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Raising A Million Dollars in Three Months

What if one day you woke up and you decided that you no longer want to be poor. On this day you would have decided that things would be different from now on because in three months you were going to raise one million dollars.

Perhaps all your life you have been paying rent, working in different jobs once in a while, and never really being able to do what you want in life. You could only dream of flying to an exotic place for a holiday or just thinking of having a holiday gave you stress because you just never had enough money to go for a holiday you enjoyed. So having thought of all this, you decided after an early night that you were going to become a millionaire. You decided that enough was enough and that it was time you also became a house owner, a Ferrari owner, an employer, a traveler and best of all you would do the things you love. As you lay in that old bed of yours you made yourself a promise that you would never give up.

Now as you were thinking you became restless and decided to a get pen and paper, after all every great person knows that they must write the vision down and make it plain. You started to write your advantages and your challenges. The thing about you was that you have always wanted to own your own record label but you just never had the capital to start the studio; you had once tried to get money but you just could never save enough. Every time you tried to save there was always this emergency or that emergency, for example the other time just when you thought you had saved enough all of a sudden you had to pay school fees for your brother who in the earlier time had smashed your already battered car. The other time just as you were in your fourth month of saving money, your mother visited and she asked you for money to help out your sister. As these thoughts flashed through your mind, you started to feel a little low but you quickly told yourself in your life you shall only have one outcome, which is success.

As you started to write your advantages you realized that your idea was good because after all your record label would be the best label in the world, it would offer music that builds people and would become the brand everyone associates with. As you wrote down your advantages you remembered that you were living in a high density area were there were so many people, which in itself is a big market, not just for sales but for finding people. You started thanking of that movie Brown Sugar and you realized success could be achieved. Another advantage you thought of was that you were talented in producing music and you knew what people really wanted not what they were told they needed, which is key to making money; knowing what people need and convincing them they really need it. However as you looked at your challenges you decided to call them opportunities and not problems, after all for every problem there is a solution. The fact on the ground was that you had no capital, computers, or recording equipment, but that just meant you now had an opportunity to get these things because you do not have them. You remembered that your aunt once said that not having something is an opportunity to get it. There are so many opportunities out there you thought, especially in your life. Now all you needed to do was to come up with a plan.

Every rich person knows that you do not just start rich you are already rich but what you need is to lay out a plan on how to materialize your riches. Your plan was to be simple after all it is only a million dollars. You started to write down the total you needed for your studio and you realized that you need at least twenty thousand dollars. In your life your bank account has never known that kind of number, your bank account once had a thousand dollars but that was the money your friend had put for you to give to her family. Your mother once said every house starts with a brick, so in your case every million dollars starts with a dollar. As you thought about this you decided that all you need was to start doing something legal which could make a dollar. No dam wall just bursts, it starts with a trickle and then in time there is a rush of water and the dam wall bursts; so all you needed was a little trickle. The water in the dam was your million dollars; the dam wall was your opportunity and the trickle was your other opportunity to release the million dollars to you.

You started thinking of your neighborhood, what could you sell that people would love. What was the trend which was happening at that moment? You were just not thinking of music but you had your mind open to any idea. As you thought you remembered there was a promotion near you were there were selling the latest shirts from The Rock because wrestle mania was abuzz. The T-Shirts were being sold in town but most people never really bothered to go to the store but everyone was talking about Wrestlemania the event. Your idea was simple you would go to the store manager and convince him that you could sell the T-Shirts for him for a commission, though the store manager was a bit skeptical at first he understood that Wrestlemania would pass and the T-Shirts demand would go down, he would be left with stock he could not sell, so reluctantly he agreed. As a test you got five T-Shirts after all there had to be trust built between you and the manager, so you quickly went to your friends and asked them to buy so that you could impress the manager to trust you with more. In business trust creates opportunities and consistency creates relationships. So after three hours you were back in town having sold all the T-Shirts and the manager was impressed and gave you twenty more. Ok, so now you had the trickle that you needed but how were you going to raise twenty thousand dollars like this.

