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The One Outcome Secret to Success

Nature teaches us about success daily in its many different aspects. Principles are there in the open to see and very few are as obvious as the one outcome principle.

For life to exist on planet earth there is one star at the perfect distance from the earth. Within our orbit there can only be one moon of that size which exists for the sake of our balance in the oceans amongst other things. By nature whenever we build a fortress we put one gate in the front, we never put two unless if we over think things. There are many rivers on the earth but at the beginning of it all there is only water, whether it is clear, dirty, salty, or poisoned, it still remains that there is only one water substance. When we look at trees there may have many leaves, branches, and fruit or flowers but it all comes from one seed. Whatever we may decide to think of the atmosphere the truth still remains there is only one form of air we can breathe.

Similarly when it comes to success there is only one success. A car may have four wheels but in order for the car to move all four wheels must move in one direction. The same goes with us as human beings, we may have two legs but if both legs do not move in the same direction we fail to move. Probability is a major force of life which we never fully understand when we fail to understand the one outcome principle nature teaches us every day. For everything that occurs there is one which is the truth and the others are just events. In other words there can only be one outcome which is absolute the rest are just outcomes. This principle is applied in what we believe when we want to succeed. Everyone believes in something because the way to success requires that we believe otherwise we aim at nothing.

If you believe that you are going to be rich but at the same time express doubt that your ventures can fail you create two possible outcomes which are failure and success. Doubt and fear are the beliefs that create failure. If your belief is stronger in the doubting side the probability of failure is higher. Any outcome can occur in life which is why it rains on the good and the evil, the rich and the poor, the nice and the not so nice; because all possible outcomes can occur. If you are to succeed you then must believe in one outcome which is success, even if circumstances are telling you otherwise you must only believe in one outcome. Many people marvel as to how Thomas Edison could persevere through a thousand inventions which all failed until he got to the light bulb, but it was simply because he believed in one outcome which was success the rest were just events. Most of us have never gone through a thousand failures yet we give up too soon.

When you are an employee in a company there are two possible outcomes at the least which are, one, you will be satisfied with your salary or two, your employer would be more satisfied with your salary because you gain less and they gain more. Your objective at work is open to different outcomes because you are serving not only your employer but also yourself at the minimum and the truth is you will love one and hate the other. However when you own your business you serve one master which is yourself so your only outcome that you can possibly fight for is that you are satisfied. Most of us never buy houses that we want because our salaries serve two purposes, to ensure that the employer still gets enough and that we survive at the most. We never make enough at work and will never make enough because no sane employer will pay you all that you need because then there is a probability that you will leave or the business will stop making enough to satisfy the business owner. The only form of employment which creates one outcome is being in business for you.

If you believe that you are going to be successful in life then you need to identify that one outlet that you believe in. If you choose two for example there will be at the least two possible outcomes. Of the two ventures you embark on there will obviously be a division of attention and no person created on earth can split their attention equally it’s just not possible because you have one mind and one heart. If you doubt this then walk into any polygamous relationship, there is always one who receives more attention. You can never divide yourself into two; there is always one side which will suffer if not all sides. If you are an employee somewhere else and you own a business, one of the two will suffer. For this reason the most successful people leave their jobs and start working for themselves, it is as simple as that. There is only one love but you cannot be with two people at the same time and make them happy. If you are an employee and you want to start a business I am not suggesting that you neglect your job, but what I do suggest is that you do the best you can in that job so that you benefit in knowledge and experience which in itself is a benefit to you. If the employer benefits more than you do in terms of money it’s ok because it is just an event since you only belief in one outcome, that you are successful in knowledge and experience. When you are ready then you can leave that company, before that I suggest you stay there. You only know you are ready to start your own company and be successful when you are prepared to only accept one outcome which is success because when you are now alone there will only be you to depend on.

Now here is the principle in this article, in life you can only accept one outcome if you want to be successful which is success, you can only believe in one outcome which is success, you can only concentrate to gain one outcome which is success, you can only see, hear, touch, smell, and taste one outcome which is success. Anything else which comes along your way is just an event because your destination is success. Do not believe in failure and success at the same time because you open possibilities for failure. Do not doubt, delay, fear, miss, or waste time just believe and see one outcome, success. That is the secret to success in which faith is the definition of this principle. This is what separates those who succeed; Abraham Lincoln who lost countless elections before becoming one of the greatest American presidents, Oprah Winfrey who spent years in poverty but became a billionaire, J.K Rowlings who was rejected countless times in life but became one of the greatest authors in history, Henry Ford who failed dismally before finally making a car that could sell, and Nelson Mandela who spent twenty seven years in jail but became the first South Africa President.

You can sit there and believe in the possibilities of success and failure or you can get up from where you are and only choose to believe in one outcome. Eliminate failure as an outcome in your life and only accept success. Anything else that happens in your life is just an event, strive for success.

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