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Look at the Sun, Eat Chocolate, Take a Bath, Have Ice Cream and Open Your Eyes

In life make sure you eat chocolate, take a bath, look at the sun from different areas, have some ice cream and please make sure you open your eyes when you wake up.

Eat Chocolate
Take time to eat the chocolate of life, it is there for you to have. It comes in different flavors, sizes and expenses but you will love it when you take a bite. Be careful though because it can be addictive; take it in your stride and its stride also. Whatever you do always make sure you choose a favorite, but feel free to try out all the different flavors you never know you might find the best. Once you have settled on the best be consistent enough to have it on a regular basis with other flavors. Life is great but with a bar of chocolate, it is even better. Search your deepest desires and identify your chocolate, when you find it buy it legally and have it; remember no chocolate is worth you breaking the law for. Most importantly there is no substitute for chocolate.

Take a Bath
Listen you can forget everything else but never forget to take a bath. Do something new everyday that keeps you fresh. Make sure your water is clean, never repeat it. Keep yourself fresh and be ready for the day. You never know what you will meet in life, it might be a damsel, an opportunity or just life itself in another place; just make you sure you are fresh and ready. In life indulge yourself in something new all the time, it not only increases your intelligence but it makes you an experienced person. A bath can be found in a book, a movie, an experience or just in the kitchen of life. Whatever you do in life, take a bath.

Look At the Sun from Different places
Look up and see the sun, it keeps you warm and alive, but of course never look directly at it unless if you want to damage your eyes. Never forget to look up at it but don’t do it from the same place but look at it from different lands. Travel as much as possible in life but do it to look at the sun from different places. It may seem silly but in time you will begin to see that it looks different from different lands but is the same sun. The greatest people of our time looked at the sun from different lands; they never stayed in one place. Greatness belongs to those who travel beyond one place. Never stay in one place otherwise your business will die. Let your business go beyond the borders and your money will increase. Listen my friend the sun is everywhere but it is the same sun, look at it from all lands.

Have Some Ice cream
After eating chocolate please do not forget to have some ice cream, it is the relaxation of life. On any hot day just take a scoop for yourself, at least once every hot day. Again like the chocolate try the different flavors but make sure you have it at the right times. I know this and so should you, ice cream is relaxed and so will you be after one scoop. When stuff is crazy in life find your ice cream and have it. Let it relax you, ice cream can be found in a movie, a song, a friend and in a book also, wherever you find it, have it with appreciation or it might melt.

Open your Eyes
I love you but after sleeping please open your eyes. If you don’t you might fall into the pit, see where you are going, don’t just walk. A lot of people have their eyes closed all the time which is why they fall into the pit of routine and failure. Open your eyes and jump the pits. Smile and keep focus on where you are going. When you sleep make sure you checked with your eyes where you are sleeping. My friend, I know you are wise but please open your eyes because opportunities might miss you.

Once more I repeat this because I care; in life make sure you eat chocolate, take a bath, look at the sun from different areas, have some ice cream and please make sure you open your eyes when you wake up.
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  1. Nancy
    December 19, 2011 at 8:37 am

    I just thought of thanking God for the wisdom he has instilled in you to educate the entire world on different valuable topics. May his grace abundantly abide in you until you achieve all your goals.

    Wish you all the best in your endeavours and have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR.

    • Winston M.
      December 19, 2011 at 2:32 pm

      Hi Nancy, Good to hear from you. Thank you for the wonderful words. God has a plan.

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