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Six Steps to Harvesting Success (2)

Step Two-Measuring the Seasons
Most people end up in one season forever without ever noticing that they are stuck in the same place. Time tends to move very fast especially when a person is occupied. In some instances people stay in a place for so long thinking that they will succeed and lose the objective of why they came to that place. It is like someone who finds a job; no person in the world should just work for the sake of working there must be an achievement or objective to be achieved. For example, a person may get a job because they want to raise enough money to buy a car in the not so distant future, so their plan is to use the salary as a seed to create savings which will amount to a car of their dreams. What can then happen in such a case is that the same person who wants to get a car can get caught up in life and forget what they wanted in the first place. They may get caught up in trying to live a spacious life, or in trying to please other people or simply in just forgetting why they got the job in the first place. Success may not have an end in its real sense but seasons do have a beginning and an end.

In some cases people just jump into seasons without taking the time to measure the practicality of that season. How many people just get jobs for the sake of jobs and then try to squeeze that job as much as possible to build their dreams. Frustration then comes when they realize that the salary is not enough for what they actually expected to achieve from the salary. Most people want apples but they start with oranges then they try to convert the oranges to apples which is not possible. One should realistically look at the season they are about to get into and calculate what is possible from there and what is a stretch, when that is done then it will be easier to get what one wants. It is easy to be caught up in monthly cycles in which a person just wakes up and does the same routine over and over again until years pass and they realize at the end of it all that they have achieved nothing worth mentioning to anyone.

Step Three-Focus on the Season
If one is in the season of planting then one should focus on planting. The problem comes when a person tries to reap the rewards when they are still in the season of planting. Organization is next to perfection so one must always follow the order of things. Only when certain windows of opportunities occur can one be in more than one season at the same time. Most people are depressed with their lives by the time they reach mid-life simply because they start to realize that they could have done things differently. Along the way a lot of people in peer groups, crowds, or just plain education end up compromising on what they really want. It takes a moment to lose focus just as much as it takes one moment to find focus. Down the line of life people regret their decisions to turn away from their real dreams. They forget somewhere along the journey and turn into a different path. Compromise sometimes occurs by being in relationships with the wrong person, starting a business one does not believe in, investing in things one does not understand or simply just being afraid to pursue one’s dreams.

At the end of it all the focus is lost and the harvest of success is taken by someone else. There are many people who claim to have thought of the ideas that have made other people rich and famous. The difference is that those who took the idea and became famous believed enough to focus on the idea until it became a success. They measured their seasons and stuck with the work they needed to do in order to accomplish. They knew exactly what seasons they needed to be in, in order to accomplish their dreams. On the other hand those who failed just thought of the idea, could not recognize the seasons, failed to measure the seasons and hence never had any focus at all. When a person knows what they want it is easier for them to reap success because they can at least focus on what they needed to do in order to achieve the harvest. If a person knows that they need apples then they need to focus and invest in apple seeds and not orange seeds. The person who wants to buy their car from their savings should not be seen buying an asset worth at least fifty percent of the car otherwise they have lost the rule of focus. If a person can get fifty percent of the value of what they really want and instead of buying what they want they go ahead to buy something else then that person has no focus at all.

Step Four-Seasons are a Creation
The natural seasons we see summer and winter which are a creation of the movement of the earth and the positioning of the sun with relativity to the geographical area as well as other phenomenon’s, in simple terms, seasons are created. Most people sit and watch the news waiting for seasons to occur, as if they just happen, yet all the news and the seasons we see are just a result of someone’s actions. We talk of ages or the age of technology forgetting that we as humans are responsible for creating that age, whether it is the middle ages or the dark ages we are the ones that create them. A marketing genius knows that the success of any new product depends on making people believe they need it, when in actually fact they can do just as well without it. That creation of the need is the creation of the season. In the end when we look around us we find we have the seasons for Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Boeing, Sony and all other major corporations who created seasons that we now as people believe in without even a hint of thought that perhaps we do not need them so much.

Success comes to those who are able to create the seasons instead of just waiting for them. At some point winter was never thought of as a season for growing wheat but now we talk of winter wheat across the world, simply because someone decided to make winter a season to grow wheat. Whatever idea exists, that idea has a season which as a person you can create and make happen. It’s a trick commonly used in politics, simply by pointing out a need in society a person can create a campaign around the need and sooner or later a campaign slogan dominates the scene and people vote believing that is the only major concern at that time. A simple phrase as “It’s the economy stupid”, can have people in such a frenzy that they think the only problem that exists in the country is the economy and the candidate with that slogan wins the elections.

Step Five-Perfectionism Determines the Strength of the Season
Perfectionism is simply doing what is supposed to be done. Most people think it is an overbearing obsession with something and hence believe it is uncalled for. The truth however is that if a person wants to build a car then they need to build it according to certain specifications and because those specifications are measurable that is then seen as perfection. People who cannot measure their effort or see the vision of the product are afraid of perfectionism and hence never harvest the right product. In any season one must be able to identify what they want to the last measurement, failure to do that can result in the product or the end result having a defect which loses out in the competition. In life there are many people who will copy each other or copy other people, but the person who practices perfection in all sides has a greater opportunity to succeed. It is like building the latest racing car and everyone has been given the same optimum specifications possible to use. If people compromise on those specifications then the speed of the car or its comfort is lowered. The person who gets the specifications right will win the race for the right car. The right product will always outlast the copycat.

In any season they are tasks that you must do or partake in, what is important is how you do it. Perfection requires attention to detail, time, effort, speech, observation, information, knowledge amongst other things. When one has focus then perfection comes naturally, there will be no doubt as to what needs to be done. Focus on anything brings out experience and anticipation which on its own naturally leads to perfection.

Step Six-Knowledge Nurses the Seasons
Knowledge is the difference between every human on earth. We may all be similar in nature but we can be worlds apart in knowledge. Two people can stand and be twins in every aspect but what will separate them is what they know and how they will use it. In most times people enter into seasons without the right knowledge believing in magic to occur. Their dreams perish all simply because of a lack of knowledge. If a person does not have a skill in something then it is best to first wait and acquire the skill or find another dependable person to depend on. If that is not done the result is that the person fails in their pursuit of their dreams. One must never follow blindly otherwise they will quickly fall in a ditch or trap. One must never lead a vision they do not understand otherwise they will suffer the consequences of surprise.
Knowledge is found in books, advice, experience, newspapers, love, power, dreams and visions amongst many places. We need to know how to look and where to find it. For any business one needs the knowledge of it before they start it. In the same, one needs knowledge of the season in order to understand what needs to be done in order to succeed in that season’s objectives. Ignorance is what leads people to stay in a particular season forever, failing to recognize the season, failing to measure the season, failing to focus and failing to find the perfection of that season.

Six steps to a good harvest is not complicated it is all up to the person to decide what they want in life. it is never too late to get on the six steps and in no time at all the harvest will be ready all it takes is just one moment of decision. We decide all the time to do so many things but why not decide to grow success and harvest success. God has a plan

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