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The Window of Prayer

Every house has a window, and every locked up place has an opening. Even heaven testifies that it has a window by which blessings are poured out, but sometimes we misunderstand the windows and their openings.

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heavens, a time to sow and a time to reap. We live in a world judged by time but ordered by eternity. Would you pray for a bumper harvest if you never planted the crop? Would you pray to receive if you never gave anything in your life? Can a miracle be given if faith is not proven? Many times we pray for riches but we lack the storehouses, we seek fame yet we lack the wisdom to use the fame. In an exam a student may pray to pass yet they never read, a person may pray to be on time yet they woke up late, an athlete may pray to win a race yet they never trained for it
A man wakes up and prays for a business that makes money for him and his family. Everyday he prays but it does not seem like his prayer is being answered. Finally he resigns to himself and declares that there is no God. Yet when he prayed his prayer was answered on the first day, all he had to do was actually start a business and the riches would have come to him. A woman wakes up and prays that her children should be intelligent. Every day she prays but her children never seem to improve. She also, like the man, resigns and declares God does not care. Yet on the first day that she prayed God answered her prayer and laid intelligence for her children to take, all she needed to do was ensure that they read and she participated in their homework. A husband prays that his wife may one day understand what he does at his work. He is frustrated that she never seems to notice how hard he works, yet God already answered his prayers. All he needed to do was talk to his wife more and she would understand what he goes through at work.

In a city not so far from where you live a woman coming from the salon prays that it should stop raining yet all the famers have been waiting for the rains to come. A man prays hard that his team may win a football match yet the other team has sacrificed more to build a championship team. A student kneels to pray and petitions God to give him the girl that he saw the other day, yet unknown to the student the girl is having an affair with the professor in his class. The driver who is stuck in traffic prays to God “please let me go through in time”, yet where he is going if he is to arrive on time there is a bomb set to detonate at that particular time. A preacher stands and daily asks his congregation to go out and preach to the world yet the congregation has no idea why they actually come to church. An employer sits on his desk and prays that this year may he triple his revenue but he is not answered simple because he never shares his profits with his employees when they come.

Every house has a window, and every locked up place has an opening. Even heaven testifies that it has a window by which blessings are poured out, but sometimes we misunderstand the windows and their openings.

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  1. Paul
    July 25, 2011 at 6:57 am

    Hi. Thanks for that perspective. It definitely peels off the scales that block our God given faculties to do mighty exploits. We want it all but we know not how. The word of God says…..my people perish because of lack of knowledge…………. We need to visualize the full matrix of Knowledge, take action and lakaboomsh (new word), all that we so desire is there right before us. I think all the wigglediggles(new word combination) that we need for our lives are right within our reach.

    • Winston M.
      August 8, 2011 at 6:09 am

      Hey Paul, God has a plan always. Thanks for reading

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