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The Secret of Seeds

For every action there is a thought, and everything that exists started without form. Nothing that exits started without first being a seed which grew into what we see today.

There are two aspects of life or rather of the world we live in. There is the world we see and the world that we do not see in which both affect us to tremendous proportions. Once there was a strike in a city and rumors spread of rioting and looting. This all happened sixty kilometers away from the centre of the city, within a few minutes of the rumors having spread into the city, the people started closing shops and panicking. Some had panic attacks while some could not stop talking. Within two hours the whole city was closed and there was not a soul in the street, the people were afraid. Interestingly enough nothing happened in the city on that day or any other day after but the city was closed for two days. Two things had happened to the people, they saw violence on the news in another city and they saw violence in their minds for their city. The fear that gripped the city was created not because of what they saw on the news but because of what they saw in their minds happening to them should the violence have come to their city.

We live in a world in which before anything happens physically it first happens mentally. A person going for a simple interview, has the interview in their mind, imagines making mistakes and being asked hard questions which do not exist such that by the time the real interview comes that person is very nervous and afraid, yet nothing has happened as yet. A potential business person creates the business in their mind first before it exists; they imagine the losses and the financial troubles and hence never even dare try to start the real business.

Every thought that you have as a person is a seed of potential which will grow or die. For some they plant seeds of fear whilst other plant seeds of triumph or victory, proof of things which exist which we cannot see include heartbreaks, depressions, madness, love, understanding and the list goes forever but they affect how we live physically. The key thing to understand is that the moment you think it, it now exists. Just because you cannot see the seed does not mean that it does not exist, it’s just covered by the soil. When we plant seeds in the ground depending on the soil and the elements around it, it will grow or die. Most of us have ideas which are the seeds but their growth depends on what we do to make them manifest over the soil. Each idea in its place in the mind exists and simply waits to manifest in the world where everyone can see it. Our mistake in life is that we fail to recognize that the seeds actually exist because we think they cannot be seen hence it means they do not exist. A lot of us are carrying dead seeds in us because we neglect them thinking they do not exists. These seeds or ideas then frustrate us because they are always reminding us of our failures.

Whenever you have an idea just remember that it is a seed that needs attention, if it is a good idea. For example if you want to one day own a business in selling clothes, then you need to find the right elements that will make the idea germinate into a tree that everyone can see. Those elements act like the water, fertilizer, good soil, and the pruning. If you plant the idea in the wrong place it can die from lack of water, or simply other people who come and choke it out of you with negative words.

Our thoughts, feelings and ideas are powerful seeds of life. Everything that we see today is a result of the germination of those thoughts. Every building, car, baby, business, relationship, politics, violence, and all things first started as a seed which was then watered and taken care of. We make fundamental mistakes when we think our thoughts do not exist when in fact they do exist. Thoughts are just seeds in the ground which we cannot see as yet because they still need attention in order to manifest above the soil. Every tree we see comes from a seed which used to be buried underground, at first it seemed weak and insignificant, but with time and attention it became great and significant. If you treat the little that you have with respect and give it enough attention to grow one day you will own a business empire. Don’t just take my word for it though, try it out.

Mat 13:3
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