order to believe. If you want to know that something exists which you have never seen then you must attain understanding and wisdom. Understanding is the why, how, when and what; when you can answer all this without a doubt in your mind then you have walked into faith. The actions then become something which is automatic. The most successful people are the people that had the faith to wait for what they knew was right, to create what was correct and to live with what was perfect for them. God has a plan.

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