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The Art of Creativity

“This is madness”, is a quote from the movie 300 when King Leodinas defies the order of a King Xerxes intending to occupy his land with a million soldiers. A mere 300 soldiers fighting an army so huge is not just madness, it is the art of creativity.

We speak of many geniuses such as Einstein, Madam Curie, Thomas Edison, and the likes, man and women who dared to see the constructs of the world and how it could be shaped differently. At the height of their journey into discovery they were labeled as mad but at the height of their discovery they were called creative genius. The art of creativity perhaps is madness in its own right, otherwise how would a conventional society describe a person who sits around, wonders why the apple falls from a tree instead of just eating the apple. How else would we describe a person who sits and dreams of putting a personnel computer in every household, or that person who lives his or her homeland to look for diamonds in a country which they have never been to; and where the language is strange, and makes no sense to them at all. Perhaps the art of creativity is madness after all or perhaps the genius is normal and we are mad.

I find it funny that the English vocabulary has over two hundred thousand words but we only use three thousand unique words. Of these three thousand words we concentrate on the negative words, if you doubt just listen to the news or read the news papers. The most dominant words are the words that cause panic, fear, hurt, anger, and hopelessness. What makes news in our society are not the people, it is the words that are used in the reports. It is thus no wonder that every day we hear of recession, serial killers, hunger, diseases and the likes simply because we are dead in vocabulary. Creativity creates new words of action, look at Shakespeare and see how he created words which led to the success of his books and gave us more flare to the English language. We speak of impossible as if it is our totem or god, yet impossible is not even a true word it is a lying word. We think complaining is fashionable and impossible is a lifestyle hence no wonder we are not creativity.

A person who questions little is usually a follower but a person who questions the most is a leader. It is easy to distinguish followers and leaders, just by talking to them for a few minutes. A follower sees the universe as just is and the leader will ask why, how and what could be. Being creative is not just about sitting it is about sitting and asking why am I sitting and not doing something else. Most people accept whatever they are told which is why they are never creative, whilst those who question everyday will find new things. Creativity is an answer to challenges and not an acceptance of problems. Creativity is something different and normal is something familiar. If we all accepted that flying is for birds only, we would never be where we are today. Creativity leads and acceptance follows.

“You believe in God, but so do the demons also”, is a statement I have found to be quite eye opening. It is good to know about things and yet do nothing beneficial with the knowledge is the devils trademark. Never complain if you do not have a solution. Be stuck in a routine if only that routine is creating something new every time for you. Earn enough to buy new things, let keeping old things be a choice and not out of not being able to buy. Dream to discover new boundaries and sleep to find new dreams. Speak to communicate and inform but never speak to destroy. Love in order to increase in strength but never love to fail. Out of 200, 000 words try to choose the creative ones. God never said at the beginning of creation “let us destroy the nothingness”, instead he chose “Let us make”. We are a reflection of our level of creativity. Look at your life it is the exact reflection of how creative you have been in life is.

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