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Powerful Success Concepts of the Night

It is easy to dismiss the night time as just sleep time with no meaningful significance except to rest yet it forms the basis of success. It is not the daytime which determines the level of your success, it is the night time.

The night time comes with powerful concepts of success which when we miss them we never succeed in life, it is that simple. What we need to realize is that the night time makes half of the twenty four hour day and hence is very significant so we are not supposed to deal with the night time in the same way we deal with the day time. If we mistake the two we end up thinking night time is just a period of rest and there is nothing we can achieve at night because there is no day light. When we fail to realize the power of the night we will never succeed in the day time accordingly. The night time has its purpose in success which when we understand the concepts behind it we would most assuredly look forward to it.

The night time like everyone knows is the time when the sun is not visible and the stars all come out so it seems. It is the time that you can see the stars most vividly as my friend Hercules put it across so well. What we do not realize is that during the day we are all working hard and most of the time we are not really within our own element. In other words we spend most of the time at work or outside doing something such that we never really have time to see who we really are. The day goes so fast and at the end of the day we are exhausted and we go to sleep, wake up the next day and do the same routine again. Night time is when the true stars shine, it is the time that you really can see who you are, what you own and where you are going, what kind of house do you call home, what kind of bed do you sleep on, what kind of meal do you eat when no one is watching, what clothes do you wear, and what entertainment can you provide for yourself. At night when no one is looking do you really see yourself for who you are or do you just hide in the darkness. During the day we spend it looking professional to impress everyone around us but when we are at home what are we like and what do we have which is ours.

The night time is when dreams are made; it is the time of planning, preparation and creativity. Most of us think we need to prepare during the day yet we miss the concept. Night time is the time when visions and dreams are implanted into our minds. It is the time when faith is born and cemented, by definition faith is the conviction in something which has not yet been seen and it is at night time that we create the convictions simply because it is dark outside and we cannot see anything. Night time is the time in which though the outside is dark our minds should be full of light creating plans and getting ready for the day to simply implement. This is why you see great teachers would meditate at night or early morning, during the day all that they would do is to implement. People like Jesus would not be seen praying during the day because they would have already prayed in the night and early morning, all they would do in the daytime is to implement. Instead of creating at night, we normally just shut down and say we are resting so we never create anything in our minds. If you have read all the books to success you would realize by now that our minds are key to our success, hence what we construct in our minds is what determines our efforts and determination to succeed. If we never take the time to dream and envision our lives at night we will never be set. The greatest planting is done at night in which human seeds are planted and babies are the result all because of the night. The same goes for inspiration and genius; the night time is the best atmosphere when all elements are perfect for creation.

The third and most powerful concept that we miss is that in order for tomorrow to come night time must occur. If night time never came there would be no tomorrow, it would become just one continuous day. If you have an objective in life and things seem to be going wrong, this is your night time. If you are in business and you are going through losses, this is your night time, if you are out of relationships and are alone; again this is your night time. Night time is not the time to cry but it is the time to prepare for tomorrow, it is the period for creating and envisioning what your day when it breaks will be like. It is like someone planning to build the greatest company, they must already have every single detail of the company planned out so that as soon as they receive their capital, which is their day time, they just implement. If we wait and cry about the night or the problems that we are going through we will forget to plan for the day time.

My favorite concept of the night is that when you wake up, it is a new day, meaning that there is every possibility that you can do anything new. Each new day is an occasion to create something new. If you choose to dwell on yesterday you will lose out on the possibilities of the new day. Whenever you have night time you should be grateful that you are in the process of going to tomorrow where you have an opportunity to implement new things. If things did not work out the previous day then that was the time of yesterday and you have another opportunity to do other things. Night time is the transition period from one reality that was to another which is in the power of your dreams to create. The reason why people are always doing the same routine every day time they have is simply because they fail to realize that the night time gives them the opportunity to change their routine and envision something greater to do. Night time is like your break time, in which you can change or fortify your strategy to win the game or to recover the game.

Today when you go to sleep, remember that it is not just about rest but it is about success. If you are going to just sleep you will fail. If you are just going to rest you will be stuck in the same routine tomorrow, think beyond the darkness and see how much of the light in you will shine.

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