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The Key to Making Money

It is interesting how many books a person can read on money and still not get what the key is to making money. Money by itself is just an idea and a product of that idea which in its own right has a science to it just like anything else we know. The key is simply and never complicated.

While it is true that we can think and grow rich it is also true that sitting and dreaming only makes you a lazy person. Thinking is important and believing is just as important. The laws of attraction are just as applicable as at any time in the making of money, however this is not the key. For any domain in the world there is a single key that opens the door. We can come up with all these different ideas and recognize that making money requires knowledge, marketing skills, belief, management, vision, mission and all that but at the end, these things are only but just the building blocks of a house. All these things are windows, doors, bricks, roofs, floors in the house of making money. For any house which is built and complete to perfection, if that house is locked you cannot enter as long as you do not have the key. The key is the smallest thing which is part of the house but it is the strategic resource which secures and opens the way into the house. Sometimes people may enter into the house of making money through the window but it will never last forever until you have the key in your hands.

Money by its nature is paper and coins, which in real use have no use at all. If anything paper money is good for using in the fire just like any other newspaper would be useful yet it seems to have power. Power by proper definition is simple being able to influence and money is able to influence events through the influencing of the imagination of people because they choose to allow it. We can take two billion and put it into the street and ask it to start building a house, and we leave it to do its work for two years whilst we go away. The obvious thing is that money will not build anything until someone believes that it is valuable and then is willing to do the building in exchange for the money. It will also need that another person must be willing to believe that the money is valuable enough for the person to exchange their building material for the money. Yet what we miss is that it is still possible to build a house in a world absent of money simple by getting the material and building. It is like living outside the city where the resources are; in such cases our ancestors never needed money to build a house yet they could build and sustain themselves. If you can understand this example you are close to getting the key to making money.

A person who buries money in the ground proves that a seed is more useful than a coin put in the ground because at least the seed germinates and from it you can get food. Plants are more useful than money in that by themselves if they are in the right place they can grow without any person believing in them. Money on the other hand if there is no person around it is useless and cannot achieve anything. Money hence needs people to believe in its value for it to become useful which is why the believing becomes important. It is in this that we begin to understand why belief is so important to money yet money is just paper. When a person has a car which is worth twenty thousand dollars, that does not mean anything because twenty thousand dollars does not mean anything as it is just a number. The same car at an auction can be sold for thirty thousand and still that does not anything because thirty thousand is just a number of beliefs. The car is useful but its true value can never be valued by number it is only valued by what the car represents in terms of what it can do. By now you might be starting to get an idea of what the key to making money is.

A good definition of money is that money is just a belief of value expressed in numbers, which we then give a representation through paper and coins. If you want to be rich you need an idea which people believe is worth a certain number you propose. For example, Bill Gates became rich because he proposed an idea and expressed it as a product to which a value was then assigned to that product and people believed. Being rich is not about the capital that you need to start a business and making money, it is not about the business or the salary; it is simply about ideas that people are willingly to put a value on to. Everything you have ever bought in your life was just an idea that was given a value. People will pay for anything as long as you make them believe it is useful to them. They will buy cologne, wine, phones, books, clothes, pay for electricity, buy water, and even buy stones. Diamonds are just shiny stones and so are all jewels, but because people believe in them they will pay whatever price is proposed on them, just like wedding rings. People will finish their savings to have the best wedding which leaves them broke for the next two years simply because they believe in the value of it. It is only when you go beyond their mental acceptance of pricing that they will refuse a product, so take care in that regard.

Think of anything you have ever come across and this key is the same. Think of Facebook, Google, iphone, nokia, Louis Vuitton, Ferrari, Microsoft Windows, sliced bread, and McDonalds; these are all ideas which when you buy, you buy believing that they have a certain value. It does not mean that this is the real value but the fact is someone has done a good job in convincing you that this is the value. Remember about the two billion dollars left in the street, it has no value and cannot do anything until someone believes that it has values and is willing to work for it..

Money on its own is useless but if you make people believe in what money can bring to their lives, they will be willing to kill, fight, and die for it. It is just an idea which people believe can bring them some sort of advantage. This is when people advertise they claim that their product will do specific things for you. All that everyone is trying to do is convince you to put a value to their product. Money is just a psychological tool that any person can use to gain advantage in life. If you want to make money very fast in life, find out what people believe is worth their money and sell it to them; that is the key to making money.

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  1. Lee
    May 5, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I always read your articles …but by far this is the best maybe its because you have managed to convince me and I have put a value on this piece, maybe .., maybe not.
    Excellent piece… (make and believe).

    • Winston M.
      May 6, 2011 at 5:17 am

      Hey Lee
      Am glad you enjoyed, thanks for the feedback.

  2. July 27, 2013 at 4:02 am

    Valuable information. Lucky me I discovered your site accidentally,
    and I’m surprised why this accident didn’t came about earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

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