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Life, What Do We Live For?

It is never an easy question to understand what life is about. For some it is about success, for others it is about their children, whilst others it is about conquests, yet in all this very few people ever really realize life itself.

What we understand about life is that we are born with nothing except potential and we die with nothing except the potential we realize. In any grave no one is driving a car, or is with their kids, companies, careers, money, computers, or success. Until death do we part, applies to all of us, married or unmarried. When we are born none of us owns anything or brings anything into the world except a God given presence of potential. This fact or truth that we bring nothing with us and take nothing after we die should perhaps makes us wiser or more intelligent but we still find ourselves no better than the animals when it comes to understanding what life is about. By now it should be obvious to people that our lives on earth are temporary after all we all die, we live and we die. The after of that death is another subject all together but we do know for a fact or truth is that we are born and then we die.

It is easier to think of life as a journey where we start off with nothing but are not allowed to arrive at the destination with anything but our experience and accountability; everyone shall be accountable. In the journey however, we are allowed to use whatever we find in order to sustain the journey. There is nothing out of bounds except that which we choose and we are judged by how we treated each other and treated what is around us. We can choose to use what others used before us, or we can make out our own route. In our journey of life, some will get married, some will own business, and some will work during this time whilst some will simply acquire nothing. No matter what we do when we arrive at our destination we are never allowed to own anything except that which is in our minds. Here is the secret to life.

The road we travel on is called time and accountability. It can be found almost in any place which is why you can live in any country you choose. It is a route that one can make out on their own or travel with others but the truth is that, time is different for each and every person. Now, because the route is universal one is allowed to do anything they want in time because the journey’s destination is to arrive at a door called death which opens to another world; however the road of accountability is narrow but is in the wideness of specific time. At this door you cannot carry anything you have except that which is in your mind. Most people do not understand this so they are hung up on what they own and don’t own yet they do not realize one of the most powerful secrets in life, no one actually owns anything everyone is just using what they decide to use. We are all stewards.

In the journey of life, each and every person on earth has an opportunity to do what they desire and to live life in any way they want. It is all about choice, no person has been born with exclusive rights or a monopoly to anything on earth. Everything on earth is available to everyone; we just need to choose what we want. Our problem as humans is that we hold on to things such as experience, legacies, traditions, cultures, and circumstances and think this is what life is about. All we need to do in life is to just let go. If you want to live life, you have to let go of everything that you own. All the money, the relationships, the expectations, the experiences, the cultures, and the children; you need to let go. Letting go does not mean you disregard them but it just means that you learn to accept that nothing belongs to you, you are just a steward. Letting go empowers you to understand the relationships that you can have with the things around you, it was never an issue of ownership as we always think but it has always been an issue of life. Life is not what you own it is what you do with life. Most of us do not understand this so we spend our entire lives on ownership yet we will die and leave these things when instead we should be living life. A rich man may live in a mansion whilst the bushman in the bush; both will die and take nothing with them to the afterlife except the lessons of life. Who then would be richer? A man in a bush can learn more than a man in a mansion and the reverse is true.

What then as a person are you living for? Are you living to own the talents or are you living to use the talents to make the best of the journey of life. If you live to own the talents the truth is you will always bury the talents underground. If on the other hand you live to use the talents you will discover more and make more. You can lose one today and you can gain another tomorrow because you have learnt you are a steward on borrowed time and resources. God has a plan.

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  1. November 25, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Winston, your articles are well researched, well thought, inspirational and very interesting read. This article is another well written article, a sobering reminder of the need for one to focus on the “right” things.

  2. November 25, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Good stuff boss. Where are you publishing. I need to collate all my article for publishing and my book defying the Odds.

  3. December 7, 2011 at 2:24 am

    You got a really useful blog. I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

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