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Turn On The Light

In the morning bath in wisdom so that you may start your day clean. Break your night fast on philosophy and understanding of what is required of you to pass the day. Invest your mind on thoughts to plant actions for the rest of the day. As you prepare to step out into the busy world take a piece of bread with you for this will provide life to you when you feel hungry. Ensure that you are clothed to welcome, attack and to defend yourself, so forget not to arm yourself also with knowledge and awareness but beautified with peace.

In your travels across the plains of the world, be determined forever focused on your vision. Rest only to gather strength for the next step. Watch your company because you might attract thieves and conmen. Keep your purse close to your heart and your plans inside your heart. Do not ask directions from just about anyone but find someone who speaks your language, do not tell them your mission but tell them your path. When unsure of what to do in life tell the truth because truth is the easiest way to fool a person. Say a silent prayer when no one is looking so that you may maintain your privacy.

As you walk on the road of life, they will be detractors, people bent on seeing you fail. They will invite you into the comforts of their home, or offer you good food you never had before, do not be fooled because it never really is yours, it is only a distraction. Remember all food is passed out at the end of the day and the house is not yours until it is in your name. In all your dealings say thank you, when they cheat you thank them for their time at least they did not kill you. Do not borrow what you cannot give back immediately otherwise your success will be ransomed for what you borrowed. Drink water for it is life’s best thirst quencher but do not be drunk on substitutes for they may kill you.

Keep in touch with your friends but of all keep God as your best friend. Only run when you are confident and never stop when you are supposed to be moving. Once in a while look at the stars for you never know they might lead you to the birth of a king. Listen to the wind it might bring you warnings and news to guide you. Enjoy the rain and never curse it for it refreshes the weary traveler. Love the ground you walk on; be thankful you are not buried in it. Be gracious to strangers for these might be angels. Welcome advice even bad advice but select carefully what you listen to. Look at the time daily for it is a reminder of where you are going. When you sleep, make sure you lock the door and close the window but keep your purse under your pillow. Watch others for surely someone is watching you.

Count your blessings and multiply them, never refuse a gift even if it seems not to have purpose during your journey. Do not keep old rags because they will only weigh you down, your greatest treasure is in heaven never forget that. Smile whenever you can it will make you younger. Laugh more it will bring peace to you. Greet those who come into your path but do not befriend them. Be silent when people around you argue but offer advice if it will save a life. Do not worry when a storm comes, it is nature’s way of assuring you that you are still alive. Admire the trees for you might notice fruit to eat on your journey. Read a book, for inside every book is experience and knowledge. Do not be afraid to share your food but never share your ideas unless it is with a friend. Close your eyes to blink during the day and keep watching where you are going.

Remember my friend, in life you will meet fools but in their foolishness is a lesson of wisdom. Doors will be opened for you but remember to open doors for others. Practice daily exercise it will keep you healthy. The night is not a place of fear but a time of inspiration so use it wisely. Share your bed with your spouse only because that is your heart and body. In whichever place you leave make sure you leave it the way you found it or better than you found it, never leave it worse. Let your name be remembered only for the good and apologize for the bad. Reach out to the poor for this might be your door to success. Keep a journal with you and write all your dealings.

Finally my friend, make sure you always turn the light so that you may see your way. Carry a torch with you for the darkness can come swiftly upon the land. Your oil should always have a reserve because sometimes the nights can be long and you need to light your way. Never walk in the dark unless if God’s light is leading you. Sleep in your room after you have seen that it is safe when you turn on the light. Never depend on other people’s light for they may take it away from you, keep yours in case of emergencies. Always remember to hide in the shadow of God because He is the light you need. Trust me on this my friend, you can forget everything I have told you today but never forget to turn on the light.

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