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Thinking Beyond Time and Space

One of humanity’s greatest failures is failing to think beyond time and space and simply being linear. We base our lives on a time scale yet failing to grasp the substance of time and its purpose.

Time in its essence is simple a perspective standard adopted to normalize systems created for explaining human existence by measurement. The calendar that we use is simply an agreed standard and other calendars can still be made. What we measure as seconds and hours are not accurate but simply an aggregation of standard. It therefore suffices to say that time is still a measure of the rate of change and the occurrence of specific events. These changes can be biological or geographical but the one thing that does not fall under time is the mind yet we choose to think in time. If we measure time based on the rotation of the earth around the sun, when the speed of the earth slows down to half its normal rate of spin then time also changes when it is measured against this rotation. The days will become longer and the nights also. Instead of a twenty-four hour clock out time becomes longer. Yet if we were to measure time against biological change then if the rate at which people age were to suddenly stop then time would cease to exist biologically.

Our minds were never supposed to be measured by time. Time in its properties is linear in nature which is why we progress from one hour to the next; we never jump from one hour to three hours later because the clock is progressive. It is like a straight line which we travel with each consecutive step. The advantage in this is organization, predictability and control. Imagination on the other hand simply exits, it is what it is. It can come and go as it pleases like the wind in any direction and start wherever it wants. When we think in time our limitations become the same limitations that exist in time and our abilities the same that exist in time. For example if we think in time and adhere to it we are capable of a form of organization which is next to perfection where our things are progressive and we know when we are going to do things hence, predictability. It becomes easy to control society because there are standards created for, which only at certain times can people operate and achieve certain events. It becomes easy to construct events to occur at certain periods. However the limitations of time therefore also apply in that we have to adhere to seasons and times and become slaves to time. We then make our plans based on time hence the new year resolutions that have to wait for a new year, the babies that have to come at a certain age, the business that can only start after a certain season. We being to think in a linear way, yet out mind struggles with time because the mind was never meant to be linear it was meant to exist.

When our thoughts are linear and based on time we fail to invent and create. We then adopt perceptions which are not imaginative but simply logically. The best example of this is in the belief that the earth was flat. It made sense at that time that the earth was linear in form and that there would be an edge to which if you go too far one would fall off. Even though this was completely inaccurate the world’s greatest minds held strongly to this belief for so long that challenging this way of thinking was dangerous to one’s life. Most people are a reflection of thinking around the clock, they only think of ideas as being progressive and not imaginative. That is why most people will believe that one needs capital to start a business yet business is simply an idea, or that one needs an army to defeat a nation yet victory is when the mind surrenders, or that money is power yet power is just influence. The invention of the radio, televisions, airplanes, tea, sliced bread, perfume and everything else are not a result of linear thinking or time but of imagination and accepting possibilities. We do not live in one form of reality but in a world of incredible possibilities yet we still choose to model our world according to time only.

Solomon mentioned that there is a season and time for everything simply because for everything that exists there is a moment when events align such that you are able to do what is required not because there is a time when you can do things. It is not time that defines the outcome it is the events that define the time. The only reason one can harvest is if nature has played its part and you have a crop which is ready. You do not harvest because it is time, you harvest because the crop is there; so most people wait for things to happen instead of making things happen. They wait for situations to change yet they can change the situations. If you sit and wait for the time when all things will move to your favor it may never happen unless if you influence things to move to your favor. This is what makes the difference between entrepreneurs and employees. The entrepreneur knows that if they do not go out there and market or work to a certain level they will not have business and thus income, the employee on the other hands sits and expects that the salary will just come at the end of the month. The difference between the two is that the entrepreneur controls what will happen at the end of the month while the employee is controlled by the end of the month. The employee looks at the calendar and thinks simply because it is now says a certain date the salary arrives in the account because of the date whilst the entrepreneur knows the salary is now available because he or she created the events that led to the salary being available. When we understand this we will begin to live beyond time and space.

Our minds are not time oriented they are event oriented yet we choose time because someone created a standard to measure with. In the mind when you want to imagine a building you do not start by constructing the foundation, the walls, the doors the windows, rather you just imagine the house and everything appears. Faith works in the same way in that we create what does not exist before it exists, without being able to do this we cannot do anything. When you want to pick up something your mind first does the action then it is possible. Before undertaking anything you must first define the end before the beginning, the last shall be the first. Understanding your objective will help to understand the meaning which need to be undertaken to achieve that. People do not perish because they fail to think but rather they fail because they lack the knowledge on how to think.

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