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What Do You Want?

Ever wondered what you really want in life? Some people will say they want houses whilst some will speak of happiness yet in real essence most people do not really know what they want.

Most people are unhappy because they speak in general and hence have no idea what exactly they want in life. If you ask a person what they want in life the most likely answer is that they want to be happy. Happiness is a good thing but how many people actually know what it means to be happy or what is required? As children we are taught that once we grow up our dreams will come true and we will be happy. The problem with those expectations is that they never really identify what is happiness and where it comes from. In the end we have married people around us who just don’t get why happiness is eluding them and why the other person is failing to make them happy.

We speak in general most of the time which is why we do not know what we want. Some might say I want a successful business, but they usually have no idea what they want to be successful in exactly or the level of success or what it means to be successful. So we live thinking that we cannot find success yet the truth is we are looking in vain because we never really indentify what we want in the first place. Ask anyone if they want to be rich and they will tell you that it is obvious yet they never really understand what it means to be rich or to have enough. There are people who make so much money in a year but are just about getting along simply because the money just never seems to cover everything yet they are making a fortune.

If you want to move in life in general then speak in general, but if you want to live in life successfully then speak in specific things. When looking for a job a person will send their resumes just about to everyone and any company, in the end they find jobs which do not make sense or work in environments that they never really wanted in the first place. What results is frustration, sadness, depression and hate. We end up hating where we are and what we do simply because it makes no sense to us anymore. The same thing happens in relationships where one person can say they want a partner, who makes them laugh, yet relationships are not just about laughing together, there is more to it. If you are planning to live with someone then there is quite the checklist but of course love should be first. If love is first then the rest is easier to handle.

Knowing what you want can increase your powers of focus. It becomes easy to know exactly what to do and what to concentrate on. Writing a list down at the beginning of the year is one way to help your mind to be realistic. Instead of just writing it down why not be judge and jury, question yourself on what you want and what is required. In the end you will notice that you will fully understand what you really want. Then look at what you are doing today or in your life, and then ask yourself if this will lead you to getting what you want in life. If you are honest with yourself you might just notice that ninety percent of your life is spent on useless activities. Ninety percent may sound harsh but that is how it is.

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