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The Life of Beast

An animal is born in the field and lives the life of an animal. It learns the ways of the animal and adopts the culture of the field. It behaves in the way of the animal and finally sees itself as an animal. When things happen it declares in exasperation, that’s life.

So a person is born in the world and lives the life of a person. The person learns the way of the people and adopts the culture of the world. The person behaves in the way of the people and finally sees himself or herself as a person. When things happen the person declares in exasperation, that is life. For a while it will appear that the person and the beast are similar. They all have a place to stay, the human just craves for something warmer and more stylish; they all need to eat, the animal eats it raw whilst the person eats it after heating and processing it but they are eating the same thing. They all give birth, live and die. The person and the animal follow leaders, they sleep, they communicate, and they move around and may appear similar. In the end they all seem to just want to survive, none would just give up to death but they are all scared of it. The person has skin and the animal has hide but is still skin, humans get cold so they make clothes, the animals just tough it out and develop more fur whilst humans develop hair but is not adequate. When thing happen they both declare, that is life.

We are all born in the world which is a field full of natures gifts, but unlike animals we have the skills to turn grass into a playfield of sophisticated games, trees into timber for houses, stones into cars and airplanes, we have the power to control the growth of plants by creating farms. We can harness the power of the sun to create energy beyond biological needs. We can turn sea water to energy. Though we can do all these things we are still in danger of living like animals not being able to recognize that we can use the environment around us beyond eating, sleeping, drinking and moving around. It is easy for a person to be born into the world and adopt the culture of the world as the animals do and simply live a life of following and a routine like life. Living as if life is predetermined but never realizing that destiny is a constant where there is no active difference in the participant.

It is the destiny of the cow in the cattle farm to be eaten as long as it stays there. The cow always has a choice to escape and go but unlike humans the cow does not have the higher intelligence to be different and to escape. Revolutions, independences, and struggles happen across the world not because it is by destiny but because we are blessed enough to desire something better. We envision and can manifest our visions because we can. As humans we are set over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant. Our destiny is not to succumb to failure, or tyranny, our predetermination is to excel and dominate the world to have pleasure with the gifts of the nature. We are not designed to live like animals but we are blessed enough to rise above the standard of the animals. We dream and we live our dreams, it is all up to us; before us is life or death, why not choose life.
When you look in the mirror do you see a beast destined to be ruled by others, stuck in life and has no choice of tasting success. Do you see a beast that eats whatever is given to it and asks no questions? Do you see a beast that dreams and desires a good life but cannot fulfill these dreams because the beast has no power to change their life? What do you see in the mirror, do you see the life of a beast or of a person? Do you see a person with so much potential; the person can change landscapes and create new things? Do you see a person blessed enough to change the world and provide for their family, someone not afraid to be rich to whom success is natural as breathing? Do you see a king in the mirror that speaks what they mean and acts as they intend. We all have a choice to be a beast or to be a person. Are you living the life of a beast?
Jer 1:10

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