For your first week of selling T-Shirts you were now moving with a bag in your neighborhood targeting teenagers and fans of wrestling. Your first week was good because you sold fifty T-Shirts and you had made one hundred dollars. The interesting thing now was that people started asking you what else you sell and where they could find you. Quickly you started putting adverts for T-Shirts on sale from your favorite wrestling super-stars, in truth though you only had for The Rock, John Cena and the Undertaker so whenever someone asked for something you did not have you would tell them it was out of stock but they would ask what else do you sell. You quickly realized you could also sell music, so you went and talked to the manager of the music store in town and you got the latest new music that people liked and you advertised in your neighborhood that you had original music. You had realized that people wanted to buy original music but very few people ever got into the music shops but if someone could bring it to them they would buy, or if they met someone actually selling in the street, they would buy. So now you had a market not only for music but for T-Shirts and so your dilemma or rather your opportunity was that you now needed someone to walk with you so you got your neighbor who was out of a job to work with you. In the second week you had raised three hundred dollars. It was not easy because you had to talk a lot and walk a lot. Sometimes you would use your old car but on very few occasions, you realized you could visit all the different high density areas around and people would buy. People just wanted access and they would buy. Another thing about business is that if it is accessible people will buy it.

After two weeks you were now on your way to raising a thousand dollars. You realized you now needed to bank the money in a different a bank account after all never mix business money with personal money. So you opened your account and you were ready. You now started looking for a place where you could have a studio even though you did not have money as yet and you also started looking for people to record. Amazingly you did not have to go far because in your street was a singing sensation who just never thought of recording because he had ruled himself out because he could not afford the studio time. You drafted a contract and promised him you would record the next month. Now in your hands you had an artist but you had no studio and no recording equipment but you had done the most important thing in business, you had made a commitment to yourself.

In the fourth week of your first month you started looking for a studio, after all if you do not own a vessel go ahead and borrow one. All you had to do was get studio time and record the artists and you had yourself a song. With the money you had made from the T-Shirt business, you booked a studio and in the first week, your artist was recording their first song. You had spent a few days practicing so that you used the studio efficiently and you actually managed to record five songs. You went to all the local entertainment places and booked your artist to sing one or two songs for free in most of the cases, after all he needed exposure. After every performance you would sell some discs and during the day also whenever you got an opportunity. In your third week of the second month people were beginning to recognize your record label in your neighborhood and they all said they supported you. All this time you always went to the local radio station asking them to play your music. Most of the time they refused you but every day you would go. As it goes you targeted one of the radio employees and you made it your goal to make them realize that your music was good, if they did they would play. Sometimes in life you just need an ally at the right time.

So far in the fourth week of your second month, you had managed to raise two thousand dollars after all the expenses which was more than you have ever done in your life. That trickle though small was now increasing in size. Armed with your business plan for a studio you looked for a partner, but first you secured a small office. People will only help you if they see that you are making a committed effort. All you needed was to convince the person to lend you enough for the rest of the equipment. With your two thousand dollars you secured a small office and bought three computers, got some recording software but now you needed the recording equipment. You approached your former classmate who was now quite successful and after an hour or so of lunch and chatting they were convinced. In your first week of the third month you now had a studio. Your artist was now getting airplay and your T-Shirts business along with the music sales were going strong. Your adverts in the paper for personalized gifts were getting answered and you had managed to satisfy a few clients on these. Your artist was now getting paid at the entertainment shows and with the airplay you were now receiving, demand was getting high. You now had a registered company for your activities, what a strange few months it had been. Your company though small had a structure and a vision and all you had to do now was work on the fundamentals and make sure you always had the right people around you. You knew how everything was going because you were involved.

Finally exhausted after your three months, you lay in your bed and realized that you had not raised a million dollars but your trickle had suddenly become a gush of water and the dam wall was cracking. At any moment now that wall was going to fall, it just needed the water to keep flowing out and in no time that dam wall would fall. Who knows maybe in a year you would be at the music awards or maybe you would be number one on the record charts, after all you were now getting attention from distributors who wanted to sell your music and invest in your studio. Even if you did not get any distributors you could still market yourself. Maybe you might open a T-Shirt store for the latest trends in a year. You realized that not only was the trickle of money coming in but also the rush of ideas too. Everyone is a millionaire but the difference is who actually goes out to get the million dollars that is out there. Now you understood what the book Rich Dad Poor Dad had been trying to say to you. To think it all started from the question what if. All you need in life to see your million dollars is just a trickle.

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