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Pushing and Giving Birth, Life’s Experience

Life offers many experiences to learn what is required to give life in a situation and no experience is as deep as the experience of giving birth.

Every objective in life has a beginning and an end, but nothing delivers on its own without that occasional push. For every dream or goal that exists there is a development stage in which care is needed. The right amount of attention and the just the right amount of love; you cannot succeed in life if you lack the patience to grow your ideas and to take care of them. Every mother knows to eat healthy and practice good habits that do not endanger the baby. We become stressed when we see a pregnant mom to be, drinking the night out and smoking all kinds of things because our common sense quickly tells us that this should not be. For those nine months the priority in life for the mom to be is the baby. She may work or do other things but where work gets in the way, the doctor will never hesitate to give her leave from work.

We all have things we want to achieve in life, and we identify them as being our dreams. However occasionally we forget and stray off the path because we get distracted by other things, and when we fail we wonder why. No pregnant mother can forget that she is carrying a baby, after all life has a way of reminding her that she is no longer just living for herself. Whether she sleeps or takes a bath, nature reminds her that she has a baby to deliver. We on the other hand tend to forget because we cannot identify with our goals. We forget because we assign our goals to another time and period, yet our every action should be done in considering what we want to achieve. When we sleep we should remember what we want to achieve, when we wake up we should remind ourselves that today is another day to achieve.

Nine month may seem like a long time but afterwards it pales compared to the lifetime the child may grow, after all what is nine months compared to seventy years. However those nine months never promised to be easy, and are not easy. There are many stresses, changes, and lifestyle habits that are left in order to deliver those seventy years. Every mother knows that in those nine months she had to sacrifice so much in order to ensure that she had her baby. We on the other hand forget that with fulfilling a dream comes with the stress and pressure of sacrifice. Sometimes you may have to ignore the holiday cruises your friends are taking, you may not be able to buy a brand new car, you may have to walk for a while, you might have to live alone for a season, you may have to cry for a season, but you must never forget that you are carrying a dream and a hope that fulfills your life. After your defined nine months joy will come in the morning knowing you delivered.

Perhaps delivering the baby might be the most painful experience or it may not be as painful. When a mother is delivering a baby many coaches will be there, but in the end she is the one that needs to push for the final delivery. Some people will see you building a winning a team and mock you but when you are in the final they will be your supporters of which there is nothing wrong with that but watch out for those who want to take the credit for you delivering your baby. Most experts will tell us that spontaneous pushing in birth is better than coaching pushing. In spontaneous pushing the mom follows the body in which the body tells her when to push, unlike coaching pushing where everyone is yelling push like on TV. In life you need to push as according to how you understand your objectives, and the love you have for whatever it is you need to deliver. Many people may stand by the side shouting push but it is still up to you to deliver the baby, everyone around you is just supporting you. In life you must always take responsibility for your delivery after all you carried your dream for nine months. Just because someone gave birth lying on their back does not mean you should do the same, there are many better positions which are less stressful. In other words don’t deliver your objectives in life in the way that everyone else does, find out what is best for your body and your strength and this is what you must focus on.

After all has been said and done, here is the experience of life, every dream needs a push.
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  1. Nancy
    December 19, 2011 at 8:45 am

    I am sure you are now almost there with publishing your latest editions. I read almost all your topics and I learnt quite a lot – God bless you and keep up the good job.

    • Winston M.
      December 19, 2011 at 2:33 pm

      You are so right, the next book is getting published ealry next year.

  2. December 26, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I am impressed with this site, really I am a big fan .

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