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Digging a Little Deeper

In life there is an excuse for everything that exists. There is always a reason why you cannot do something or why you cannot succeed. If you do not dig a little deeper you might never find the water in the drought.

It is easy to talk about starting a business and believing you will be successful but it is not easy believing in your own success, most of the time when people think of business they are simply being romantic, and never actually practical. They will talk about how they one day will own this and that but the problem is they never actually talk about the how. If you are to dig for water in any place, understanding that you are looking for water is good but knowing how to dig towards the water is genius in itself. Instead of just declaring that one day you will one day dominate the market instead speak of how you intend to achieve this. It is of no use to look at the target but not to know the path. If you do not understand the path and what needs to be done to travel that path, then surely you will get lost.

In the societies that we live in, most people fantasize about being rich but have no idea how to achieve this. Digging for water is not just a fantasy, but an action which requires your strength, determination, and perseverance. Sometimes in your quest for water you might hit a rock, and you need to dig around it, sometimes you might have to blast through the rock, sometimes people will stand around you and tell you that you are wasting your time, sometimes you might be so tired you feel you cannot go on anymore. At the time that challenges come along, it does not mean you stop it just means you need to dig a little deeper. Focus and carry on digging, rest for a while as you regain energy but wake up the next day and dig a little deeper.

The water already exists and is just waiting for the person who digs a little deeper. That person may be evil, good or just simply confused but as the saying goes it rains on the evil and the good. No matter how much of a saint you are if you stand and never dig, you will never reach the water. The water will still remain and the person who comes along and digs a little deeper will benefit. If you spend your life thinking about digging but never actually doing it then you are no different from a person who knows nothing about the water. If you speak about how one day you will dig but never actually dig, then you are as good as a sounding drum or any other instrument that belongs to a band of other purposeless sounding instruments. A million dollars is always waiting for that person who actually starts the business and preservers. At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold but only the person who journeys through the rainbow will reach it. Sure they will be trouble along the way, but dig a little deeper.

If there is anything to learn from this article, just remember that in life in order to succeed you need to dig a little deeper. The person who walks the extra miles covers the most distance. The child who reads the extra book gains more knowledge. The company that gains a new market gains the most revenue. The employee who does more gains the most experience. The family that prays more sticks together longer. In life just dig a little deeper.
Lots of Love
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