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The Need is the Product of Success

Any person can sell a product but only a few can successful create a business. It is easy to enter the market but it’s not the same thing to actual succeed in making real money.

Money and the Business Idea
Money, by now most people should know is just an idea and the all one has to do is express that money in a product that people want and you have what we call a business. A marketing genius understands that a successful marketing campaign is where one can take a product and make people believe they need it even if they do not have any real need for it. The most successful companies are not the ones that have unique products but it is those that have successfully convinced people that they need the products on sell. It then follows that a market is simply the people that are convinced that they need your product. There is really no complicated definition for a market. Sometimes you need to convince people that they need your product or sometimes you just have to find the people that are already convinced that they need the product. At the end of it all the market has to do with the location and the feeling of the people.

On the other hand our society has created needs. One needs a car; one needs a phone, a laptop, a book, facials, exercise, and love amongst many other millions of needs. All these needs have been expressed in a value or idea which is where money comes in. If one needs a successful business then one needs to find a need in society. There are so many needs in society which are just begging to be valued. The person who values the need is the one who creates the business and thus makes money. Some people need an ear that listens to them, so we have therapists, some people need to communicate all the time so we give them phones, some want instant food so we give them takeaway shops, some just want to be entertained so we give them video clubs. The trick to a successful product thus becomes finding what the people need. The need is the product.

In society there are many problems that exist, from wars to lack of time. Finding a solution for problems is a business also. Solving the problems of inadequate time by making things faster gives you a product that you can sell. Problems exist everywhere some solved problems by invention whilst some by talking, it does not matter how or what is solved, the solution is the key to creating successful business. If you look carefully you will see problems in schools, companies, churches, NGOs, countries, families, individuals and the list can go on. Finding the problem and getting the solution is all you need to create business.
Success of the Product
When you have identified your product you basically have identified your market. Whenever a person comes up with a product they have a market in mind. If you think of shoes for women it’s because you are thinking of women. If however you just think shoes then you are lost. Every product has to be particular to a certain person or persons. The moment the product is not particular that is when it becomes general and located in the wrong place. Whatever product you may think of, it has to be accessible to the people where it solves a problem, is needed and where a feeling of need has been created. The greatest problem in business is not that people have no ideas, it is that they have ideas in the wrong place. There is a season and a time for everything, just because one idea worked today does not mean it will work tomorrow. Copy cats get excited about someone else’s success and try to replicate it in their environment but forgetting that the need factor is important. You cannot just start a business for the sake of starting one, but you have to start a business. There is nothing wrong in copying someone else’s business the only thing is that you must identify the need for it, after that it is ok to model that other person’s business.

It’s up to you
Any person can start any business but a marketing genius knows that the product must reflect the market. As long as the need exists there will always be business. If someone is stuck in desert then the easiest business is water, if someone is lost in a country the easiest business is a tour guide, all you have to do is establish the product, market and the service.
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