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Moment In Life

Success in life is the perfect execution of the moment in life. It requires an understanding of principles which make a moment so critical to the achievement of anything.

In physics a moment is described as the tendency of a force to twist or rotate an object. Without being too scientific in life every objective requires a greater force in order for that objective to be achieved. Whatever dreams, visions or wishes that one may have will require a certain amount of force to make it happen. Physics describes many different types of moments but in this article we shall stick to simplicity. If two people push an object from opposing sides the only one between the two people who can succeed in their objective is the one who has more push force. Whatever it is that you want to achieve in life, you need to understand the level of effort required in order to succeed. The moment is what you need to acquire otherwise you will only get frustrated. The greatest moments create the greatest achievements given that the opposing force is less than the force you apply. If you want to succeed in life then note your objective and also note your shortcomings, and your disadvantages. Also note the adversities you face in achieving these goals. When you understand the strength of your opposing force then you can understand what level of effort is needed. You cannot succeed in business if you do not understand the competition and the market demand. You need to understand these forces otherwise the business will fail. Whatever goal you set, first understand the moment required for that moment.

In time we have moments which can measured by seconds, minutes, days, years or different measuring units. In any effort in life there is that moment that changes history on a global, national, village or individual level. It is that critical point in time in which events occurred which tipped the world to a certain view, perception, achievements or simply just culture. For every second that exists there is a moment in which an outcome can be found. The wise person has to be able to read the time to understand what works for that moment. For example some business will work well in one moment in time whilst others will fail. The same business idea that could have failed last year can work perfectly in the next year to amazing proportions. The trick or rather the onus on us is to be able to read the time and decipher what works and what does not work. It is like a married couple, both understand that there are certain times in the day that they can talk about certain things and they will agree but they are certain times when moments are not conducive for the certain conversations. Knowing the moment of life is crucial to the success of life. Failure is not necessarily as a result of underachievement sometimes it is simply because of planting in the wrong season.

In statistics the method of moments put in layman’s terms helps to find certain population parameters with regard to the identified value. This could be finding the mean, variance or the median amongst many other values. Life is like that; we need to know what we want so that we can calculate the risks, the opportunities, the places we need to be, and the effort we need. If we have no idea what we want in other words if we cannot identify that first moment value we might never achieve anything useful in life. Statistics will give different forms of calculations with regard to obtaining the required variables and we have the same formulas in our lives. We need to be able to discern the best for us, and the best for achievement. In life you need that statistical moment which you can work with otherwise you become another pawn in a ruthless game in which choices are made for you. If you know what you want and understand your moment, then you are better placed to make the right decisions that get you to where you want to be in life. It will not always be easy but at least if you know what you want, you can make calculated risks and effort.

When we understand the moment of life we can arrive to that moment which is defined as the time of perfection, success, excellence and achievement. Wisdom has never been so simple but it is up to use it or to understand and execute a moment in life.
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