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Why You Should Never Give Up

I could tell you that you should never give up because one day you will be successful but I do not know the future so I cannot tell you that. Instead I will write an article and try to convince you why you must never give up.

The temptation to give up comes to all of us in life for one reason or the other and most of the times it seems justified however anything in the world can be justified. There is nothing in the world which cannot be justified. Murder, stealing, prostitution, divorce, hate, poverty and on the other side love, power, peace, patience can also be justified. The first reason why you must never give up is that anything and everything can be justified. Giving up can be justified and not giving up can also be justified, it just depends on what you choose to justify. If you have lost all your money in an investment you are justified to give up on investing but at the same time you have the right not to give up because you lost all your money. In other words you can choose not to give up simply because you lost all your money. Losing your money can become the reason why you will not give up. It is like someone whose son dies in a war the person can decide to give up or can decide to carry on with more energy, simply because their son died in the war. In summary you must not give up because you are justified not to give up.

Secondly, the reason why you must not give up is simply because you do not know the future. Today you might be getting whipped and spat on but tomorrow you might be sitting next to the king. Today you might be in prison and have spent twenty seven years in prison but tomorrow you might be the president of South Africa. Today you might lose an election but tomorrow in the next election you might win the presidential election. Today you might lose all your investments for your motor car industry but tomorrow you might be the biggest motor industry owner in history. Today you might be the junior partner in your firm but tomorrow you might become the owner of the firm. So simply put in this argument, you cannot choose to give up because you do not know the future. Don’t worry about tomorrow because you do not know what will happen.

Thirdly, the reason why you must not give up is because there is no point of having used all that energy and then you get nothing. Think of it this way, if you have spent all that time in your life trying to invent a light bulb and failed, is it not a waste of time to have invested so much and not getting anything. Would you rather not die still investing and expecting a harvest than live with the knowledge that you failed in something you have a conviction that it will work. How many people died in wars of independence without seeing the fruit but because they had conviction independence was found. How many people died on journeys to discover other lands that most of us now live on. Imagine if they had turned their ships around and just gave up, where would the United States of America be today?

Now the fourth reason why you must not give up may sound strange but it is a reason none the less. You must not give up simply because life does not make sense. You see, everything in life repeats itself and goes round and round. Wars are lost and won, generations are born and they die, cars are bought and sold, it rains on the good and the evil, the corrupt get richer and the innocent are poorer, many drive whilst drunk and kill the sober, tsunamis kill anyone in their way; so, in essence life does not make sense. It then goes within this reasoning that you must not give up because giving up makes sense. Einstein discovered theories because he thought of what did not make sense to others, we discovered that the world was round because someone thought of it when everyone else thought it made no sense, we watch television because someone did not think in a logical way at the time, other senseless ideas that become a success include radio, sliced bread, spaceships, computers, internet, and of course my favorite hamburgers.

Now I only told you of four reasons but if you know me personally I can give you seven other reasons, but that would be spoiling you, however how many of you would dare not give up in asking me for the other seven reasons. You must never give up on your true convictions.

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