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The Violent Take It By Force

The creative genius and the regular person are two opposites in which one creates for success and the other creates for failure and only the violent genius takes the glory.The limitation of any person alive today rests in the understanding of who they are and what they are.

Everything within our minds we learn from experience, being told and from imagination. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the things we fear we have never experienced but we fear them because we have been told and we have imagined them. As a result we never venture into anything because of what we have heard can happen. We might have read in a newspaper that the economy is falling, or that certain businesses are bound to fail, we might have heard from experts who actually never tried what they advise on and we think they know better. In the end we never really achieve anything because we never really do anything. Our habits as a result are based not on experience but on what we were told is possible or the right way to act. A child growing up is advised on how children should act and the same goes for adults. The faculties of our minds are literally programmed to accept certain beliefs and act in certain ways. In all these we never see just how fearfully and wonderfully made we are. Our life education teaches us to imagine the worst and the impossible. We stifle our creative genius because we have learnt to educate ourselves on a daily basis with what can be done and what cannot be done. We choose to experience life as we are taught not as it is. We learn to fear other cultures, or to hate anything foreign to what we perceive as normal, not because there is a reason but simply because we have learnt how to do it. As life goes, we carefully select to build our testimonies and experiences on what is considered the right thing to do.

Education is a wonderfully thing if it liberates the genius within us but is a terrible thing if it stifles our creative genius. If there is anything that time and chance has taught us is that everything under the sun is achievable. If we can fly in a plane then there is nothing we cannot do. Within each human being is a measure of genius and the faith to achieve. The last hurdle of achievement is the courage to obey the genius within us, but instead of obeying the genius we tend to sacrifice it and feel we are being noble. This is why some people think of great company ideas and lose them to their friends or business partners simply because they fail to jump the last hurdle. Genius is a violent process in which we violate the laws of education and conquer the norms of culture to create something greater. Genius requires that the cultures or behaviors set in our heads must be disregarded and to violently dispose of them because they are rooted deep within us. You cannot destroy a tree unless if you destroy its roots, and this takes effort and force.

The kingdom suffers much violence and the violent take it by force meaning that there is nothing good that can occur in life unless if you are prepared to sacrifice, and fight for it in order to see it come to fruition. If you sleep for a day the enemy comes and takes away your destiny. There are different forms of sleeping and these include delay and fear. Windows don’t close because the world is unfair, windows are meant to close, but they close on you because you are late or you are afraid. There is a time a season for everything if you fail to see this you delay and the opportunity flies, the only testimony you will have is regret and hope. Why not stand on hope, hold your faith and reach out to glory. What are you waiting for?
The violent take it by force; it’s not just enough being a genius it requires the overthrowing of old beliefs and fears. Success is not for the timid or the overcautious, but success is for those that reach and keep reaching until they have stretched enough to rise above the old imaginations. Success requires those who have dared to dream but have managed to pursue and overtake the dream. Don’t just follow but overtake. Whatever standard you have in your head is just a pace setter, you must overtake it so that you create a new standard. In 2012 dare to dream and to overtake whatever you thought was your standard. God has a plan.

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  1. Nancy Chinyoka
    January 24, 2012 at 6:29 am

    Am personally thrilled by your contributions – glory be to God for inspiring you to be among the best pace setters in educating the world through this website.

    After reading your recent contributions, I set my mind anew to get going this year and never to give up in my endeavours.

    One point to remember is that in whatever we do, God is always with us 24 hours for he has already promised that he will never leave us, nor forsake us. What we all need now is to have courage and move on without fear.

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