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How Wise is the Serpent?

Disadvantaged, lacking easy mobility, not very good vision sometimes, being hunted for no reason at all, yet in all this remaining feared by most and worshipped by some, then perhaps it is only fair to ask, how wise is the serpent?

Every religion takes mention of the serpent in one form or the other, for some it is the fall of men, for some it is the wisdom and healing prowess of life. Yet throughout history the snake has remained in every major continent in the world a species, surviving against all odds yet not having the greatest advantages when compared to most animals. Jesus in the bible advises his disciples that they should be as wise as the serpent but as harmless as the doves, yet another reference to the serpent in the bible. The world is a treacherous place where if one is not careful life is decided for you. For most people life has already been decided for them, they are simple dependents on what is given to them and are not independent enough to survive to fulfill their dreams. Their travel is restricted by salary budgets their dreams limited to when they close their eyes to sleep. Yet in all aspects most people have more mobility than the snake, can construct houses, are intelligent beyond animals and naturally have greater dreams than the serpent but still life eludes them.

For those who have ever encountered a snake, truth be told you can find a snake where you were not expecting. Sometimes the camouflage can be so good you might walk right by one and never know. You know a fool by the noise the fool makes, a fool only has to speak and from then on you understand his or her folly. The serpent on the other hand maintains its peace and knows the value of keeping peace, not being a coward. Most people like to be seen hence they make enough noise, yet they do not understand that for each action there is a reaction. For your every appearance a cause of action will occur, yet if you calculate your appearance you can be cause what you want to occur to happen. In other words, don’t be as common as dirt because people will not value you. There are thousands of snakes around the jungle but few ever come out in plain sight when they do, those who see them do take notice and change their course of action in favor of the snake.

Step on someone today and see how they react, in most cases people will let you know how they felt about that. If however your baby or your husband or wife steps on you and smiles and says sorry, it’s like nothing happened. There is no trace of anger or trace of malice. We quickly recognize that no malice was intended, yet when a stranger does that we jump to attack mode without thinking for a moment it was just a mistake. If you think that this is a lie then when driving cut in front of someone and see what they say to you in New York. In most times we actually trespass a snakes habitant and we never know it or see the snake. We step our feet before the snake and never even know it because the snake never attacks us. Every snake has learnt to assess, ignore take flight, or just lie low, only when a life threatening event occurs then the snake comes out in full sight for a fight. We on the other hand want to fight every fight, engage every argument, make our opinion heard for every case and simply be seen to be territorial. Sometimes it’s best to just keep quiet and lay low for a while.

The temperature of a snake is regulated by the body, hence the term cold blooded. Once in a while the snake comes out to bask in the sun, and enjoy the rays of the sun. In life you need to learn to chill out as they say and enjoy the best nature has to offer. A day on the beach would not hurt you, just find whats good for you and enjoy it as much as you can. Shed the old things and buy yourself something new, after all, the snake sheds its skin once in a while. Take time to relax and digest your food, after all, the snake also digests its food in time. Last but not least learn at least one skill and perfect that skill. The snake in its disadvantages has learnt how to move in places a creature of is characteristics should not, where visions and hearing fail it, it has perfected its sense of smell. With these skills it is a formidable enemy to anyone who dares challenges, who might have a better vision of life.

So how wise is the serpent most people may wonder, well just read in between the lines and shed your old skin.

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