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Pursue and Overtake

Whatever standard you have set in your life is not the ultimate goal of your life it is the base or rather ground zero of your life. What you think is the greatest you can achieve is actually the least you must achieve.

Many of us set goals in life and when we achieve them we think we have reached the ultimate standard of life. Some people set having a wedding as the ultimate standard for having a relationship and hence when they have a wedding they think they have arrived. Others may dream of owning a business and when they finally have it they think that is what life is all about after all is done. Those who go to university think when they finish their degrees that they are now made and ready for the world, yet after they finish university they discover it is only the beginning. What you set as your standard is not your ultimate goal in life it is just the base of the greater things that you must achieve. It is actually just the foundation from which you will build greater houses and greater kingdoms.

Anyone who builds a house knows that the foundation is the most critical part of the building if they are to build a great and lasting building. No matter how beautiful the walls, windows, doors, ceiling and roof maybe, it will all count for nothing if the foundation is weak. It is the foundation which sets the strengths of the house; hence your standard of life must have a foundation from which everything else can stand. If there is a dream that you have ever had in life then that dream is the foundation of anything else to come, what you must do as a person is to pursue and overtake that dream. You must always go beyond whatever you dream of. If you had a great wedding day then you must go beyond the day and create the greatest marriage, if you believed in owning a business then you must go beyond a single business to create a multinational business, if you believed in having a degree you must go beyond university to having the greatest career possible.

The standard that you set for yourself is what you step on in order to reach the stars, if you are stepping on quick sand you will soon sink, if you are relying on fly by night friends you will soon be alone, the value of the base of your life must be built from your strength and your character. Everything that you will achieve in life is a reflection of who you are. If you are quick to give up, your base will also be quick to give in. Pursue your dreams and goals with energy but do not settle on just pursuing them, overtake them and build yourself an empire. Don’t think you have arrived simply because you have achieved that objective that has eluded you for all those years; it is just the base and the beginning.

There are many stars in the night sky but no single star is on the same place as the other, but at least we view them from one base which is the earth. It is on this base that we find life, and hope for the future to explore even more of the sky. When things go wrong in space we know we have earth to come back to. If we were to run out of water in space we know earth has plenty of it. In looking for other planets in the universe, we do so by comparing to the standard we have on earth, because we know the earth we are able to look for something better or equal and we are quick to shy away from anything less than the earth, simply because our standard is already high. Wisdom is not expensive; ignoring it is what will cost you.

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