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A Vanity Affair

You are born and then you die. You live, you fight, you win or you lose. Today you are sick tomorrow you are well, but in the midst of all life is wisdom far stranger than the truth so it may seem, we are all having an affair with vanity.

What’s the Point
Without a doubt everyone reading this article is going to die at some point, and will leave all their possessions, their careers, their children, their legacies, their dreams, their businesses their habits and all that they ever fought so hard for. Everything that a person does when they are alive will be left and it will seem like you never existed because the world will keep turning. Someone else will take over your businesses or your visions, things will not be the same, your house may get sold or just neglected. Subconsciously we are in a race against time, or rather to be more accurate we are in a race against death and in most cases age. In being aware that time seems not to be on our side we rush this and that and try so many things in life, we fight for so many things and like what some people would say, we fight for a place in the sun. The battles are hard and we are bruised, we never know if we have really won the war because our lives seem like the war.

In all considerations we are actually living to accomplish our dreams before we die but in accomplishing our dreams we die and we leave those dreams behind. A wise person can ask the question what is the point of all the hard work we do if we are going to leave it all. Why then spend years of education and careers only to die and leave it all? An observer from another world would deem us mad because we strive to acquire things we never brought into the world and then die and leave those things, what is the point? We are born owning nothing except our individuality and we die as individuals yet our hearts burn with desires for assets and success, failure to get this success leaves us sick and depressed yet these things are never eternal to us just as we are not eternal to them. So then, what is the point of this race? Yet in all this there is wisdom greater than death itself.

The Fights
Horribly, people kill for land, money and wealth; they kill for romance and love. Some die for noble quests whilst some are just sacrificial lambs to stupid causes. We fight for things that vanish in our death, things which never go beyond our timeline. We fight so hard trying to possess the land and the wealth yet when we die we never take it with us. All over the world genocides and crimes are committed in the name of now but at the end of the day the same perpetrators die and leave everything they killed for behind. Presidents rule with tyranny and hang on to power as if they are holding on to life itself. In the end dictators come and go, they rule and die, they speak and die, they steal and die, they lie and die, and they boast and die. They are all like the chaff, one day it is here the next day it goes with the wind. Yet beyond in their stupidity we can learn something greater than our education will teach us.

Is it the Pleasure?
Do we fight so hard for dear possessions because they are a necessity or because we are afraid or it is just for the pleasure of it. Obviously a person can live on a million dollars only but none never stopped in just being millionaires which is why we have billionaires in the world. There is enough food in the world to feed each person but famines still occur and people die from starvation. In one part of the world they eat till they get heart attacks and in other parts of the world they starve till their hearts fail. Some drive till they die from accidents whilst some walk till they step on a land mine, yet in all this everyone could have enough. We then need to ask ourselves are we selfish for pleasure or because of fear, do we live as slaves to ignorance or are we just stupid. It’s a paradoxical world and we are the pawns to our own imaginations. Wisdom has never been so obvious.

Breathe for a Moment
For moment think about every fight you have ever been in, think of every misunderstanding you have ever had, think of every tear you have cried; and every despair you have felt. Now think of every happy moment you have ever had, think of every smile you have ever had, think of every success that made your day. For a moment think of yourself dead. Think and see yourself dead, and look at your life. Does anything that you have ever done really make sense? What did you live for in your life? When you were sad was it worth it to finish the day being sad or happy? What decisions did you make which were useful to you? For moment imagine you are dead, what was the point to your life? Think about it for a while, pretend you are reading about your life, what did you achieve?

The Wisdom of Vanity
Understand this, it has all been an affair with vanity that you have been having. Instead of living with truth you have been cheating on life with vanity. Instead of living in truth you have been distracted by vanity. We forget that truth does not die but vanity does, we step into lies but truth remains. When you die your love never dies, your thought never leave you and your feelings will always be there. Everything else will go but the truth will remain. So why waste time with things that do not make sense, simple, because we are in a passionate affair with vanity.
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