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You Do Not Own Problems

No person in the world owns a problem unless if they think they do. We tend to personalize problems yet they do not belong to us.

When you were born the only thing you had was breath. You had a mind and I think you still do, so all that was to you is mind, soul and spirit. Along the way you got things like beliefs, situations, relationships, dreams, visions and you even decided to collect problems. What we do not realize is that problems like dreams and visions can be changed because they are not what you are. What you are is not your vision or your dreams, you are just a person. Think of what you were when you were born, this is who you are. If you were born into a poor house it does not mean this is who you are, you never came with it, you are just in it, but it does not mean you cannot change the circumstances. It is the weak mind that owns problems. The funny thing is when we die we leave everything that we had, which is a clever way that nature reminds us that we own nothing in the world. Everything that you think you own is just a tool to use in life to make life better. It can be here today and it can be gone tomorrow. That is how life is; you need to decide what it is for you. Do you really own a problem?

Life is like selecting channels to watch. In life you have over a million channels which you can watch, just because you found yourself on one channel does not mean you cannot change the channel. You have to decide to take the remote and look for the channel that makes you happy. You should never decide that because someone turned your TV to a depressing channel it becomes yours to watch, you still have a choice to change it. If you just sit and let someone else use the remote to your life channels you will be depressed. In life problems are like bad TV programming on a TV channel, if you stick with it you will be sad but if you change channels you will find what you like. Don’t own the channels of life, own the remote control to changing your life. We all have a control of what we participate in life. You cannot control the channels being broadcast but you can control which ones you want to watch. Before you is life and death choose life. Sometimes the channel you thought was good can all of a sudden have a bad program for an hour or so, it is up to you to change or wait for the next good program. The broadcaster will give you different programs at different times of the day; it is up to you to decide to take or to be stuck with the same channel. Remember there is a time and season for everything.

A person can say “I have a money problem”, but what does that really mean? Does it mean on their head it is labeled poor, or does it mean that you are in a situation in which money is not yet available to you. No one owns money we just claim the right to use it. The same one dollar note gets passed around all over the world because no one owns it. If you really owned money then we would all have the same notes with serial numbers in our lives and we would never give them away. Owning a car or house does not mean you own it, it just means you created a situation to be with the car or the house, when you die you will leave it behind. The question we should ask ourselves is what tools am I gathering to make use of in life or if I do not have access to the tools what am I doing to get one?

Instead of owning a problem, implement solutions to challenge what is in front of you. We create perceptions that problems belong to us and hence we move around with heavy chains around our necks tied to the problem. It is this which when an opportunity comes we decide because we own a problem we will not take the opportunity. We identify ourselves so much with a problem to the extent that we think it defines who we are. You are not any of the t things which you think are a problem, they are just events and situations or in simple terms just channels. You are not a money problem, or whatever problem you think you have. You are a person who has a choice in what they can do and achieve. If you think you are poor you will dream poor, if you think you are a victim you will always be a victim. Don’t stand and just take the rubbish a situation gives you, move yourself to where life gives you diamonds. So hey, do you really own a problem?

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