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The Secret of Life’s Focus is Pressure

We do not fail because we are not able; we fail because we never understood that for anything to happen pressure is the fundamental process to achieving success, so we gave in to the wrong things and gave up to opposing forces around us. When we understand the secrets of pressure focusing for success will be as easy as breathing. In this article I shall give you four secrets of pressure. Whatever you can think of or imagine, whatever it is you can desire, it is all based on pressure for it to happen. For it to rain, for people to walk, for you to think, for babies to be born, for love to be given, for exams to be passed, for breathing to occur, for death to exist, for plans to be drawn, it is all implemented by the application of pressure. Sure faith exists and is powerful but in applying faith you need to apply pressure. It then happens that the secret of life to focus is pressure.

Secret number one is that pressure is neither good nor bad. All pressure is just what it is; it is not to be defined as good or as bad but it can be used in either way. What determines the nature of pressure is what we use it for; those who use nuclear fusion for evil are the evil people and not the particles involved. Pressure is just an independent process which is available to everyone to use for their good or for their evil. Most people do not understand that pressure exists in everything hence they never really get hold of it or use it. In the end they give up on their dreams and visions, or simply retire to their beds declaring that nothing is possible. Pressure is so important that it is the fundamental determinant of how far love, faith, peace, wisdom, fear, hate, jealousy, insecurity amongst other things can go in life. Anyone can apply pressure because it is available at all times; we just need to get hold of it. Unfortunately most people do not recognize that pressure exists in their every action and hence never really learn to apply it.

Secret number two is that the person who applies the right amount of pressure always succeeds. It is not a theory it is a law. Now pressure is not about being brutal it can be soft and gentle or it can be rough and aggressive. If you do not know what kind of pressure is needed most likely it will be very difficult to move the mountain. Starting a simple business needs someone who applies the right pressure on the marketing, the accounting, the planning, the monitoring and the management otherwise the business will have its challenges. Imagine a guy who asks a girl out on a date. If the guy knows what the girl wants or dreams of, the right amount of pressure in terms of personality can get the guy the date he wants but getting the marriage will need another level of pressure. Sometimes pressure is manipulative and calculative. The reason we fail is because we never know enough about the pressure that is necessary and so we fail in business, give up on exams, are discourage in careers and despair in our dreams and visions.

Secret number three is that pressure is best used in skills. How many times have you heard of people that succeed without doing much work or who just were at the right place at the right time. Pressure is about using the right skills, seeing the times and windows of the seasons and applying it. Some people are skilled in talking, some in writing, some in problem solving whilst some in just being calculative; all these are forms of pressure that when one perfects can be applied in the right proportions to open any door. How many mad men have ruled nations simply because they were good in their oratory skills? Beauty is one form of pressure which is underestimated in life. The love for a beautiful woman can bring an entire kingdom to its knees. Beauty used in the right way can pressure success or failure from anything in life. When a person says you need to focus they are just saying you need to apply pressure through your skills for that moment.

Finally secret number four is that pressure is everywhere and hence for one form of pressure there is an opposing amount of pressure. Not all pressure is equal but not all pressure is inferior. Wherever you decide to apply pressure just remember there is an opposing pressure that needs to be overcome. Sometimes the opposing pressure can be fear, hate, jealousness, laziness or just being stupid and foolish. Most of us have dreams we want to achieve and we start our paths towards those dreams, but we always never plan for the opposing pressure. That opposing pressure can sometimes come in the form of friends, negative words, thieves, colleagues amongst many things. In the end we almost always give up because we say it is too hard. It is not that it is hard it is because the pressure we are applying is less that the opposing pressure. There is no such thing as hard or difficult all there is to it is that there is opposing pressure. Think of anything and everything that hinders you in life, whatever it is, it is just a form of pressure that exists in your path. What you have to do in life to succeed is find the pressure that is necessary to defeat that opposing pressure.

There may be more than ten secrets to pressure but the four mentioned here are the fundamentals of success. You can cry right now about life and how bad things are but are you applying the right pressure, the right skills to it, and do you know the pressure that you are required to put in. Food for thought, wisdom is beautiful.
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  1. October 28, 2011 at 7:42 am

    Very interesting thoughts you are sharing there Winston, and very true. I recall once when i was sitting for one of my certification exams, for 3 weeks i never really seriously revised (in my mind i just told myself ‘i use this everyday, it can’t be that difficult’), then the final week before exam, I, at the back of my mind knew i had to get my act together or i would fail, i suppose that helped me apply the right amount of pressure to overcome the opposing pressures of feeling lazy, tiredness, etc, and be able to do last minute revisions that fortunately were enough to get me a pass mark. 🙂

    I suppose these principles are naturally embedded in our subconscious and it is articles like these that help us realise and take full advantage of this reality.

    Thanks for such an eye opener.

    • Winston M.
      November 25, 2011 at 6:06 am

      Hey Blessed, am glad you enjoyed. You are right it is naturally embedded in your minds, its just that we miss it most of the times or we just ignore, yet we could achieve much more.

  2. November 12, 2011 at 8:00 am

    Hey there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and great style and design.

    • Winston M.
      November 25, 2011 at 6:04 am

      Thanks Garfield, hope you are well.

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